Psychic Reading Bonanza: Top 6 Apps Unleashed!

How do you handle life’s curveballs? Put yourself back together, re-adjust, and move forward! But how? Here are the best free psychic reading Apps that might help you!


Making tough decisions in life can be difficult. Psychic readings are a great help. What is troubling you right now? Would you like a fresh perspective? A psychic reading can help!

You can find many testimonials about how psychic readings have changed people’s lives online. But, many questions remain about the accuracy and reliability of cheap psychic readings.

Nevertheless, people can choose a new path with free readings regarding their:

  • careers
  • relationships, or
  • spirituality.

Online readings are accessible from any location, which is one of their best features.

A psychic reading can be done online. Thanks to the hundreds of sites that offer the service. However, the large number of psychics makes it difficult to choose the most suitable one.

How can you select the best of the bunch? We can help! We will discuss the top 6 online psychic reading apps in this review:

  • Why we like them, and
  • how we chose them.

Read on to learn more about online psychic readers, including the best ones.

6 Free Psychic Apps (That Are 100% Free)


Keen – Psychics and Energy Readers of the Best

Keen – Psychics and Energy Readers of the Best

Psychological Insights

For the past 20 years, Keen has remained at the forefront of internet psychic readings. It offers one of the most comprehensive collections of online psychics on the Internet.

Keen offers online psychic readings in a wide range of subject areas,

  • from Astrology to Mediumship to Tarot readings,
  • and has promoted the idea that there’s a psychic near me no matter where you live.

Psychics everywhere

There are literally over 1,000 psychics on Keen’s app. So, there is a psychic for every need and budget. From Astrologers to Tarot card readers to renowned mediums, Keen offers a wide selection of readers online.

Many psychic reading apps on the market do not screen their psychics. It is possible to avoid this. Keep your distance from advisors with few reviews or poor feedback. And, especially stay away from profiles with no reviews.


Keen is one of the most user-friendly sites despite not screening advisors as much as AskNow. Psychics can be browsed by price, type of reading, and specialty at the top of the website.

Like Kasamba, Keen lets you select a psychic and spiritual advisor from a wide selection. It is common for psychics to discuss their:

  • talents
  • backgrounds,
  • and methods for reaching the divine.

It is possible to see how many readings an advisor has provided. And, what their endorsed strengths are with Keen.

They also have a valuable tutorial in their Advisors section called “Readings 101”. This explains how to choose the right psychic for great reading.

Today’s Deals

  • Keen can guide you to the right psychic.
  • Keen offers free minutes for the first three minutes of your reading. Also, it offers a package of 10 minutes for just $1.99. Moreover, this allows you to try out different readers until you find one right for you.


  • Access to thousands of psychics
  • Simple search filter
  • $1.99 offer for new clients
  • free psychic reading for three minutes
  • Online spiritual readings
  • drawbacks
  • Refunds are only available as site credits.
  • No psychic screening

Our reasons for recommending Keen

A psychic reading can be obtained anytime and anywhere with the Keen psychic app. It is the easiest psychic app to use.

Although Keen’s hiring process is less strict than Kasamba’s, a considerable advantage is an access to over 1,700 psychics of various specialties.

Your phone allows you to perform:

  • spiritual cleansing
  • numerology
  • spirit guide work,
  • and divination.

Each advisor’s profile contains ratings and reviews that anyone can see, just like Kasamba. So you can choose any psychic you want.

Kasamba – Love & Heartbreak best psychics Online

Kasamba – Love & Heartbreak best psychics Online

Psychological Insights

The company Kasamba has been providing reliable psychic readings online for more than twenty years. In addition, Kasamba offers you a solution to any problem you may have.

Kasamba’s gifted psychics can help you see the forest beyond the trees, from astrology to Tarot readings.

When Love is on Your Mind

Kasamba’s local psychics have the wisdom and compassion to help you find love. Also, it can help you cope with the loss of a loved one.

There’s nothing Kasamba can’t handle. This psychic site offers guidance for every type of relationship concern.

  • Divorce and breakup
  • Talking and affairs
  • Gay-friendly
  • relationships
  • Child-parent relationship
  • dating environment
  • soulmate

Available readings

Kasamba offers a wide range of accurate psychic reading services in this age of esoteric services.

  • A tarot reading
  • fortune telling
  • love reading
  • astrological
  • and horoscope reading,
  • dream reading
  • and more are available online:

You can also schedule a psychic reading with anyone you want using their easy-to-navigate menu.


If you prefer a psychic, you can filter them by:

  • cost
  • expertise
  • or star rating

This is useful since over 300 are available. Additionally, online psychics can be contacted via:

  • a secure live chat
  • a phone call,
  • or an email.

