Aura Color Meanings in 2022 – What Your Aura Wants to Tell You

Your crown chakra and auras can have a deep impact on your physical body and your personal relationships. The aura colors have individual meanings. For example, throat chakra healing is about communication, your physical body, and improving your ability to speak the truth.

If you are thinking of throat chakra to improve communication with your inner self. But for that, you need to understand the aura color meanings. This will help improve communication with the spiritual and physical worlds.

I have also added a video link at the end of this post. It will help you visualize how the aura color actually appears and how you can unlock the power to your Aura.

Green aura

Green aura symbolizes the heart Charka, which means it represents the matter of hearts. Of the many aura colors, the green aura represents a tendency to be affected by one’s external environment. If you are thinking of personal power then the heart chakra makes it easy to associate with one’s intuitive abilities.

Light green aura

With the help of aura photography, you can understand your own aura and this can become your life energy. Many have said that it can lead to spiritual awakening as well. For example, a light green aura will mean that you are good at goal-setting, you are innovative and you have originality.

You have a strong sense of the external world. You have comfortable with self-expression and your aura is aligned to help you achieve it.

Blue aura

Blue aura

Blue aura means you have a powerful mind. When you think of aura color you probably want to have one that gives you complete control over your mind. if you opt for aura photography you might find that you have a dark blue aura. Both these auras indicate that your throat chakra is clear.

You have no issue with communicating with your inner self. You are in close association with the physical reality and with your inner self. The aura shows that you have a powerful mind.

Blue auras indicate that the persons are extremely insightful.

Pink aura

This is another of the colors you want to know in aura color meanings that you will find as a part of the heart chakra. It is a rarer aura. But when it is a part of a person’s aura it indicates that he or she is a sensitive soul. The auras indicate the energy field surrounding the person in the physical plane.

A pink aura means the person is fun-loving, sincere, imaginative, artistic, and unorthodox.

Orange aura

Orange aura

The orange aura is a part sacral chakra. This aura is also associated with creative energy. Of the aura colors in the sacral chakra, the orange aura represents creativity and sensual energy. when it comes to aural colors few can match the creativity shown by the persons having this aura.

Indigo aura

People with indigo aura are daydreamers and curious about their surroundings. They often show low self-esteem and are introverts. You will not feel a distinctive energy field around them. People with indigo aura often have self-esteem issues and hence tend to keep to themselves.

Turquoise aura

This aura in aura color meanings represents friendliness, a bubbly, and a cheerful personality. This means he will be both compassionate and have excellent communication skills. The combination of aura colors gives the person the qualities of both the auras. This makes for unique aura photography and analysis.

Violet aura in Aura Color Meanings:

Violet aura

The violet aura is a part of the crown chakra and is associated with spiritual growth. It is considered that people with this aura have inner knowledge and sometimes even have psychic power.

They see the world as an open book. Besides, these people have an amazing capacity for spiritual and personal growth. People with violet auras have powerful and charismatic personalities.

Red aura

The red aura is a part of the root chakra. The root chakra is the foundation of the system and of all the auras the red aura is one of the most important. As far as Aura Color Meanings are concerned, a person with a distinctive red aura will mean he is energetic and quick to put his thoughts to action.

He is full of life energy and has a positive outlook toward the world. He is also detail-oriented. With aura photography, it becomes clear which aura is distinctive in a person and which chakra colors are more prominent.

Yellow aura

As the color suggests, the Yellow aura is for cheerful and bright personalities. When you do aura readings and you come across other colors of aura like lemon yellow, bright yellow, pale yellow, and other similar auras you can be assured that these individuals will have similar characteristics.

When it comes to people with yellow auras, you will find them to be people with self-confidence and morale. They have a clear outlook towards the world and do not believe in losing control. People with yellow auras rarely have moments of self-doubt.

White aura

White aura

The White is the rarest of auras.  White energy is rare and it means that a person’s mind is like a blank slate and he or she is ready to accept the world as it is. It shows that the person is kind, generous, and innocent. Of all of the people’s auras, the white aura has hardly ever been photographed.

Black aura

A black aura does not mean you are a dark person. It means you are tired and you are in need of rest. The aura colors indicate the state of mind. Therefore if your aura color is black it means your nervous system is tired and you need rest. The aura colors are indicative of the condition of the human body.

When the human body is in need of rest, it can result in a dark and black aura. When you see black in other people’s auras it is an indication that you tell the person to rest and relax.

