What does it mean when you dream about dogs?

As of now, dream interpretation is still largely subjective and baffles many researchers. Do you know what it means when you dream about dogs?

A dog’s eyes can communicate love, judgment, or curiosity, depending on whether he’s looking at you or a ghost behind you. Likewise, a person’s dreams about dogs (and in general) can reveal a lot about their personality, behavior, and thoughts.

The bottom of this article provides additional important details that may help you interpret your dream more accurately if you recently dreamed of chasing dogs. So let’s explore what it mean when you dream about dogs!

What does it mean when you dream about dogs

Meaning Of Dream About A Dog


Throughout history, dogs have been man’s most loyal and trusted friends. Dogs are an integral part of our lives. As a result, it’s understandable if we daydream about them. However, dreaming of dogs may be confusing for humans love dogs.

Many people consider dogs to be symbols of love and protection. However, you may feel uneasy if your dogs fighting or becoming violent.

You’re experiencing tough times if you’re trying to break free. Taking a stand for yourself will not humiliate you.

What does dreaming of a sick dog mean to you?

Here’s my answer to that question. For more information about animal symbolism, take a look at our article.

To give you a better understanding of this wonderful creature, I tried to show it to you from a variety of angles. I wish you all the best.

Dog Dream Meaning – General Interpretation

Over the years, animal dream symbols have been studied extensively.

A dog is, without a doubt, the most loyal animal companion. It could be a reflection of your inner emotions, instincts, or the universe communicating with you through your dreams.

The meaning of dog dreams can vary according to dream dictionaries. The dog in your dream may be aggressive. Despite this, it does not pose a threat to you.   

Dreams reflect your thoughts, beliefs, and associations in psychology. The dream is a disguise for an unfulfilled desire, according to Freud. This article’s purpose is to discuss the many interpretations of dreaming of a dog. 

The most common dream animal is a dog, according to dream analysts. This is because dogs have been helping and protecting humans for centuries and being great companions. There is a deeper connection between dogs and humans because of this.

A portion of our brain that has been dormant becomes active when we sleep. This dream state allows our beloved animals to reveal certain aspects of our lives. They can sometimes reveal our subconscious fears and feelings. Sometimes it encourages us.

Dogs can also warn us to control certain behaviors or to stay away from certain people. Dreams can represent a variety of aspects of our lives. Dog symbolism heavily influences dream interpretation.

How can Dogs represent your personality?

How Dogs can represent your personality

Dogs can represent your personality by their color or behavior. You can also use it to identify other people’s traits.

It is interesting to discuss dog symbolism. For example, dogs could represent your inner fears or upcoming events in your life.

The dog can offer encouragement and sympathy in your dreams as a good friend.   It could also convey a divine message.  

Dreaming of this adorable animal indicates something interesting about your waking life. Playful and fun-loving dogs can symbolize a healthy social life in your dreams.

Conversely, you might dream of aggressive dogs as a symbol of conflict in your personal life.

Wild dogs in your dreams may symbolize your lack of freedom in the real world. Feeling overwhelmed and helpless may be the result of responsibilities.

Your childhood pet dog may symbolize your loyalty and friendliness in your dream. Love is showering on you.   

Dreaming of dogs can symbolize:

An indication of faithfulness and trustworthiness

An obedient and devoted dog can remain loyal and faithful to its master for a lifetime. So dreaming about dogs is a positive sign.

There is someone around you whom you can trust fully, perhaps a close friend or family member. As a nice person, they will assist you in growing and evolving.

Making beautiful social connections to end loneliness is what you dream about when you dream about dogs. Furthermore, it encourages you to have faith in your abilities and strengths.

In dreams, a dog may appear whenever you feel alone in this world and cannot fully trust anyone. 

Sharing all your joys and worries with a loyal and trustworthy friend is possible. 

A symbol of protection and defense

A dog represents safety and protection in dream symbolism. During waking hours, it protects you from bad influences. A dream warns you that someone might try to harm you somehow. 

Your dream symbolizes your need to feel protected and safe from people who might cheat on you or harm you negatively. Keep an eye out for malicious people in the real world.

In dreams, a watchdog represents impending danger. It is imperative to avoid this danger at all costs.

Your waking life devotes to protecting or safeguarding someone or something important.

When you dream about dogs, it is important to be aware of the possibilities of danger in real life.