Video calls are not available on Kasamba. However, you should consider this if you prefer to interact with others in person.

If you like a psychic, you can check out their profile to find out what fields they specialize in, e.g.,

Additionally, most online psychics include a bit about themselves. And, previous clients are also likely to leave reviews.

Special Offers

Finding the right advisor can still be challenging if you’re not a newcomer to online psychic readings.

For this reason, Kasamba offers three free chat minutes to each new advisor. You can end your session within 3 minutes if you don’t feel a connection with the psychic you choose.

A psychic reading can be fun, productive, and affordable with Kasamba’s 3 free minutes offer.

You can get up to $50 back if unsatisfied with your first reading.

The advantages

  • Over 20 years of online psychic readings
  • Online love psychic readings at their best
  • every kind of Psychic readings
  • Each reader is entitled to three free minutes.
  • Free readings for new users
  • Users gift.The disadvantages
  • Emails can be answered within 24 hours.

Our reasons for recommending Kasamba

Kasamba is our top pick based on over 3 million happy customers. If you want to read about love or heartbreak, this book is still a good place to start.

Authenticity checks are performed on advisors. And, a detailed resume highlighting their expertise is required.

Many psychic services are available to people new to psychic readings, including:

Kasamba, however, also offers less-known psychic readings. It is great for those seeking more insight into themselves.

Purple Garden

Purple Garden

You may get some of the most reasonably priced psychics at Purple Garden. In addition, numerous services are available on the website, including:

  • astrology
  • horoscopes
  • palm readings
  • tarot readings, and
  • oracle assistance.

Despite being comparatively more recent than most others, the website quickly established a solid reputation. This is because of its services and its list of well-known psychics in the field.

As a result, it has been highlighted in many media. And, is renowned for providing distinctive goods like:

  • esoteric alchemy
  • empathic medium,
  • and more.

Purple Garden also offers real-time consultants. This may guide you toward authentic psychics if you need help navigating the internet. In addition, you can interact with the top psychics by:

  • video call
  • phone conversation,
  • or live chat.

Are you looking for “psychics near me” online? Worldwide psychics are available through Purple Garden, with minute rates ranging from $0.99 to $14.99. You will adore Purple Garden if tarot card readings are your thing.

With many customers giving the site a 5-star rating, it is renowned as the best in the business for tarot card readings. Beginners can locate inexpensive psychics. This provides them with enlightening insights and a fresh outlook.

Psychic Source – Psychic Mediums Online

Psychic Source – Psychic Mediums Online

Psychological Insights

Psychic Source has been providing online psychic readings for over 30 years. Additionally, they offer a client-focused approach that’s hard to find elsewhere.

Psychic Source is a safe place to start if you have never had an online psychic reading before.  Making sure you are comfortable is a big part of the process.

Psychic reading online can be very rewarding if you take advantage of some great discounts at Psychic Source.

An Overlooked Bridge

Someone psychic can communicate with the dead. They offer compassionate and talented mediums at Psychic Sources. Would you like to speak to one if you have suffered a loss?

When they are attached to the physical world, they become concerned about all the things that await them.

If you view loss in this light, perhaps a psychic medium can help you realize that it is actually a transition rather than an ending?

Psychics can offer a wide range of services, techniques, and specialties. For example, you can choose from advisors specializing in love, relationships, finances, and life, among other topics:

  • Horoscopes
  • psychic readings
  • Healing/Reiki
  • Tarot/Angel card readings
  • Psychic readings for love
  • Mediums
  • Career readings
  • Pet psychics

Find a Psychic It’s Easy

There is a question almost everyone asks when visiting a psychic app: “How can I find the psychic that is just right for me among all the available ones?”?

It turns out that Psychic Source offers an easy-to-use tool called “Find a Psychic.”

Then, “Find a Psychic” will suggest the right psychic reader for you based on your answers to a series of simple questions.


  • Our list of psychic options includes video calls. These are more convenient than many of our other options.
  • People prefer this option. It allows them to see who they are talking to too quickly and builds rapport.
  • Live chats and telephone readings are available at Psychic Source. This is applicable to those who don’t feel comfortable with video chats. 
  • Furthermore, you can sort results using many filters. Psychic reading styles include compassionate, direct, thought-provoking, or wise.

Deals of the Day

New customers can purchase introductory packages of 10, 20, or 30 minutes for just $1/minute.

The site offers online psychic readings ranging from $4.99 to $20/minute. However, the $1/minute packages offer significant savings. For instance, the same 20 minutes at $4.99/minute would cost approximately $100. But at $1/minute, it would only cost $20.


