Virgo compatibility: best and worst matches for virgo

Welcome, Virgos!

Your zodiac sign is one of analytical genius, and you are selfless, self-sacrificing saints.

Your contributions are greatly appreciated, and we will not make a fuss about it since we understand that disputes will likely result even though no one can compare to you.

We have compiled the best and worst Virgo matches and Virgo compatibility with all 12 zodiacal signs as a reward for your hard work.

But first, let me clarify one thing: What is Virgo?

The Virgo sign aims to be loyal and dedicated to serving others. An ideal partner is a native Virgo in many ways.

Relationships, however, can be challenging for Virgos. The perfectionist nature of the Virgo makes relationships challenging.

The best Virgo match is someone who can appreciate constructive criticism without irritation.

This article analyzes the virgo competibility best and worst matches for virgo.

Nevertheless, compatibility goes far beyond one’s zodiac sign. According to the professional astrologer, astrology reflects our complexity as human beings.

4 best and worst matches for Virgo perfect match for marriage for Libra

Virgo compatibility with 12 zodiac signs


Curious with which zodiac signs Virgo is compatible? Here is everything you need to know!

Virgo and Aries Compatibility

Aries and Virgo are quincunxes, or five sun signs apart, in the zodiac. There may seem to be little in common between Aries and Virgo since both sun signs are impulsive, competitive, and overly Virgo sensitive.

Virgo, on the other hand, will appreciate Aries’ ability to organize and create structure. At the same time, Virgo may find Aries’ ability to act and think captivating, so they may very well become inspired by one another.

Compatibility between Virgo and Taurus – Ideal Match

There is a harmonious and easy-breezy angle between Taurus, the fixed earth sign, and Virgo, the fixed earth sign. Mercury-ruled Virgo and Venus-ruled Taurus want to build a harmonious home and long-term relationship. They have a passionate relationship and are stable.

Gemini and Virgo Compatibility – A Problematic Pair

Virgo and Gemini are three compatible signs apart, or three squares considered a tense but potentially powerful angle. Mutable signs Gemini and Virgo are both indecisive and adaptable.

Therefore, they can be frustrating to each other due to their similar qualities, while Gemini may feel stifled by Virgo’s sensitivity and meticulousness.

However, both of them are ruled by Mercury, so, at a minimum, they will find common ground intellectually and platonically. Best matches for Gemini

Compatibility between Cancer and Virgo – a perfect match

Cancer sits in sextile with Virgo, the fifth sign of the zodiac. This means they are in a natural, long-term relationship. Cancer and Virgo are both sensitive, compassionate caregivers who are happy when helping others.

They are equally motivated to fulfil big-picture dreams and enjoy being each other’s shoulder to lean on as they hustle to achieve their dreams.

The Maiden can learn from the Crab’s ability to tune into her intuition, which cancer can admire in Virgo.

Virgo and Leo Compatibility

Leo, the fifth sign of the zodiac and the sign of fire, is semisextile to Virgo, but their perspectives and priorities are different, so this might lead to some bumps in the road.

Leo is all about roaring, creeping, and stalking down any objective in a dynamic, commanding manner, while Mercury-ruled Virgo finds its strength in researching and gathering all the facts.

Lions may be frustrated by Virgo’s indecisiveness – and that pace can make them feel impatient. However, if they can learn from each other’s unique approaches, they can be a highly supportive pair.

Compatibility between Virgo and Virgo

If Virgo and Virgo are incompatible, Mercury’s detailed, research-focused energy can be a blessing or a curse.

The traits Virgos don’t precisely adore may turn them off when their Virgo partner reflects them. But, on the other hand, it will be no problem for these two to work through every tedious task together.

Libra and Virgo Compatibility

With Virgo and Libra, the cardinal air signs, a semisextile can cause confusion and discomfort, but you shouldn’t have trouble getting along with these two. 

  • Indecisive

Libras and mutable Virgos can both be flighty. Clean and pretty spaces are important to both of them, and solving other people’s problems is one of their greatest passions. Idle match for Libra

Scorpio and Virgo Compatibility

The fixed water sign of Virgo is sextile Scorpio, the eighth and fixed water sign of the zodiac, which makes for calm waters.

Scorpios are more concerned with their feelings and more devoted to gaining power than heady, serviceable Virgos.

Nevertheless, despite their differences, they will work diligently and systematically toward their shared ideal endgame.

Compatibility between Virgo and Sagittarius – A tricky match

A mutable fire sign like Sagittarius, the ninth zodiac sign, is square Virgo, which makes for a challenging relationship that requires patience and effort.

For example, a Maiden can seem insensitive and smug to the Archer, while he sees her as an overly emotional, anxious person.

In any case, if Earth signs are open to a greater amount of adventure and the fire signs are willing to consider the details, this is a good match.

