Are you under a Psychic Attack? Find out NOW (2023)

Have you been feeling upset lately? Is there a streak of bad luck that won’t go away? This all might be negative energy compounding on you. Such negative energies cause a psychic attack.

But before we dive in to know how to deal with psychic attacks, you need to understand what is one. What causes it and what steps you can take to stop them.

What is a Psychic Attack?


What is a Psychic Attack

Any negative energy that was targeted at you either consciously or unconsciously is a psychic attack. Such attacks come in all ways and there’s a very big possibility you might be under one.

These attacks are mostly induced because of the jealous nature of a person. If you have something that your coworker or someone that knows you do not then they might be projecting negative energies on you.

It can be as simple as you getting a promotion that even your colleague was looking forward to. Or you buying a car that your neighbors were dreaming of. Sometimes even a family member can be the cause of such things.

When you marry your father-in-law or mother-in-law might not like the fact that you have taken their son or daughter away from them. Disguised in their blessings can be negativity that will cause you suffering.

There are also instances where you hurt someone unintentionally by breaking up with them. In such a difficult time, darkness might be projected with the intention of causing you harm.

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How to know if you are under a Psychic Attack?

How to know if you are under a Psychic Attack and signs of negative energies

There are many signs which indicate that you might be under a psychic attack. But you should have adequate knowledge before you jump to conclusions. Sometimes it’s just a feeling of fear that sets in.

An impending feeling of Doom and tiredness

Whenever you have a feeling that something is about to go wrong, terribly do not ignore that. Such fears are the instincts that are warning us of such an attack or harm that someone wants to cause us.

It is very important that we seek the suggestions of an expert or find out why we are the target of it. Until we sort things out they will only continue to cause more problems.

Delay in getting success and bad luck streak because of Negative energy

Sometimes the hate is also influenced because you reject a person. To heal from such energy you need spirit guides and professional guidance. These things can cause disturbances like not getting recognition for your work.

Things can go from bad to worse in no time, and the adverse effects can also lead to you or your family getting into an accident. When such things start to happen to you, you need to understand the connections.

Confront the attacker if you think the psychic attacks are unintentional, and talk to them about their feelings. Chances are they might also be feeling vulnerable because of what happened.

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Sleepless Nights Constant tiredness

Another symptom to look out for a psychic attack and negative energy is fatigue. Sometimes the attacker’s motive is to not cause you harm but drain you of your physical energy.

If you think that’s not possible then you have no idea what a curse can do. It starts with sleepless nights, then grows to a point where no matter how much energy you put into any work you are constantly drained.

Inexplicable Health Drops

Certain curses can cause headaches and are also capable of making you very sick. During psychic attacks, a person may feel like he is losing touch with his mind and body.

The symptoms can be prolonged sickness that refuses to go away. In severe cases, you might experience sleep paralysis and heartache. It is very important that you get in touch with an expert.

Loss of interests

Whenever you feel like there’s a sudden drop of compassion or you feel like nothing is interesting anymore, then it could be a symptom of a psychic attack. This could also lead to a drop in concentration levels.

It could start from losing interest in basic things at first. In adverse cases, it could also mean losing friends and money. Such a thing could taint your image and make the attacks successful.

How to save yourself from a Psychic Attack

How to save yourself from a Psychic Attack

There are numerous things you can do to protect yourself and your family from a psychic attack. But they have to be done in a certain manner to ensure proper protection and to stop their effects completely.

The steps are as basic as identifying the form and then healing from it. Negative energy often takes many forms and it can be difficult to identify it unless you seek an expert.

Identify the person responsible for the psychic attacks

Psychic attacks are often due to people that have a motive for their strong negative emotions and are mostly based on your success. If you feel like they do not understand their feeling or have unprocessed emotions help them.

On the other hand, if you feel like the attacker knows what they are doing and are a threat to your life, then seek advice from an expert. Curses are very strong and can cause you physical and mental harm.

Once you identify the attacker and learn their motives, you will find out that they are suffering in their own manner. For example, the attacker might be attracted to your car or your love life.

Even after working hard, the attacker might not be succeeding in life or finding love. All of this makes you the center of thor strong negative emotions. You can help them and make them feel better.

Call out to your guardian and spirit angels

Nothing on this planet works stronger than your own guardian angels and spirit guides that are protecting you. If you have a reason to believe you’re under psychic attacks, then tune into your soul and let them do the rest.

The attackers never see our guardian angels coming, and they completely nullify the psychic attacks. Always be grateful to them for protecting and being there with you. Even when you don’t actually need them.

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Always remembering the light

The light, or as I like to call it the guiding path, should never be forgotten. Imagine this, you are in a tunnel, and it is very dark. The only way out is this mysterious light at the end of the road.

The tunnel is the world and its problems and the light is the guidance that we get to work everything out. A positive mindset only attracts positivity and helps you to heal as well.

All the symptoms of psychic attacks can be removed and dealt with using this philosophy. Remember the mind can help you best to protect against any kind of attack and issues that the world forces upon you.

Get an Expert Opinion

Whenever you feel like the symptoms are not clear enough you need an expert’s opinion. There are numerous excellent psychics on Keen that can help you to protect yourself and your family.

Final Word Of Advice

A psychic attack is a very serious phenomenon that you should never ignore. In the worst case, such an attack can also cost you your life. It is very important you know how to protect yourself and your loved one.


Q: What is a psychic attack?

A: A psychic attack is an outburst of negative emotions that is centered on you. Many times we don’t even realize that we are under a psychic attack until it is too late.

Look out for the symptoms like a sudden streak of bad luck, a sickness that came out of nowhere, and even bad dreams. All of these are signs of psychic attacks and you should seek professional advice to find more.

Q: How to stop a psychic attack?

A: You can do many things to protect yourself from a psychic attack. Start with positive thoughts and learn about your attacker. Once you are aware of their identity, seek guidance from the angels.

You can also take help from the best psychics on Keen. They are quick in guiding, have a great connection with the astral plane, and have a proven record of years of service.

Q: What does a psychic attack feel like?

A: An example of the effect of a psychic attack is feeling sick and having negative thoughts. You might lose respect for many things, and your thoughts could run wild.

The negative energy starts with clouding you and your thoughts before engulfing you.

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