How to Read Auras: Follow these quick steps and Find out NOW (2023)

How to Read Auras Follow these quick steps and Find out NOW

Have you also heard of the phenomenon where people see the colors emanating from another person or living entities? This is what it means to see auras. Every living thing on the planet has an aura.

Auras come in all shapes and sizes. The most common perspective of a person’s aura is thought to be in a sphere that envelopes them. But what if I told you that auras can take shape of animals as well.

From a scientific view, auras are nothing but electromagnetic fields that represent the personality and emotions of a person. The Aurora Borealis is proof of the colors in the sky made because of the electromagnetic field.

Just like the aurora borealis, the auras are energy fields that surround us.

What are the layers of Aura and their meaning?


What are the layers of Aura and their meaning

The number 7 is very sacred in aura reading. Just like in the chakra system discovered in India, aura reading also believes in 7 planes. Each plane or chakra has a ruling in the body and governs different aspects.

You can understand the layers of the plane by comparing them with a cake. Just as a cake has many layers similarly does the aura plane have these layers. The middle one is called the physical plane.

The seven different layers of planes are:

Causal Aura

The causal aura plane is present at the outmost end of the aura. All the secrets to life’s path are stored here and it keeps all the other planes in harmony.

Celestial Aura

Dreams, desires. Instincts and intuitions are stored here. It’s additionally the plane of enlightenment; a person with a powerful celestial plane has a tendency to be tremendously creative.

Etheric Aura

This is where you’ll discover your psychic powers. A pure etheric plane allows you to tap into the energy of others and connect with people who are on the same wavelength as you.

If you have a strong etheric plane then there is a high chance that you have undiscovered or discovered psychic abilities. Get in touch with a psychic expert on Psychic Source and find out about your powers today.

Physical Aura

Present in the center of all other auras, this plane represents the physical body. Everything that caters to our body including our health is represented by this plane.

Emotional aura

This is the plane associated with your feelings. This plane will show your emotions if you’re having a bad day. It changes color based on your attitude, and if you’re in a bad mood, it’ll look dull or smeared.

It is very important for our mental well-being that we do not have unprocessed emotions or any trauma. Once we deal with it, we have a super bright and clear emotional aura.

Mental Aura

Present at third place from the innermost aura. This plane deals with our logic, thinking capabilities, and reasoning. On your rough days, this aura can get very cloudy, affecting how you normally process thoughts.

Astral body Aura

This is the plane you should target if you are looking for spiritual awareness. Astral Plane is the one that holds your love for others and the capacity to connect with your soul.

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What do the different colors of my Aura mean?

What do the different colors of my Aura mean

The colors of the aura are dependent on many factors. Your physical health, your mental health, and also your spiritual health. Along with this, the aura is said to be connected to your chakras.

So to have the perfect aura, you need to be healthy on many levels. Find an energy healer on the psychic source to learn how to improve your auras.

Red Aura

The red aura is associated with passion and strong desires. According to the chakra chart red auras are connected to the root chakra. People with a red aura are said to be natural-born leaders.

They are also very enthusiastic about things. Creativity resides deep inside them and they love to be in charge. They also have a very short temper and you should never mess with someone with a strong red aura.

Blue Auras

The blue aura color signifies peace and charisma in a person. People with blue aura are described as exceptional communicators who are perceptive, eloquent and inspire others.

They may require a balance of their intellect and emotions to make difficult judgments. Blue auras also aid people who are angry and try their best to avoid a fight.

Blue-colored aura also represents selflessness. They are great at giving support and devote their actions to the benefit of other people. They are also very perceptive of other people’s emotions.

Yellow Auras

The yellow aura colors are associated with your solar plexus in the chakra system. A bright yellow color means that the person is very energetic. Such people are very hardworking and harsh towards criticizing themselves.

The yellow color also signifies that such people are very stressed regarding what the future hold for them. Instead, they should start living in the present and enjoying all the things that they might be missing out on.

They also maintain a good balance with crowds and other people’s energy. Such auras are also very picky when it comes to choosing friends and hardly ever have negative thoughts.

Green Aura

People with a green aura color are very grounded and love mother nature. This also makes them eager to explore new places. They also love growth and life in every possible place.

Such qualities make them bring in house plants, take care of street animals, and also other people’s auras. Green aura’s hobbies also include cooking and being perfect in everything that they do.

Their chakra is the heart because they are so full of compassion and love for others. All such qualities make the green color very special in the aura realm.

Pink Aura

The personality traits of someone with pink aura colors are very loving, kind, generous, and caring. Aura readers love seeing pink auras. They also have the power to drive away negative energy from other people’s auras.

Such people are extremely loyal to their partners and towards their goals. They also have a very minimal sense of happiness, as in they find happiness in the smallest things like sunrises and sunsets.

