Best and worst matches for Cancer: Your Most Suited Zodiac Signs

Do you know which sun signs are the best and worst matches for cancer?

Are you curious to learn more about cancer but unsure if you’ll be a best match? 

In this guide, you will learn everything you need about Cancer compatibility. It includes:

  • what Cancers need from a match
  • discuss cancer compatibility by sign
  • What Cancers can do to strengthen their relationships with others

Cancer compatibility with all 12 zodiacal signs


All you see on social media portrays Capricorns as workaholic snoozefests, Sagittarians as zealots, and Scorpios as scary.

 As a result of quick tweets and quickly scrolled-through memes, every sign is subject to generalizations that are often negative.

Cancer has sometimes been stereotyped as an overly sentimental crybaby and a lifelong clinger, although they may not be as polarizing as a Gemini.

There is more nuance to the truth. Every sign has strengths and weaknesses, and some will get along better with others. For example, cancers ruled by the intuitive moon are instinctive caregivers who understand the emotions of themselves and others.

They protect their sensitive hearts with compassion and nurturing if they feel threatened. The rulers of the fourth house, home, and family, thrive in a comfortable, secure environment.

Those similarly family-oriented and in touch with their feelings will probably best matches for cancer.

Cancer is compatible with all 12 zodiac signs.

Aries and Cancer Compatibility – Problematic Pair

Cancer, the first zodiac sign, and Aries, the cardinal fire sign, form a challenging – or at best, activating – the angle between them.

These big-picture thinkers excel at initiating but might need a little help following through. Nevertheless, they can join forces and tackle big projects if they take charge and act boldly.

Aries’ fiery competitiveness may clash with cancer’s sweet, thoughtful sensitivity. Respecting the emotional process of each other is key to getting on the same page.

Taurus and Cancer Compatibility – A Perfect Match

There is a friendly, easygoing relationship between Taurus and Cancer, a fixed earth sign and a sign apart. All sun signs are naturally compatible with each other, but the two of them are particularly compatible.

Crab’s heartfelt homebodies blend perfectly with Bull’s slow, security-loving energy. They both have a nurturing nature, are loyal, and devote themselves entirely to the relationship they cherish.

Gemini and Cancer compatibility

The sign of cancer is semisextile Gemini, the sign of mutability, or one sign apart from it. This can lead to friction between partners.

However, unlike the Twins, who can be highly cerebral, the Crab can be incredibly emotional, letting their hearts lead the way.

There is a potential imbalance between Mercury and the intuitive, luminous moon due to Mercury’s rapid-paced nature.

Nevertheless, communicating often will help them develop a lasting bond if they open their minds and hearts to each other’s needs.

Cancer compatibility and cancer

Together, a Cancer and a Leo are wired to provide for everyone around them and nurture their most meaningful bonds, which can create a blissful, cozy life.

The two will prioritize love and family, as well as mutual support, and show up endlessly for one another. The two are also quick to protect each other from any outside pain or harm.

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Leo and Cancer compatibility

Some bumpiness is caused by differences in priorities and views between Leo and Cancer, the fifth sign of the zodiac and the fixed fire signs.

A Lion is a dynamic, spotlight-loving, sun-ruled individual who is always optimistic and confident. In contrast, a Crab is intuitive, sensitive, moon-ruled, and can feel the full range of emotions.

Cancer and Virgo Compatibility

Virgo, the sixth sign of the zodiac, is an earth sign with mutable qualities. Their relationship is natural and harmonious.

Virgo and cancer are both sensitive and service-oriented caregivers who are happiest when helping others. Virgo and cancer are best matches not only for a relationship but also for business.

They’re equally committed to turning their dreams into a reality, and both enjoy being the shoulder to lean on while striving toward a shared goal.

Libra compatibility with cancer

Libra is the cardinal air sign and the seventh sign of the zodiac, so it is square to cancer, which can be challenging but could also be a potentially activating angle.

A partner is a significant source of pleasure and joy for both sun signs. They value companionship and creating a lovely home.

Libra tends to be more intelligent in romance, whereas cancer follows their heart rather than their head, which could lead to miscommunication. The goal is to keep their gaze fixated on their shared Aries affection.

Scorpio and Cancer Compatibility – A Perfect Match

The relationship between Scorpio and Cancer is trine, or four most compatible signs apart, making it one of the zodiac’s most logical, enjoyable, and well-matched couples.