Forgiveness, unconditional love, and warmth

Due to their loyalty, dogs show unconditional love and affection to their masters. Therefore, their master will protect and guard you at all times. 

Furry pets can show love and kindness to humans and forgive them for their mistreatment.

It signifies that you should love other people and be kind to them if you dream of dogs. You are human, after all. Is that right?

Dreams remind us to forgive others for causing harm to us and to never hold grudges against them.

Having a dream about dogs also advises not to judge others unnecessarily but to motivate them to achieve their goals. Aside from practicing self-love, you should also never criticize yourself.

The key to loving yourself and others unconditionally is not to criticize them. Instead, embrace your mistakes, rectify them, and evolve as a better person. Consult pet psychic to help your Furry pets.

A symbol of commitment, duty, and service

As a popular pet, dogs help their owners in various ways. Their owners find them to be extremely dutiful and committed to their work.

Dreams about dogs encourage you to pursue your life goals and work hard. Putting service and commitment first is what dogs teach you.

You can only achieve your goals if you work hard. Dreams can, however, also have negative connotations.

Your overwork and lack of appreciation are the result of being overworking. It is possible that you are working hard but not being rewarded with compliments in your everyday life.

There are times when you may feel underappreciating and exploiting at work. As a result, your work may have no purpose, and you may find it meaningless and monotonous.

In this dream, you may be looking for a change in your career that will help you fulfill your ambitions and lead you towards success and happiness.

Responsible behavior. 

The dog symbolizes responsible and committed behavior.

They always remain loyal to their partners and take responsibility for their housework.

Dog ownership comes with a lot of responsibilities. In spite of this, the people who depend on you for their daily needs meet yours.

A police officer or even a doctor committed to caring for sick people has a lot of responsibility and hard work involved in their jobs.

Dreaming about dogs reminds you to take responsibility for your actions and deeds. Taking responsibility for your actions is essential. Life is not about blaming others for what goes wrong.

It is sometimes a sign of upcoming responsibilities when puppies surround you in your dreams.

As a symbol of power and dominance, dogs can protect their owners in any situation. Their nature is fearless and authoritarian.

It is also a symbol of your ability to dominate and sustain through difficult times in your life when you dream of dogs. 

Despite all odds, your dream reminds you to be resilient and brave.

Why Do You Dream About Dogs?

There has been a time in everyone’s life when they had a dog dream. In my opinion, if you dream about dogs, you must have wondered what they mean to you.

Most people associate dogs with protective parts of their lives when they dream of them.

Dogs are symbols of self-defense and safety in dreams. In your dreams, you are defending yourself and those you care about. It’s time to face and defend yourself against a negative circumstance you’re experiencing in the real world

Dreams can also depict dogs as symbols of loyalty.

Additionally, it symbolizes your commitment to your partner, friends, and family. Your friends and family are aware of these qualities. Consequently, you will be able to protect those you love.

If you dream about a violent canine barking, you will likely experience betrayal and an ominous situation.

The story serves as a cautionary tale for keeping an eye on yourself and preparing for the future. Unexpected betrayal is possible. Be careful. There has been a warning given to you.

The dream of an angry dog may indicate your resentment towards someone or something. There is, however, the possibility that people with negative perspectives and terrible tempers will be involved.

Stay away from that person if you keep dreaming about them. It’s time to let go of the person getting in the way of your happiness.

Dreams of black dogs: A symbol of death and change

Dreams of black dogs A symbol of death and change

The dream of a friendly black dog can help you cope with the negative aspects of yourself and the world around you. Despite everything in life-changing, you aren’t afraid of change.

Puppy dreams: what do they mean?

A puppy symbolizes a fresh start. According to some interpretations, dreams about puppies may indicate you are about to meet a new person.

It is always possible to make a new friend shortly. A new acquaintance will become an inseparable part of your life as time goes on.

A sign of readiness might also be personal and spiritual growth. For example, you learn to be kind and think clearly as a puppy. Your self-awareness will grow through this process.

Dreaming of white dogs: what does it mean?

Dreaming of white dogs what does it mean

The color white represents purity and happiness. People who have dreamed of white dogs are subconsciously building strong bonds with their loved ones. So dreaming of a white dog is always a good sign.

Dog Dreams – 11 Types & Interpretations

It is possible to interpret dreams about dogs differently depending on the dog’s color, breed, or behavior in the dream. The dream of a dog usually represents an unfulfilled desire. 