  • A wide range of psychic abilities
  • available via phone, chat, or video
  • Over 30 years of experience
  • Initiation rate of $1/min.
  • Connect with your lost loved one through compassionate mediumship.
  • Disadvantages
  • New customers only receive free minutes.

Why we recommend Psychic Source

Online psychic readers new to psychic readings might find it useful to choose Psychic Sources. It might look a little old-fashioned. But, after looking around, you’ll see it’s still an intuitive, easy-to-use platform.

There is a detailed Articles & Media section. Therefore, tutorial videos explain how things work on the site’s main page.

A 24/7 live help desk is also available. It is this transparency, as well as our client-focused approach. This eventually helps establish Psychic Source as a reliable source for medium readings.

AskNow – Financial Psychics

AskNow Financial Psychics

Psychological Insights

The psychic readers on AskNow are the most thoroughly screened on the Internet regarding psychic readings.

Its 15 years of experience and great offers for new customers make AskNow one of the best psychic sites we’ve reviewed.

Money and Finance Psychics

Money and finance psychic readings are available on AskNow. It is considered one of the premier apps for readings.

A consultation with the online psychics at AskNow may be worth your time and money. This is possible if you’re unsure how to get your money to work for you. In addition, if you’d like to know about windfalls that might come your way.

Highly vetted psychic readers

As stated in AskNow’s FAQ section, the site claims that its psychic advisors, tarot readers, psychic mediums, and all of its psychic advisors are:

  • thoroughly “screened
  • scrutinized
  • tested, and
  • handpicked” from other sites online.

If you ask about money or finance, that must make you feel comfortable.

Special Offers

AskNow offers 20 and 30-minute psychic reading packages for $1/minute. Also, they offer a great way to save money. But what sets it apart from other offers is that they also include five free Master Minutes.

AskNow’s psychic readings are just one of the many benefits of choosing it over other online psychics.


  • Low-cost introductory packages
  • bundled with 5 free Master Minutes
  • courtesy of highly trained psychics 
  • specializing in money and finances
  • Receive 1 free email consultation with a psychic today


  • The satisfaction guarantee is limited to a $5 credit.

AskNow – Why we recommend it

It is one of the most strict platforms for screening new advisors and experienced advisors. This is applicable to those who have been active on the platform for a while.

This is why all feel that AskNow is the best online psychic reading site for all money-related issues.

Of course, you can ask a psychic about happiness or love. But, when investing your hard-earned cash, you should be entirely certain you’re dealing with an:

  • experienced
  • verified advisor.

Oranum – Live psychic readings online for free.

Oranum – Live psychic readings online for free.

The Insights of a Psychic

According to their site, Oranum is not just a place to get a psychic reading online but a spiritual community.

Therefore, not only you can find Astrologers, Tarot card readers, mediums, and the like on this app. Also, you can find anyone with a spiritual message.

It’s All About the Video

Oranum is not only a psychic site, but it creates a visually appealing environment as well. As part of an Oranum consultation, you’ll also receive a tarot reading and a psychic

Psychic readings and spiritual presentations are presented in colorful tableaus that attract attention in Oranum.

They demonstrate this by holding weekly contests for the most famous psychics to determine their advisor rating. As well as readings, many advisors also offer educational videos in which they share their expertise.

Live chat for free

The free live chat room is Oranum’s claim to fame like bagels are New York’s claim to fame. And also Hollywood’s claim to fame.

The idea is brilliant. Their psychics sit in their little settings. And wait for someone to send them a free question. With this, they will immediately answer.

No other app allows you to test psychics free of charge until you find the right one.

Deals of the Day

Except for their Free Live Chat Room, Oranum has no special deals or introductory offers. However, that alone could save you more in the long run than making the wrong choice on another site.


  • Psychics can be tested free in a live chat room.
  • Called “Best Video Readings.”
  • Customers vote every week for the best psychic.
  • predictions


  • Difficulty in understanding “coin” payments
  • Lack of screening system Mysticsense – Top Career Psychics

A psychic’s insights

Psychic reading sites reviewed here have different prices. But, Mysticsense claims to have the lowest overall price. However, their quality does not lag.

The Mysticsense psychic reading app provides psychic readings on jobs and careers with highly-screened psychics. And, also a well-defined code of ethics for readers and clients.

It’s Easy to Find a Psychic

A site like Mysticsense has a large number of talented psychics. And, that is simultaneously the best and most daunting aspect. How do you choose?

Customers can use Mysticsense’s advanced search filters to narrow their search based on various categories. This helps make it easier to sort through all the quality psychics on this.