Virgo and Capricorn Compatibility

The cardinal earth sign, Capricorn, is trine (four compatible signs apart) with the cardinal water sign, Virgo, making it a natural, dynamic tie. In Virgo and Capricorn, taking care of business comes naturally, and while Capricorn desires public recognition and achievements, Virgo enjoys doing the day-to-day job.

Since both are pragmatists, hard workers, and grounded in reality, they can work together to build something lasting and satisfying.

Aquarius and Virgo Compatibility

The eleventh sun sign of the zodiac, Aquarius, is quincunx with Virgo, meaning it is two signs apart, which is generally considered an awkward angle.

However, despite Aquarius’s obsession with the bigger picture and Virgo’s deep-rooted concerns, these two stars have a lot in common regarding their open, compassionate hearts, rational mindsets, and personable characteristics.

The nonprofit or campaign Aquarius is deeply passionate about can be introduced to Virgo, and Aquarius can devise an action plan to make progress.

Compatibility between Virgo and Pisces

Virgo is the opposite sign of Pisces, the twelfth Virgo sun sign of the zodiac, or the sign of mutable water, and they make for a very yin and yang pairing.

Neptune rules the Fish in Virgo, making that zodiac sign very inspirational – or confusing and disorienting – owing to its sense of spirituality, empathy, artistic ability, and emotional nature.

When Virgo and Pisces speak each other’s language, they can form a strong bond.

Virgo’s best matches

Virgo is best matched with Taurus, Cancer, and Capricorn, while Scorpio and Pisces are second and third.

This sign benefits the most from Virgo’s nature, which provides stability.


The fire signs of Virgo and Capricorn complement each other well. They’re practical and are concerned with the material world because they are Earth Signs.

It is a sign that they excel at the workplace and know how to support each other intuitively.

Most likely, they met at work or at an event related to work, and their romance can develop rapidly.

Each sign has a sense of humour, and they’ll learn to laugh together.

As a result, both of them will relax. Stressing the sensual aspect of both signs will be particularly important.

Business people born under the Capricorn sign are goal-oriented and future-oriented. Even so, Capricorns frequently neglect their health.

The sign of Virgo is noted for its attention to detail. Virgos can, however, become scattered and lose focus.

Capricorn can provide Virgo with focus, and Virgo can assist Capricorn with self-care and other important details.


Virgo also makes a wonderful match with Taurus. The Virgin is also an Earth Sign, so Taurus shares the same practicality and materialistic focus as Virgo.

Virgo is organized, and Taurus is domestic. These traits will help these signs to create beautiful homes.

However, these signs have several important differences that will allow them to complement one another.

Taurus loves the material world and is calm. These pleasures are available to Virgo as well.

It can also calm Virgo’s nervous energy by providing an anchor to Taurus.

Taurus is motivated by Virgo. However, Taurus can become lazy and self-indulgent when he allows his calm demeanor to slip into laziness and overindulgence.

Taurus will exercise and eat a healthy diet if Virgo watches over it.


Cancer and Virgo are also very compatible. Their understanding of one another surpasses that of other signs.

Each tends to fret and fuss, which can irritate other signs. But, as a result, they will be tolerant of one another and instinctively know how to calm one another.

Both of these most capable signs are concerning. Yet, the reasons for their concern differ.

Small imperfections irritate Virgo because this first sign is obsessed with perfection.

Caregivers are concerned about their patients’ safety and needs. But unfortunately, cancer, as a Water Sign, sometimes overstates the potential danger because the imagination of the natives of this sign is so vivid.

Their varying concerns help them balance each other.

Virgo can relax and let go of small imperfections when dealing with cancer. In addition, cancer can benefit from Virgo’s ability to remain rational when tasked with imagining a danger.

They will make excellent parents if they have children together because of their balance.


Virgo’s opposite sign is Pisces. Therefore, opposing signs are naturally compatible.

Despite this, some opposites get along better than others. For example, a strong level of Virgo compatibility exists between Virgo and Pisces.

Polarity facilitates balance because opposites are natural partners, and polarity represents polarity.

Virgo and Pisces are opposites in an abstract sense, but in practice, they are clear.

Libra emphasizes the material and practical aspects of life. On the other hand, the signs of Pisces are concerned with spirituality, strong emotions, and the big picture.

However, the pieces and Geminis serve in different ways despite their modesty and service-oriented nature. For example, Virgo provides practical assistance, while Pisces provides spiritual support and compassion.

They can promote each other’s well-being by doing so. For example, Virgo can provide Pisces with practical assistance, and Pisces can help soothe and calm Virgo.

Virgo’s worst matches

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are Virgo’s worst matches. Unfortunately, these least compatible signs have few things in common, making establishing meaningful relationships difficult.