Black dog dream

If you see a black dog, you should take care of your mental health. Dreams about black dogs are thought to reflect negative emotions, frustrations, and depression.

An angry black dog might be present or a friendly one. Dreams may also contain messages conveyed by black dogs.

In many cultures, the black dog represents grief and death. According to British folklore, black dogs are omens of death.

A graveyard guardian is a messenger from the underworld. A black dog is also the representation of the Hindu god of death. 

It is common to consider dreams about black dogs to be bad omens. Your household might be approaching death if this occurs.

Death, however, is not always taken literally. It may be a loss of relationships, a loss of a job, or other losses. If you dream about a black dog, you may prepare to make way for a new beginning in your life.

Seeing the dream could mean losing someone or something from your life and feeling bitter since black also signifies mourning.

You will realize in the coming days that it was for your benefit. Losing a job might lead to a new, exciting opportunity. Someone who broke your trust has changed for the better. 

Dreams about brown dogs 

Brown dogs represent happiness, simplicity, and friendship.

This could be a representation of your grounded, friendly nature. A warm relationship may be what you are seeking. It is usually a sign of friendship and contentment to dream of a brown dog. 

The fact that you’re playing with a friendly brown dog suggests you’re living a fulfilling life.

Seeing a brown dog in your dream represents a healthy relationship.

Dreams are places where you’re in control when walking a brown dog. As a responsible and wise person, you handle things the way you do. 

A brown dog running uncontrollably and jumping around in your dream symbolizes a friend who is feeling neglected. 

Dreaming about a white dog 

Honesty and peace are the symbols of white. A white-colored dog represents love, peace, gratitude, loyalty, and protection in waking life. This could symbolize a happy future.

White dogs in dreams are good omens. In your life, it symbolizes success, peace, and prosperity. 

It may represent peace, love, and gratitude in your life if you dream of a white dog. It is a good omen to have a friendly white dog run after you.

Your life is about to change in a big way. The presence of the white dog that chases you in a dream represents a great opportunity coming to you. 

Dead white dogs are also good signs. Good fortune and opportunities are represented in the dream.

You will begin a period of happiness and abundance when your dog dies. However, white dogs bite in dreams to warn you.

You may come into contact with people who have bad intentions toward you. When you dream that a white dog is biting you, it asks you to watch out for trustworthy people. 

Dreaming of a big white dog is a bad sign. Your partner may reveal some unpleasant secrets to you. 

It is also possible to interpret short-term happiness as a small white dog. For example, you will not find lasting happiness in your current job or relationship.

White dogs represent letting go of someone or something in your waking life if you dream of owning one. From a broader perspective of life, such a decision could do so much good for you. 

It is often a sign that you want a trustworthy friend if you dream of dog walking. 

When a white dog growls, it is not a good sign. Your life is in danger. 

You should choose people carefully in your life based on this dream. You may be betrayed if you blindly trust everyone. 

Alternatively, a sick white dog represents misfortune and misery. 

Your dream might also remind you to pay more attention to your family.  

Dreams about dead dogs

Have you ever dreamed of a dead dog and felt sad? 

A message has just been conveyed through dog symbolism in your dream. For example, it might symbolize the end of a good friendship when you dream of a dead or dying dog.

Are you neglecting a dear friend? You may be dreaming that this beautiful friendship is coming to an end.

Your friend’s dead dog reminds you of him. Embrace all the friendships you have in your waking life. Only then might you be able to salvage your relationship with your friends.  

Dreaming of being bitten by a dog

Dreaming of a dog biting your leg symbolizes your lack of balance.

Your waking life may feel victimized by you.

Infidelity may also indicate that your partner is unfaithful. A dog bite could represent an unpleasant situation in your life that you are unaware of.  

Dreams about poop

It is not common to discuss dreams about feces openly, but these dreams may represent your deeper psychological aspects.

Dog poop has several dream interpretations. First, dreaming of canine poop symbolizes your lack of financial responsibility. You’re spending money on useless things and making unwise decisions.

Seeing dog poop everywhere might make you lose faith. Perhaps you don’t believe in your abilities, so you aren’t progressing in life. Your barriers to success can be seen in the fecal matter of dogs.

Cleaning dog poop in your dreams could represent your current mindset. In this process, you are clearing your life of negative people and limiting beliefs. 

