Top 5 Signs You Have Karmic Debt — And How To Repay It 

Signs You Have Karmic Debt: We reap what we sow. But, unfortunately, it is impossible to get a free lunch. People’s karma is determined by actions, words, thoughts, and more. Everyone have karmic debt.

Every action, statement, or thought has good and bad consequences. Generally, we use the word karma to describe its unresolved negative energy, not its positive ones.

In this Article, we will explain you signs of karmic debt relationships.

It is easy to understand positive karma since we are taught that all actions have consequences since childhood.

Is this applicable to a healthy relationship? How does a karmic relationship work?

The following paragraphs explain Karmic Debt and Karmic Relationships and their indications.

Identifying a karmic relationship makes life easier since similar and closely related romantic relationships exist. Therefore, there is an important purpose for the karmic relationship signs.

Signs of Karmic Debt


If you have Karmic debt, you will never be able to escape it. Therefore, identifying whether you are karmically responsible is the first step in repaying your karmic debts.

If you are in karmic debt, here are five signs to look out for

Your fulfilling life has reassuring, destructive patterns.

Previously mentioned, but this is a big one. You may have karmic debt if you’re constantly struggling financially or have addictions to substances, gambling, and sex.

Your relationships might be toxic and unhealthy if you don’t check off the finance and substance abuse boxes.

As a result of karmic debt, this is also the case.

Putting others first is one of your strengths.

It is easy to put yourself last to make everyone else happy because you care too much about others.

The good you do for others never seems enough, despite how much you do for them.

More is always needed and wanted by them. You can’t say no because you’re a people pleaser and a doormat.

Another sign that you owe a karmic debt is if you run yourself ragged for others to the point where it takes a toll on you.

It is a part of your life to have karmic relationships.

It’s not normal to have karmic relationships. You feel exhausted from them because they’re overwhelming and toxic.

You can suffer long-term harm from these karmic relationships. You may have a karmic debt if you experience these frequently.

Reflect on your actions.

Are you guilty of acting without considering repercussions or saying something you later regret?

Currently, you are accumulating karmic debt.

If you constantly think “I shouldn’t have done that” moments and don’t act with pure intentions, you accumulate a karmic debt.

Numerology charts contain karmic debt numbers.

Despite having no control over it, this is what determines whether or not you have karmic debt.

Each person will have a different life path number depending on their birth date. Therefore, certain birthday numbers may carry karmic debts.

There will be an entire section on karmic debt and numerology soon, so this one will be put on hold.

The Karmic Relationship: What Is It?

Relationships that end without resolving unresolved issues will not heal. Karmic debts remain on account of the wrongdoer. 

As soon as this life ends, the karmic debt carries over to the next. In the past life, the soul will not be able to progress if this debt is not paid. It is also necessary to repay the debt to the former karmic partner. For them, rebirth is also necessary.   

The 5 Signs of a Karmic Relationship

Most twin flame relationships have highs and lows. It is not possible to identify a karmic bond solely based on that. Karmic relationships have some unique characteristics.

Your instant connection is instantaneous.     

Something about this person makes you feel as if you have been waiting your entire life for them. This person will significantly impact your previous life. There is no doubt about that.

There was a sense of destiny between you two. The person you met recently feels like a long-term friend.

It is difficult for you to let go.

You break away from difficult relationships when they present themselves. There’s something strangely compelling about it, and you cannot escape it. A toxic relationship feels like an addiction. 

Your goal is to gain the upper hand.

You will do all sorts of harmful and painful things because of the negative karma associated with the relationship.

Feeling the need to gain control of your partner and take charge of the relationship is driving you. They become codependent because of you.

The same mistakes keep happening to you.

You may have lost track of reality or lost your perspective. Due to a lack of recognition, you keep making the same mistakes. This is the same mistake that led to a karmic debt in your former relationship. 

Your behavior becomes irrational.

Mood swings and behavior become unpredictable. There was a feeling of dread in the back of your mind. It’s possible to feel a sense of doom even when things are going well.

At any moment, something could go wrong. The result is that you do things without thinking about them.

Karmic Debt and Numerology

According to numerology, you will likely have to learn karmic lessons during this incarnation to help pay off your karmic debt.

Karmic debt may be due to your karmic debt number if you cannot see any reason.

It is possible that you are a new soul, or you may have started your current incarnation free of karmic debt. It’s a lucky day for you!

A Karmic debt number will change the lessons you must learn to settle your karmic obligations.

Karmic debt numbers:


In a past life, you may have acted lazily or selfishly if you have a 13 karmic debt number. Sometimes you may blame others, not take responsibility, be negative, and be stubborn and controlling. Holding yourself accountable is your karma.


