Distance Reiki: Everything you need to KNOW

Reiki involves channeling energy and is a very important technique that I use. I’ve recommended reiki sessions to numerous of my friends and family, and the benefits are immaculate.

What is Reiki?


Reiki is a Japanese practice that provides healing through energy. I know the concept is different from all traditional healing but hear me out.

Seven Chakras essentially govern our body. Whenever doubt or problem originates, one of our chakras is disturbed. I believe only energy heals energy.

In a reiki session, a reiki practitioner sends life force energy from the universal life force. All of this without a single touch. The touch is only limited to physical space. Reiki is beyond it.

Reiki can be sent to you from anywhere and at any time. For energy transcends time and space. This is why distance reiki sessions prevail.

Distance Reiki- What is the reiki distance symbol?

Distance Reiki- What is the reiki distance symbol

For me, there is no difference between in-person reiki sessions and distance reiki. If anything, I prefer distant reiki sessions so that I can be in my comfort space.

In Distance Reiki, practitioners use the Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen symbol. It means that the divine in two people is connected by divinity itself.

This is specially used to connect with people who are not physically present. This symbol brings significant improvements in long-distance reiki.

Reiki masters use the distance symbol to send reiki to their clients. The distance Reiki session is becoming an avid option among those seeking distant reiki healing.

How does Distance Reiki Healing work?

How does Distance Reiki Healing work

In long-distance reiki, a reiki master sends healing energy or performs reiki. You can receive that energy from anywhere and while doing your own work as well.

I prefer lying flat on my back, with my palms facing the ground, and putting my body in a relaxed mode. When your intention is clear in mind, it becomes easier to accept energies.

I know this may be a relatively new concept. But this is how the universal life force energy has existed. It really helps if you keep an open mind.

Reiki Distance Healing Session

Reiki Distance Healing Session

During the distance reiki session, a practitioner will send healing energy that you can physically feel. I prefer to be in a relaxed state in my own home to experience this.

The practitioner then begins to clear blockages. This usually begins at the throat chakra. You may sense the energy field yourself.

I have heard related stories in which people experience intense pain, surging emotions, and stress leaving their bodies. This is all healed when the energy points are restored.

Some practitioners also use crystals and image cards to guide Reiki. Though it is not a compulsion. Most of them use their voice guidance.

Remote Session Vs In-Person Reiki

Remote Session Vs In-Person Reiki

We fail to realize that energy does not need a medium to travel. It does not obey the physical rules of the world and is free to flow in space.

The intention of a practitioner in either of the session is the same. To guide these energies to either heal or relax us. Always ask for more information on how a session is about to go.

Whatever questions and doubts you have, clear them. The process goes best when we trust the practitioner and relax without stressing too much.

Healing energy- Will it really heal me

Healing energy- Will it really heal me

I understand it is human nature to be skeptical about something we can’t see. This is where distance reiki comes into play. It is such a better option than to go lie down in front of a stranger.

When you talk with the Reiki Master and explain to them how it hurts and where it hurts, they can help you better. Now they know where to channel the energy.

Many people have cured their various problems using Reiki’s healing energy. This includes but is not limited to the list of physical problems such as indigestion, better communication, and even better identity.

It is all related to the seven chakras of the body. There are also narratives about how a past issue can cause problems to the energy centers.

When you communicate about such things with your Reiki master, they can specifically channel the energy and heal you.


Q: Does Reiki really work?

A: Reiki is an energy healing process that has worked for ages now. Practitioners around the world have been sending Reiki, and I also have been one to receive reiki.

Reiki results in a cleaner aura and better well-being. The aim is the wellness of the mind and body through energy fields. This will also benefit the larger whole of our spirit.

Q: What to Expect from a Reiki Session?

A: A Reiki Session can relieve you of many things. You can ultimately expect relaxation from a reiki session.

There are cases in which people reported lesser pain, better spiritual connection, and even no anxiety. Reiki energy also results in better spiritual connection.

It still depends from person to person. You should also practice meditation. A Reiki master will guide you throughout the session, and you can trust his judgment.

The session aims at peace and healing. It can be half an hour long or until you have attained either of the two things. This is the same for in-person sessions as well as remote reiki sessions.

Q: How does distance Reiki work?

A: In distance Reiki, the communication and transfer of Reiki energy occur. It can be conducted through calls and even video calls. The process best takes place when the reiki master guides you.

There are also cases of recorded sessions. But they aren’t as effective. I believe the distance reiki transfer is best when the healer does it firsthand.

It removes harmful energy as well. The masters also used different tools, such as crystals and healing wands, for chakras. Distance Reiki can cure many illnesses.

Q: How to do a long-distance reiki attunement?

A: To do a reiki attunement takes years of practice. Reiki attunement means being able to channel the universe’s energy.
It has two levels. In level 1, the students learn about three aspects of Reiki energy. One represents power, the second represents emotional balance, and the third represents distance healing.

Only Reiki masters are fully attuned to the universal energy. Hence they can practice distance Reiki healing.

When you receive the attunement, there are a series of experiences. Some have spiritual enlightenment. Some have a very hot sensation, like a part of their body is on fire.

Others have also mentioned a tingle-like sensation in the tips of toes and on the forehead. This is usually the physical proof that energy travels through one’s body.

Q: How to receive distance reiki energy?

A: To receive distance reiki is a very simple process. But I believe in following some steps for it to happen perfectly.

Clear your mind and be open to experiences. If you believe in the process, it will only happen for the better. Once you have done that, look for optimal space.

A place that will not be disturbed for at least 30-90 minutes. Make sure this place also gives you positive vibes. I prefer my bedroom for this. Next, do as your master says.

Many of them ask you to control your breathing pattern and calm and dial down to what’s most soothing. This is also attainable by meditation before the session.

You might feel out of sync or experience other things. At this point, communicate with the master. Nothing feels better or helps you more than that.

Lastly, do not forget to be grateful to the universe and yourself. The intention is only relaxation, healing, and peace.

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