You may need major life changes if you dream of dog eating feces. Lack of confidence could be the cause.

There is also the possibility that you are afraid of something in your waking life. For example, something important to you is at risk of being lost dog. So a job or career reminder might also be helpful to you. 

Dream of a dog dying

It is not necessarily your beloved pet’s death if you see a dog dying in a nightmare. However, your waking life is about to end due to a dead dog.

There is a possibility that you may lose a close friend or romantic partner sooner than you expect.  

Dogs attacking you in your dreams

There is often a conflict in waking life represented by an angry dog in a trance.

There will be strife between you and someone angry with you. Dreams about a dog attacking you may also reflect your inner conflict. 

Dog biting hand in the dream

Dreaming that a dog bites your hand indicates betrayal. Be careful not to believe people when you’re awake blindly. It is possible to abuse trust if you are not careful. 

A dream about an injured dog

An injured dog can symbolize any sad situation in your real life. You demonstrate empathy for others by helping a dog who is injured.

There may be times in your life when you are pained by the suffering of someone close to you.

Someone you know, an acquaintance, a colleague, or a neighbor may be struggling and causing you pain. You appear to be being urged to help the person in your dream by the injured dog. 

Dreaming of my biting dog

It is a sign of disloyalty to dream of a dog biting you. It symbolizes someone rude, mean, and always trying to make your life difficult if you dream of a dog trying to bite you. Conflict might be predicted by an ex or business partner. 

Dream Meanings of Dogs 

There are many aspects of your inner personality that dogs can symbolize spiritually. The meaning of dog dreams varies across cultures.

A dog may represent your negative emotions in a dream. In some cultures, the same dream can be interpreted as a good omen, while in others, it could be interpreted as bad. 

In different cultures, dog dreams have different spiritual meanings. 

Dreams about dogs in Hinduism 

Dreams about dogs in Hinduism

A dog dream is considered a good omen by Hindus. There is nothing more loyal, honest, and companionable than a dog. A black dog appears in Hindu mythology as Yamaraj, the god of death.

Dogs in dreams may also symbolize death or the dark side of life. However, you can also learn to cope with death by closing a chapter on your life and beginning a new one.

The journey to self-growth may start with shedding limiting beliefs. 

Bible meaning of a dog in a dream 

The Bible portrays dogs as protectors and guardians of household animals and birds.

Dogs in dreams are considered good signs by the Bible. Divine power protects and guards you. 

How does the Islamic tradition interpret the dream of a dog?

According to Islamic traditions, dogs can reveal your real-life situation through dreams. For example, dreaming of a happy dog may signify abundance in your life. 

Angry dogs or those that bite or dog chase you can serve as warnings to watch out for deceptive people in the real world.

Why do Chinese people dream of dogs in their dreams?

A Chinese dog is considered a watchful animal that guards the home of its master. In Chinese culture, the happily barking dog represents protection from harm.

Your life is urging you to make wise choices and manage them well. Loss of money and misfortune are also possible indicators. Dog barking is giving you hints about how to save and utilize money. 

Dream meanings of different colored dogs

The most common color of dogs in dreams is black and white. However, other odd-colored dogs can also be interpreted in dream interpretations.

It may be less significant if the colors symbolize specific dog breeds in dreams.

For instance, poodles and West Highland White Terriers are commonly white breeds. Therefore, the “white” dog symbol is weaker than a “white” golden retriever, for example.

If you are looking for more combinations of dog color dreams, you may want to check out color dream symbols.

Black Dog

It is generally considered a negative dream symbol to see a colored dog in black. However, according to your real-life situation, they can mean any of the following. If you dream about multiple people or friends, you might dream about more than one black dog.

  • Friends with a shadowy or disloyal side. You can see a person’s real intentions when their dark side is revealed.
  • Show your concern about your friend’s safety. It could mean something dangerous is about to happen if you feel scared for them.
  • Irish and British folk tales describe the “Black Angus” as a mythological black dog. Death is symbolized by it.
  • If you see a black dog, you are mourning the betrayal or an unfaithful dog lover.
  • A black dog can symbolize an unconscious desire.

White Dogs

When you dream of a white dog, you dream of a friend’s pure and sincere intentions.

You can engage a friendly white dog whether you are doing business or in love with your friends and family.