They are both highly intuitive, sympathetic, and even slightly psychic water signs which put their families first and do not fear the depths of their emotions.

Cancer and Sagittarius Compatibility – A Problematic Pair

Sagittarius is a fire sign and the ninth sign of the zodiac, so there is an awkward alignment between Cancer and Sagittarius.

Sag and carb are sun signs that seek solace in rituals and debates about their ideas.

In contrast, cancer requires consistency, loyalty, and dependability to feel secure, while Sag is more free-spirited. As a result, the Archer can appear insensitive and preachy in his unfiltered soapbox routine. 

Cancer compatibility with Capricorn

Capricorn, the ninth zodiac sign, is this sun signs away from cancer.

You can’t have a balanced relationship between a goat and Crab- or else you’ll drive each other insane.

With Cap as their taskmaster, they can climb up the mountain one step at a time and achieve their greatest dreams.

Aquarius and Cancer compatibility

It makes for an awkward pairing because Aquarius is quincunx to cancer, the eleventh zodiac sign, and a fixed sun sign.

Under the rule of Uranus, airy Aquarius is cool, aloof, and future-oriented, choosing rational thought over emotions.

But, at the same time, cancer rarely sets aside their intuitive feelings to use just their heads. 

The compatibility of Pisces with Cancer

Cancer, the twelfth and most masculine of the least compatible signs, is in a trine with Pisces, making them a natural cancers love match.

On the other hand, the Fish is ruled by Neptune and has a very spiritual, empathic, emotional, and artistic nature.

Cancer, as an initiating cardinal sign, can come with a plan to achieve the dreams of Pisces, who is less deterministic.

The best matches for Cancer

The best matches for Cancer

Cancer and Capricorn, Taurus, Pisces, and Scorpio are usually cancer’s best matches. These most compatible signs provide stability, balance, and understanding.


Cancer is most compatible with Pisces. This is because Pisces and cancer, as fellow water signs Pisces, can bond on an intense level.

Additionally, these signs can communicate with one another intuitively and without words. Thus, they instinctively understand how to comfort and provide security for each other.

However, their similarities aren’t the only thing that makes them a good match. They complement and balance one another in many ways.


Taurus and cancer may appear quite similar from the outside. There is a strong affinity between both signs of good food and a comfortable home.

Furthermore, both are more inclined to stay at home than go out. The relationship between Taurus and Cancer is often characterized by many similarities due to their similar skills and interests.

However, the differences between Taurus and Cancer make them an excellent compatibility match.

Cancer is a water sign, whereas Taurus is a land sign. Cancer is ruled by emotions, while physical and material concerns rule Taurus.


For any combination of signs, the difference between male and female signs creates slight variations in compatibility, according to which sign represents the man and which represents the cancer woman.

Scorpio Men and Cancer Women differ significantly from Scorpio Women and Scorpio Men, and vice versa for Scorpio Men and Scorpio Women.

Societal expectations regarding gender roles cause differences between Cancer and Scorpio rather than inherent differences between men and women.

It is usual for the cancer man to take the leading role in this relationship, while the Cancer woman will care for him and their children. The relationship will follow traditional norms.


It can be calm seas if Cancer and Virgo, the sixth and mutable earth signs of the zodiac, form a sextile or two signs apart. 

A Cancer and a Virgo are both reserved, extremely loyal, deep thinkers, though Virgos tend to be more in their feelings – and more interested in stepping into power – than heady, virtuous Virgos.

Nevertheless, it is a team to be reckoned with, as they will work diligently and carefully toward their ideal endgame.

Cancer may teach Virgo how to plan for the future and security since Virgo’s intelligent, careful approach motivates cancer to improve. Cancer is gentle and sensitive, and Virgo is compassionate but rational. Therefore this chemistry is sweet and spicy. Cancer and Virgo are the best matches for marriage and professional life.

Worst matches for Cancer

Worst matches for Cancer

Aquarius, Leo, Aries, and Libra are the worst signs of cancer. This is due to the fact that they do not fit the characteristics of cancer.


Cancer and Aquarius are commonly considered the worst matches. This is because cancer’s emotional and intuitive nature plays a significant role in their compatibility. On the other hand, Aquarius is a rational and logical sign.

The two signs have no understanding of one another, making it impossible for them to resolve their differences.