The pink color is also associated with the heart because of its love and compassion qualities. It is very similar to the green color in this area.

Purple Auras

A purple aura means that the soul is very old and the person is very philosophical. Such people tend to keep to themselves and are not very social.

But they are very creative and expressive in their profession. They also have a personality that makes them admirable, especially by domestic animals and nature.

Purple color is associated with the third eye chakra in the chakra system. This governs the intuitive nature and psychic abilities. Find an aura reader on the Psychic source and know if you have a purple aura too.

Orange Aura

People with orange auras tend to be very creative and very short-tempered. Though their anger is for a very short time, they forget about it soon. They are also quick in forgiving and do not hold long grudges.

Their minds are always overflowing with ideas so they have some trouble focusing on one thing. This makes them lost at certain times and also hyperactive or attention deficit.

The orange aura is associated with the sacral chakra. It deals with the emotional nature, desires, and passion in relationships. Such qualities also make these people very humble and warm.

Gold aura

A golden aura is a very rare phenomenon. It signifies a lot of luxury and lavishness in a person. They are also very strong admirers of beauty. This also means that they are very choosy of their company.

Their energy field always glows and is very radiant. If you are not careful you might get sucked into their energy field and soon start following them. These people can be very mean in nature.

Brown Aura

A brown aura and all such dark dirty aura colors mean bad things in aura readings. Such a color can mean that you have negative energies in your body. It reflects that you are planning to deceive someone.

Brown color also means that you are very selfish in nature. All the flaws exposed by a dark aura should be worked upon. You should cleanse your aura and seek the help of a professional aura reader if necessary.

Black Aura

A black aura means that you need immediate help. Help can be from a doctor, an aura reader, a friend, or anyone you feel like. Black aura is a very bad vibe and the energies are the worst in this aura.

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How to see an Aura?

How to see an Aura

Reading auras is comparatively easier than a psychic reading. You don’t need to have gifts or special powers to do so. But it takes practice and a lot of patience before you can actually see your own aura.

Just remember that the human eye is all you need to read auras. All the claims of any camera, mirror, or glasses that can see auras are all but fake.

Just use your naked eye and follow these steps:

Choosing the perfect background

It is very important that you use a white or neutral background to read the aura. Remember that energy is ever-flowing, and all living objects radiate energy in one form or another.

I prefer using a white background so that you can see the faintest of the colors that might get lost in other backgrounds. Once you choose a background, next comes the light.

Choosing the perfect light

The background is only half the setting for a perfect aura reading. The other part is the light. Choose either white light or natural light for aura reading. Such lights help you focus better.

These lights also don’t interfere with the colors that you will see. Remember the setting is very important for all kinds of aura readings.

Focus and channel your energy

Whether you are reading your own aura or for someone else, you need to make sure that you clean your mind first. The logic remains the same when you want to cleanse your aura.

Start with a clear mind and then choose a focal point. This point can be anywhere on the person. I like to focus on the center of the forehead and then try to make sense of what I see.

Sometimes using your peripheral vision helps. Especially when you use a mirror. It allows you to look and focus on nothing but just one point. I have heard related stories on the same content.

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Final Word of advice

Auras are the energy of a life form we perceive in colors. Sometimes this energy can be difficult to find. But you must never lose hope and use your intuition to guide you.

Your intuition is the best guide, and there is nothing beyond it. If you train yourself well, you can also start seeing the aura of animals. All you need is patience and lots of dedication.


Q: What do auras mean?

A: Every living thing on the planet has an energy signature. We might not be able to see the energy but we can perceive it in colors. This way we can find out the personality traits of anyone.

Q: How to see auras in 60 seconds?

A: Choose the perfect background and light setting, then clear your mind. After this, use your eyes and focus on the subject whose aura you want to see, and the colors will start coming to you.

Q: How to see people’s aura?

A: To see anyone’s aura you just need to follow basic steps. Start with focusing on the energy signs of the living entity. Then when you focus on a point you will start seeing shades of colors and in some cases definitive colors as well.

Q: What does aura look like?

A: An aura looks like either a spiral of colors or just a sphere of color that basks the entity it is emanating from. The perception of the aura also depends on the reader and it is very important that you don’t try to see what someone else saw.

Q: How long does a migraine aura last?

A: It can last from any time between 5 minutes to 30 minutes. You can decrease the time duration by connecting better with your mind and freeing your mind chakra.

Q: Seeing auras when pregnant?

A: This is a completely normal phenomenon. According to the astral world, pregnancy is the time when two spirits reside in the same body. This allows the mind to connect better with the energy plane.

Hence allowing you to see the aura more clearly. This might phase out once the soul separates from the body. There also have been cases of developing psychic powers in a mother.

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