There is also a possibility that the white dog in your dreams is a reflection of yourself.

Other Colors

Yellow Dog

 A yellow dog in a dog dream signifies energy if it is a pleasant dream. It is possible, however, for your close friends to betray you if the situation is unpleasant.

Blue Dog

 In dreams, blue dogs represent loyal friends who have remained loyal to you. You can find clues throughout your daily life and relationships with loved ones.

Red Dog

 A faithful friend joins you on an adventure during a time of violence in your dream.

Purple Dog

 Dreams about purple dogs represent wealthy friends.

Breeds from mythology

 Greek mythology has made Sirius, Orion’s faithful dog, into a constellation since he is so important to hunters.

The god of the Underworld, Anubis, has a jackal’s head on his head in Egyptian mythology.

Guardian dogs whose statues guard temples in China are called Fu Dogs, part dragon, part lion.

As per Irish and British folktales, the “Black Dog” known as “Black Angus” visits the dog dying before they pass away.

Dog nightmarish fears

Dog nightmarish fears

There is no doubt that dogs dream. Most dog owners have observed their pets twitching, paddling, or vocalizing quietly during sleep. It is common to see this.

However, some dogs suffer from true sleep disturbances, exhibiting extreme behaviors, such as growling, snoring, and even acting aggressively during deep sleep.

Neurologists and veterinary behaviorists believe these dogs suffer from REM sleep disturbances. It is common for people to presume that their dogs are having nightmares, night terrors, or seizures when they observe these sleep disorders.

When these episodes happen only while sleeping, if strong voice commands can awaken the dog, and if it is neurologically normal when awake, it is not a seizure disorder.

These symptoms are not classified as nightmares or seizures by veterinarians but rather as REM sleep disorders.

A Dog’s Nightmares: What to Do

Here’s what you should do if you see your dog acting frighteningly during sleep:

  • Using your voice, try to wake the dog up. Touching or shaking the dog is not recommended. It is possible to get bitten.
  • Videotape the sleep disorder and show it to your veterinarian.
  • During these violent episodes, a crate, even a padded one, is a temporary safety measure.
  • Observe your dog’s behavior while he is sleeping and awake. Videotape anything that seems unusual to you.
  • By presenting the videos to your veterinarian, ensure that any medical issues aren’t causing the behavior.
  • Consult your veterinarian if they recommend veterinary specialists.

Terrifying Experience

When someone brings their dog in to see me as a veterinarian after seeing a severe episode of a sleep condition, I frequently hear the same thing: “It freaked me out!”

These dogs can do the following while sleeping:

  • When in pain, scream loudly
  • Exhibit violent movements of the limbs
  • Make sure you run throughout the house
  • If you howl, bark, growl, or chew
  • Bite others or themselves
  • The act of chasing or “pinning” other animals or humans
  • A lot depends on the dog as to how intense and frequent the episodes are.

Why Do Dogs Have Nightmares?

Why Do Dogs Have Nightmares

Crazy things can be imagined by the human imagination, which can then be converted into especially terrifying nightmares. It’s hard for dogs to be creative, however.

Science believes dogs’ dreams are mainly based on memories and past experiences, as they are not wired to visualize the unknown.

The lack of imagination of dogs prevents them from dreaming of being abducted by aliens and trapped on another planet. Dr. Coren generally believes that dogs dream about things related to dogs. 

Spending time with their families, dog chasing, and playing fetch are some of their favorite activities.

However, when someone brings their dog in to see me as a veterinarian after seeing a severe episode of a sleep condition, I frequently hear the same thing: “It freaked me out!”

The brain can relive many good scenarios during sleep, but nightmares result from real-life events that are stressful or scary.

A rescue dog may dream about being abused or abandoned by its family in the past. Then, when dogs are asleep, they can relive nightmares about getting wet or storms they were scared of during the day.

Is It Time to Wake Them Up?

It’s never easy to watch a dog suffer in their sleep. So before you get them out of whatever scary scenario they are picturing, think before you wake them up.

Sometimes, letting the dog sleep is the best thing to do. The dog might not realize they’re awake for a few seconds after waking from a deep sleep.

Your hand may appear to them as the enemy from their nightmare, and they may attack aggressively. But, in most cases, dogs don’t survive scary scenes for more than a minute, and they’ll fall asleep on their own.

If the bad dream lasts longer than a few minutes, you might want to consider waking them up.