Virgo and Aquarius are incompatible. Though they are both intellectual signs, their personalities are very different.

The Virgo is logical and analytical. Aquarius is more imaginative. There is no common language between the two.

They can still respect each other intellectually despite their differences. However, there will be little romantic attraction between them.

Virgo finds Aquarius fussy and nitpicky, and Virgo’s disregard unsettles Aquarius for rules.

Due to the lack of anything connecting or attracting these two signs, they rarely get together and are considered a bad match. However, more often than not, they will become friends or share a common interest.


Leo and Virgo have little in common as well. There will be no connection between Virgo and Aquarius.

In contrast, Leo and Virgo will find their differences annoying, creating more of a connection.

Leo enjoys being the focus of attention, and Virgo loves being admired. A Virgo, however, is modest and prefers to maintain a distance from others.

Leo views Virgo as petty and overly critical, whereas Virgo views Leo as arrogant.

Leo and Virgo are unlikely ever to get together, as is the case with Virgo and Aquarius. Most of the time, they may date once or twice, but these relationships do not last.

A meaningful relationship cannot be formed between these signs due to their many differences.


The Zodiac wheel divides Virgo and Sagittarius into 90 degrees. These are known as squares. They represent friction.

Squares between zodiac signs often make better combinations than those with no aspects, although this may seem incompatible.

Intense sexual chemistry can be created due to the tension generated by a square.

However, Sagittarius and Virgo do not get along. Once they leave the bedroom, they have difficulty working together, despite their sexual chemistry.

The attraction of romantic feelings and sexual tension may bring a couple together. Still, if the relationship is to move forward, they need to be able to work together on practical tasks.

When they try to do anything together, Sagittarius is bored and frustrated by Virgo’s attention to detail. The Sagittarius’ penchant for cutting corners makes Virgo nervous and insecure.

Virgo personality traits

Virgo personality traits

As a practical and logical star sign, Virgo belongs to the earth element. They are thoughtful, grounded people, one of their best qualities.


Virgos understand the value of hard work. As a result, it isn’t uncommon for them to devote themselves to their projects no matter the cost and even stay up until the wee hours of the night.


Like all their other passions, Virgos are equally devoted to their creativity. They express their creativity through dance, art, and writing.


Virgos are known for being responsible and reliable. They will always show up when you need them because Virgos are dependable when they’re left in charge.


There is no such thing as infinite patience, but Virgos are more patient than most. They allow people time to improve their acts when needed and are always willing to see the best in people.


Virgos are also affectionate and humble. They are also consistently kind, always willing to help, and see the best in others.

Virgo compatibility chart

Virgo’s sexual compatibility with each zodiac sign is compiled as a numerical percentage.

Many factors go into the calculation. As one of the factors, traditional relationships exist between the other zodiac signs.

Virgo man

Virgo man

Capricorns and Tauruses, both earth signs, appreciate the same things in life as Virgo men.

Also, Virgos are compatible with Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces due to their emotional Scorpio intensity.

The Virgo man will find long-term happiness in marriage with Capricorn, who will match him in discipline and organization.

Additionally, Virgo man might have a great time with Scorpio and Pisces, whose contrasting natures will stimulate them in a way that makes them feel as if they’re discovering each other for the first time.

Capricorn and Taurus offer more security in the bedroom to Virgo men.

Nevertheless, they prefer talking about the more challenging topics suggested by other star signs like Virgo and Scorpio.

Female Virgo

Female Virgo

Taurus and Capricorn are the best earth signs for a Virgo woman. Additionally, Virgo women are compatible with Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

They seek love and stability in their relationships. It’s possible to form a romantic relationship with any of the two signs above, but Capricorn is their favourite star sign.

They complement each other’s discipline and ambition, so they can build a life together where they thrive.

A Virgo woman wants a safe space for sex. Capricorn, Taurus, and Pisces are the best matches for Virgo women.

Something is fascinating about Virgo women; they can always make others feel important and interesting, allowing them to talk to anyone.

In contrast, if a Virgo woman needs to talk to someone, she will likely talk to Cancer of Scorpio, to whom she can speak candidly without revealing her deepest secrets.

What is the worst match for Virgo?

Virgo men and women are not recommended to date an Aquarius. This is because Virgos find them to be their worst partners when it comes to love and relationships.
Virgos tend to behave differently in love relationships with Virgo, even though they share Virgo’s intelligence and rationality.

Which signs are incompatible with Virgo?

Three-star signs aren’t a great match for Virgo. Instead, they are Libra, Aquarius, and Leo.

Who are the best matches for a Virgo?

Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo are fellow earth signs compatible with Virgo’s friends and romantic relationships, as they have grounded natures. Cancer and Virgos tend to get along well with water signs.

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