Rainbow aura

Rainbow aura

Rainbow aura is a powerful and rare aura. This means the person is a natural healer. This is an aura color that is a combination of all aura colors and is not easily photographed. Most of the natural healers have rainbow auras.

They often have a prominent magenta aura as this works as an energy center. When you think of people’s aura the rainbow aura is one that lends individuals the ability to understand inner truths and live the moment.

Understanding your aura

When you do aura photography the first thing that you need to understand is whether the picture has been taken correctly. It is best that you take the help of an expert to take the picture. You need to have excellent peripheral vision to ensure that the image is taken correctly and the interpretation has been done.

For example, a greenish image is an indication of you being a nature lover. Similarly, aura photography requires inward focus. But when you try to understand your aura simply taking the picture is not sufficient.

You might feel that blue is the color of your chakra, but on a closer look, it might be violet. Thus, an expert should interpret the image to thoroughly understand what it represents.

Energy fields and auras

Anyone involved with the studying auras will tell you that the most interesting thing about this is that it deals with an energy field. It is an indication that there is something more than the material world and you can reach a spiritual awakening with a better understanding of the auras. For example, a violet aura shows spirituality.

Although, it is a diminutive color it also shows that the person has a playful spirit. It is also indicative of self-love and independence. When you check the colors of the auras you will find that these are closely associated with the characteristics of the persons.

There have been definitive results indicating that colors of auras have changed with the moods of the individuals. If you are sad or feeling restless then your auras will also change. It means how you associate with your inner self your external auras will also change. If you are in a happy mood for a prolonged period then it will have an effect on your auras.

Challenges of auras

There are certain challenges that the auras of certain people might face. When you think of auras being associated with qualities you will feel that it is best to have ones that are in the middle.

You neither want to have auras that exhibit extreme human energy fields nor ones that show a minimum amount of energy. Auras that have energy levels with an adequate amount of energy make it easier for you to associate with your inner self.

Based on your auras you can opt for readings that can help you to heal yourself. Reading and understanding the auras can help improve your physical and mental wellbeing. This will help you understand where you are going wrong and you can try to improve it.

If your auras tell you that you need to relax and spend some time with yourself, then try meditating and opt for sessions that will help you connect with yourself. The auras are not just an insight into your characteristics, but also the challenges that you face in making yourself a better person.

By understanding your auras you can find out methods of self-improvement and connect with your inner self. It’s really important for those who want to see improvement in their overall well-being.

How to see your auras?

You can see your auras by squinting your eyes. You need to stand in front of the mirror and your peripheral vision identifies the auras. However, this requires a certain amount of practice. you will not be able to see your auras the first time.

You can also have your auras photographed by professional photographers who have unique methods of identifying your auras. After you have taken the images of your auras you will need to interpret the auras. It is important that you have your auras read so that you gain an understanding of what your auras represent.

Many times individuals have confusion about the colors of the auras. There are several colors in the auras and you need to identify the predominant color in your auras. For that, you need to train yourself to see the auras. Here you need to understand which color is overlapping and which is the primary color of your auras. All of these can help you understand your auras.

Interpreting your auras

When you have photographed or identified your auras you need to interpret these. You must first understand the primary auras. For example, if you find a tan aura surrounding your image, then you have an abstract personality and you have a sensitive soul.

The tan aura refers to someone who is preferably in the middle and is a combination of a light blue band. This means you are not a decisive person and you usually prefer to keep things to yourself. When you interpret auras it is important to get the colors absolutely correct otherwise your interpretation can be wrong.

It is essential to ensure that the alignment of your auras is as per the chakras so that you get the correct interpretation of your personality and also the changes that you need to make. When you do an interpretation of auras it is necessary to identify the changes that are essential to make to improve your personality. 

Wellness and auras

By understanding your auras and aura color meanings you can learn to expand them. It is important to align your auras with your chakras to cultivate inner peace. It is part of well-being and self-awareness. If you want to be at peace with yourself it is important to create a self-dependency.

Your auras can help you create this, but for that, you need to align it with your chakras. Thus, understanding your auras is essential to well-being and your wellness.

Now that you have understood everything about Aura and its colors I have a secret for you. Watch this video and unlock the power to your own Aura and understand what your aura is trying to communicate with you.


Q: What do different color auras mean?

A: Every aura has a distinct meaning. I have listed them all and you just need to swipe up to know everything there is to know about aura color and their meanings.

Q: What is the rarest aura color?

A: The rarest aura color is White. It signifies that a person is ready to accept things without passing any judgment. It comes after years of practice and peace of mind. But you can get that too!

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