Indulgence and dominating others are the hallmarks of a 14-karmic debt number. Negative emotions, overindulgence, or commitment may be problems for you. Self-discipline and vulnerability towards others are your karma.


In a past life, 16 karmic debt represents a very strong ego and relationship control issues. As a result, a tendency to be egotistical, difficulty connecting to others, and many “failed” relationships may be present in you.

It is your karma to be more considerate of others and to consider how your actions affect them.


Someone with a 19-karmic number abused their power and caused suffering to others in a past life.

It is possible that you have selfish or manipulative tendencies, are narcissistic, and are highly concerned with how others perceive you. As karma, you should prioritize caring for others.

How do you calculate your debt?

In numerology, repaying karmic debt is calculated as follows. Find out whether your five core karmic numbers correspond to any repay karmic debt by calculating them.

Personality number

This karmic debt number reflects your romantic relationship with others and your personality. Adding the digits of your birth month and day results in this calculation.

Life path Number                                                 

In the same way, listed above, you add your birthday numbers with your birth year to determine your previous life path number, similar to your sun sign in astrology.

Date of birth.

It represents the day of the month you were born and any skills you acquired during your past lives.

If your life path number is 1, 4, 5, or 7, it is also due to the presence of a double-digit number indicating you also have karmic debt. For example, karmic debt number 13 adds up to 4 (1+3=4), so life path number 4 carries a karmic debt number 13.

Karmic Lessons, Buddhism, and Reincarnation

Sometimes in life, despite our best intentions, we seem to fall into destructive behavior patterns.

Bad luck or karma seem to plague you, and there seems to be no balance. You likely have a karmic lesson to learn if you’ve noticed some of these patterns in your life.

To comprehend karmic debt, you must understand Buddhist beliefs about reincarnation. Rebirth is the cycle of life.

When a person dies, they believe their soul comes back to life in another form and attempts to right past wrongs or waits for a reward for good deeds.

Buddhism emphasizes the perpetuation of cause and effect as one of its most important universal laws. 

What is Karma 101

In many cultures, karma is seen as the result of what we do.

Karma states that you should treat others as you would like them to treat you.

If you accidentally received a $100 note instead of a $10 one, you might think it’s your lucky day.

If you accept the $100 with a smile on your face and run off giddy with excitement, know that your karma will catch up to you.

There will be a tenfold return on the $100. Actions have consequences and reactions. Karma is based on it.

In every good deed, there is a reward, and in every evil deed, there is a punishment.

Having said that, karmic debt can be either good or bad.

Your karmic credit score improves the more good you do.

As a result of acting evilly and ill intentions, your karmic credit score plummets.

Karmic Debt Calculator

Numerology charts include symbolic core life path numbers, each with a unique meaning. 

Karmic debt numbers can be found, but they are most powerful when they match yours.

 There are two types of life journey numbers: 1-9 or karmic debt numbers, which cannot be used for calculating karmic debt.

Occasionally, a karmic debt number appears before it becomes a single-digit number.

Karma in Buddhism

Buddhists believe that nothing happens by accident, fate, or luck; rather, everything a living being experienced is the outcome of previous actions. 

 Our actions can only spawn similar actions, just as seeds cannot grow into different types of plants. The outcome of an unvirtuous act can only be misery, while the outcome of a reasonable action can only be enjoyed. 

It doesn’t matter what the results are at the moment, the more genuine your act, the better the reaction. You can express your complaints with your past or present.

The world may also be taken in stride, and you may see where it takes you.

Karma and Shrimad Bhagavad Gita

Hinduism holds that every action must bear fruit. So Arjuna is instructed on the three types of karmas by Krishna.

  • Sqtvika Bhaav acts without attachments, such as hate, anger, or jealousy. Inner peace results from such actions. The fruit of liberation comes from all actions in life done with goodness in the heart. 
  • When Rajas Bhaav is performed with anger, hate, or jealousy, it results in attachment and karmic debt.
  • The Tamas Bhaav leads to physical, mental, and spiritual downfall.

One source for doing one’s duty without regard to benefits is the Bhagavad Gita.

It is said in the Bhagavad Gita that every action we take has an effect. Therefore, our past actions result in either suffering or enjoying the consequences. 

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What can I do to get rid of my Karmic Debt?

Making amends for your mistakes in this lifetime is the only way to get rid of this debt. Acknowledging and addressing your current karma will reduce your likelihood of repeating these destructive patterns in your subsequent lives.

Tell me the Karmic Debt?

According to numerologist and author of You, karmic debt refers to a past life event that you are now resolving in the subsequent lifetimes.

Why is Clearing Karmic debt important?

You will be less likely to repeat destructive patterns in previous lifetimes if you acknowledge and address your current karma. Karma improves when you clear up karmic debt.

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