Additionally, a reader can be chosen based on their:

  • specialties
  • tools
  • reading style,
  • or even their status on the website.

How to Set Up a Reading

How to Set Up a Reading

Unlike Oranum and Psychic Source, Mysticsense is the only online psychic platform that offers video. This is possible in addition to typical phone psychics, live chat, and email options.

As a result, many psychics still feel that video readings are the best way to simulate an in-person reading.

Today’s Deals

Those who register with Mysticsense and make a *minimum deposit of $10 or more can get 5 minutes OFF their first reading. Your first five minutes of a paid reading will be refunded if you complete it within five minutes.


  • First reading* 5 free minutes
  • Comparable prices to other online psychic sites
  • Quick and easy psychic search
  • We thoroughly screen and test each psychic on Mysticsense.


  • Not all psychics offer online readings.

Finding the Best Psychic Near Me

Choose a Psychic Reader wisely.

Old-fashioned psychics were usually jacks of all trades who could answer any question.

Online psychics now specialize in different niches, such as:

  • love or career

With this, you can focus on just what you are interested in.

You should research several psychic readers to find the right psychic reader for your question.

Customer reviews are crucial.

Psychic readings online are services, not products. Customer reviews matter even for services as exotic as locating a maintenance specialist.

Before hiring one, you can read what previous customers have to say about psychic reader’s:

  • accuracy
  • sensitivity,
  • and demeanor.

What is the security of the vendor?

Psychic readings online are no exception, as every online marketplace is concerned with security.

How can free psychic readings online benefit you?

How can free psychic readings online benefit you

Making life’s most important decisions sometimes requires a little guidance.

Feeling lost, confused, or in need of clarity? Get a free psychic reading online. Psychics help you see the big picture and determine what to do next.

Free psychic readings online offer the following top benefits:

First, you can get a feel for what to expect.

What to expect if this is your first psychic reading? Free psychic readings are a great way to learn about what reading will entail. And, also what type of information you can expect. Making the most of the reading can be accomplished by setting your expectations ahead of time.

The psychic’s style can be discerned.

Psychic phone readings come in wide varieties. And, you may prefer one over another. You can find out what style is right for you by getting a free reading.

You can ask multiple questions.

A free phone psychic reading is a great way to ask questions about your life that you may not even have considered.

This way, you can clarify your current situation. And, also receive a well-rounded reading about various aspects of your life for maximum clarity.

You can see if the psychic is accurate.

A psychic can’t be 100% accurate all the time. But, a free reading can help you determine your reader’s accuracy.

In the future, you may want to consider paying for a full reading if they consistently predict correctly.

Different topics can be explored.

Learning about different topics through a free psychic reading is a great way to increase your knowledge. 

For example, many psychics offer phone readings on:

  • love and relationships
  • career advise,
  • and past lives.

Psychics can provide insight into their personalities.

Get a feel for the psychic’s personality by getting a free psychic reading. Then, in the future, you can decide if you want to pay them for a full reading.

Consider the following security concerns before you get a psychic reading.

Read the FAQs. 

There’s a red flag if certain basic things aren’t explained clearly, like payment methods, refund policies, or privacy concerns.

  • Privacy is important. 

Use a verified password to prevent identity theft.

  • Be careful what you pay for. 

You should not assume a secure payment method unless it’s in writing.

  • Beware of fake psychics. 

The psychic readers on the site should be screened to ensure they’re the real deal. Without a screening system, you’ll need to learn more about the advisors’ customer-endorsed strengths and feedback.

  • Get Free Psychic Readings online.

A lot of reputable psychics offer free minutes. The real value of these offers is that you can try out a variety of psychic readers for a little. And, also, for no cost until you find the right one.

  • Stay away from the same online psychic reader.

Although you may have found an excellent psychic. And your free online psychic readings have succeeded; occasionally switching online psychics is not a bad idea.

The lessons we learn will change during our lifetime. And, so will the readers we hire to help us find our destiny.

Online Psychic Readings

Online Psychic Readings

What makes a free psychic reading accurate?

A good psychic is crucial to getting accurate readings. Not all psychics are reliable.

Here are two essential factors to consider:

  • Check the customer reviews. 

Check out what customers say. Also, check out how many stars the reader has received. How accurate was the psychic reading? And How quickly do they work.

  • Ask a psychic for a free reading. 

Try out a free psychic reading that offers free minutes (usually a chat) to test-drive a psychic before spending any money.

What is a Free Psychic Reading Minute?

What is a Free Psychic Reading Minute

Psychic readings are often referred to as “free minutes.”

Chatting with different psychics is sometimes allowed with free minutes. When the customer ends the chat within the allotted time period (usually 3 minutes), there will not be a charge.