In the best circumstances, Aquarius is rarely moved by another person, and a Cancer will never be moved by its appeal to emotions or feelings.

The Cancerian approach, however, will seem cold and unfeeling to them. As a result, most discussions and negotiations are already doomed.

But that’s not always the case. Instead, their long-term relationship is so weak that they rarely get together.


Cancer and Leo, Aquarius’ opposite signs, are very different.

Leo is the worst match for cancer, the same as Aquarius.

Although Leo demands a lot of deep connection, Aquarius is much more tolerant and understands emotions better.

Leo enjoys being the center of attention and entertaining others. However, cancer prefers to stay in the common ground.

Gender also affects the match. For example, a Leo man and a Cancer woman tend to shield and protect each other.

On the other hand, the Leo woman will be hard-pressed to respect a Cancer man unless she sees his strength and courage.


There are some things light Aries and Cancer have in common and a great deal of sexual compatibility. Unfortunately, the combination of these two signs is likely to be the most volatile.

Cancer and Aries are the worst matches because they handle conflict differently and argue.

Aries is not afraid to face problems head-on. As long as difficulties are overcome, this sign has a straightforward approach.

On the other hand, cancer takes a sideways approach. Cancer tends to be protective by nature.

The natives of cancer tend to retreat into their shells when they feel personally attacked, despite their fearlessness when protecting another.

The Crab, their symbol, also has vicious claws, so they are not helpless inside their shells.

Cancer will begin to retreat deeper into their shell when this happens, which enrages Aries, causing them to attack more fiercely. If this trend continues, the issue may become out of hand.

Compatibility Chart for Cancer

Cancer personality Traits

Cancer personality Traits

People with cancer are highly emotional, introverted, and care deeply for those they care about. However, Cancers are much more than their emotional nature.

Here, we explain the significance of three signs of the best Cancer traits for crabs. Fort more detail, check the cancer compatibility chart.


Loyalty is one of the hallmarks of Cancers.

At first, cancer patients often find it challenging to open up to you, but once they do, they will be committed to you for life.

When someone they care about is diagnosed with cancer, they will go to any length to aid them, even if it means ignoring their own values or criticizing themselves.

A Cancer’s ability to empathize with others makes them one of the most devoted other zodiac signs.


Sometimes to the point of being overprotective, cancers are loyal and protective of their loved ones. Close friends and family members will also go to tremendous lengths to defend one another.

The protective nature can sometimes seem overbearing, but it comes from a great place and a deeply devoted heart.

Cancer is also known for its intuitive nature. Crabs are usually more intuitive than practical or rational when judging others’ emotions, despite their ability to detect changes easily. This is due to crabs’ intense emotional support.

Further, people born under the Cancer sign are suspicious of small talk or lies. A Cancer will see right through you if you lie to them!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is cancer’s worst love match?

According to a professional astrologers, cancer women and men are the worst partners for Aries. Physically, Aries and Cancer do well together, but they have a difficult time understanding each other emotionally and mentally.

Which person is cancer’s ideal lover?

Cancers generally form friendships and romantic relationships with two water signs, cancer, and Pisces, as these signs will “get it” regarding the deeply emotional language Cancer speaks. Capricorn, Virgo, and Taurus are all earth signs. Taurus is holding space well.

Which sign can’t stand against cancer?

The opposite sign of Capricorn is Aries, while cancer is the least compatible sign with both cancers. 

Who are cancer’s worst enemies?

Cancerians’ emotional and high sensitivity make them the biggest enemies of Aries and Sagittarius cancer. They express their deepest feelings only to their closest friends. However, Aries can share their sad moments at social gatherings as well. Cancerians may find this distressing.

What is cancer’s soulmate like?

Cancer is just their sun sign soulmate of Virgo-borns. In their emotional connection, Virgos never ghost out on Cancerians. There is proper communication between them.


Cancer is most compatible with Pisces, Taurus, Scorpio, and Capricorn. Conversely, the Aquarius sign, Leo, Aries, and Libra are the least compatible signs with cancer.

Capricorn is the best match for cancer. When negotiating the division of labor in a relationship with a Cancer man, they must integrate societal gender expectations with their natural talents and inclinations.

Despite this, there is much more to a successful relationship than natural zodiac compatibility.

No relationship will succeed or fail to depend on cancer’s motivation and willingness to work through differences, regardless of how compatible cancer is with the other signs.

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