The best way to wake a dreaming dog is with your voice, not your hand. First, in a calm tone, say their name. If they do not respond, they gradually get louder.

 Also, you might be able to wake them up by turning on the TV or playing soft music. It is important to rouse them from their nightmare without startling them gently.

How Can You Prevent Bad Dreams?

How Can You Prevent Bad Dreams

All dogs experience bad dreams from time to time, even those with seemingly perfect lives.

If your dog cries, kicks, and lashes out because of nightmares, you can help him. You can pinpoint your dog’s problems at night by understanding what they are afraid of during the day.

A Harvard psychologist told Dr. Coren about his dog’s fear of baths in Psychology Today. When forced to take a bath, the dog hides behind his owner’s legs. He exhibits this behavior only once a year.

However, as soon as he awoke from a bad dream, the dog took cover behind his owner’s legs. There are all indications that the dog had a bad dream about bathing.

Dog owners could identify what their dogs dreamed about because their behavior corresponded to real-life fears. Besides thunderstorms and being attacked by another dog, other plots can be found in canine nightmares.

To figure out what your dog dreams about at night, it is helpful to know what they experienced during the day.

It may also be possible to reduce your dog’s nightmares if you help them overcome their real-life fear of thunderstorms. Baths can be made more enjoyable for dogs afraid of bath time by making them more enjoyable.

Several weeks after their adoption, some rescue dogs have nightmares about their previous lives. Showing your dog love and attention during the day is the best way to help them overcome bad dreams.

You and your dog may experience nightmares, but speaking with a trusted veterinarian or dog behaviorist can give you peace of mind.

Veterinarians can prescribe natural supplements to help your dog’s anxiety, while animal behaviorists address the underlying causes. As a result, you and your dog can get a consistent night’s sleep.

Dream Interpretation of Dogs Isn’t A Science.

Our lists above show that dreams about dogs can be interpreted in many different ways, regardless of your culture or background with animals. Often, recurring dog dreams are associated with feelings of friendship, loyalty, and protection.

It is important to consider the context of your dream when interpreting it, such as whether the dog was a protector or a predator. Your dog may have represented you or someone else. Consider the entire context before making a decision.


The meaning of a dog dream is said to relate to your inner desires, feelings, and behaviors. The dreamer’s shadow self may be reflected in it. It is possible to reveal you’re true identity in such a dream that you do not express to others.

Science is not involved in the interpretation of dream symbolism. It is rather a subjective art form. Therefore, you should take the message that resonates with you and leave the rest. 

How does seeing mythological dogs in a dream make you feel?

Dogs symbolize human relationships in dreams and difficult situations in life (via Aunty Flo).

However, a dog’s dream usually signifies that you need to protect someone or that you might be protected by someone unexpectedly.

How do dog dreams fit into dream psychology?

When you see a dog in your dreams, your unconscious mind often tries to tell you something important. Dogs tend to be more forceful when they want your attention, but that does not mean they are trying to harm you. Instead, the message is intended to be aggressively delivered.

 How does dreaming of a dog attacking you make you feel?

Generally, a dream about a dog attack may represent your anxiety, distrust, or fear in waking life. These feelings are likely triggering these dreams because you can’t control them.

Why does Black Dog appear in dreams?

Your life goals will most likely be achieved if you dream about a giant black dog. Your goal is to see it as an encouragement as often as possible. You are encouraged to push yourself to make yourself better in the dream.

Is it true that dogs dream?

According to researchers, dogs dream like humans in REM sleep (rapid eye movement). The REM cycle begins after dogs have slept for 20 minutes.

How is a dog generally interpreted in dreams?

You might be trying to express yourself in dreams about the wild dog. You desire to choose your path. Wild dogs may evoke your dreams of loyalty, companionship, protection, and belonging.

What does being chased by a dog in dreams mean?

It may indicate victimization, anger, or powerlessness, according to whatyourdreammeans.com’s Lauri Quinn Loewenberg.

When dogs appear in dreams, what happens?

A dog in a dream can also represent how you feel about a difficult issue in your life. For example, you may need to protect someone, or the dog is protecting you when you dream about a dog.

What does it mean to dream of a friendly black dog?

Dreams about a friendly black dog represent your ability to overcome negative aspects of yourself. Since everything in life eventually changes, you aren’t afraid of change.

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