First readings come with free minutes. If the customer has paid for a free psychic reading, they will be refunded for those minutes afterward.

Phone Psychics vs. Online Chat Readings?

There would only be one difference between typing speed in a phone and psychic reading. Moreover, in a chat psychic reading if psychic abilities transcend our sense of time and space.

Do you offer virtual palm readings?

Palmistry, or palm reading, is the art of reading a person’s palm or fingers to determine their character or predict their future.

Psychic readings can be done virtually via video if the reader feels only the markings on the palm are necessary. 

Alternatively, some professional psychic readers believe they must touch the customer’s hand. And, feel their energy. But, again, the choice is up to the reader.

How do Psychic Readings Online work?

How do Psychic Readings Online work
  • Reading Tarot Cards

Many online psychic readings utilize Tarot Cards dating back to the Middle Ages.

The deck contains 78 picture cards that can be used to predict future events. And reveal hidden factors that can help us make better decisions.

Most popular Tarot decks include the Rider Waite (Rider) Deck, Crowley-Thoth Deck, and Builders of the Adytum deck.

  • Crystal Ball Gazing

The image of a witch gazing into her crystal ball is commonly associated with psychic readings.

Scrying can also be performed with a black mirror or a water bowl instead of a crystal ball. 

One can see images of Angels, Astral Beings, or Spirit Guides by gazing into a depthless space.

  • Spiritual Mediums

Spirit mediums are individuals who can communicate with non-physical beings. This includes the dead, the gods, and goddesses of many cultures around the globe.

  • Learn about Astrology.

Astrology involves studying the movements of planets in our solar system and their impact on human life.

Using mythological symbols, astrologers measure the distance and angle between the planets. This helps them to analyze their relationship.

Although Astrology can be a handy tool for character analysis, its real strength lies in its ability to predict when a successful outcome will occur.

  • Analysis of Dreams

An interpretation of your dreams is possible through dream analysis. 

Psychologists often use dream analysis to understand the human subconscious better. However, psychics use this technique to draw connections between the subconscious mind and spiritual forces outside the individual.

Read more about psychic readings.

“Elder Futhark” is an ancient Norse alphabet composed of 24 letters called rune symbols.

Symbols are usually carved onto small wooden coins and used in certain patterns. It includes:

Tarot spreads by psychics to interpret questions.


Modern numerology has evolved from the ancient Hebrew practice of Kabbalah. Numbers and letters in words, names, and birth dates are matched together to reveal:

  • hidden,
  • esoteric information.

Psychic Readings – Answers to Your Questions

How do online psychics compare to in-person psychics?

There is no question that online psychic advisors are better than in-person psychics in many ways. But, only because an online platform makes them more convenient.

Real psychics don’t need anything more than a magical link to conduct a reading. This is anything that establishes a connection between them and their customers.

You can make this connection by phone, text message, email, video, or even snail mail.

Convenience is a clear benefit of an online psychic over a local one. Online psychic readings with a credit card are available from the comfort of your own home.

Additionally, you will have to travel to the psychic. And they will probably also require cash. Moreover, you won’t know how much until you are there.

Who is a Psychic Medium, and who is a Psychic?

While psychic mediums specialize in facilitating communications between dead or nonmaterial spirits and humans.

Mediums and psychics are not always the same. It depends on what type of free love psychic reading you want and whether this difference matters.

What To Expect From a Psychic Reading?

Your role in your reading still lies with you, regardless of the many online psychic websites you choose. Before the reading begins, try to be as calm and focused as possible before the psychic uses Tarot cards or Astrology. You can prepare yourself by:

  • Preparing Your free psychic question (s) Ahead of Time

Provide as much detail as you can. It is sometimes more valuable to gain a better understanding of a situation than to have a definite answer. But again, keep in mind you’re looking for guidance rather than instructions.

  • Remain calm.

Sit quietly and focus on your breathing for a few minutes. The psychic can sense what you need from them if your mind and spirit are clear.

  • Take Notes of What Was Said

Take notes, but remember that writing or typing can divert your attention from what the professional psychic reader shares. So instead of recording the free psychic reading session, consider recording it.

Listening If you do that, you can achieve what is being said. When you talk to a psychic online, ask if you can get a transcript for free; many psychics do.

Free psychics: Are they reliable?

Here’s how to get the most out of a free online psychic reading.

Many online psychics offer free advice, but these individuals are usually just starting and looking for experience. Is this something you are comfortable with?

Also, some psychics do not believe it is right to charge money for their special abilities. As a result, they claim “spiritual responsibility” for what they say. 

Yet, ultimately, the only person accountable for your actions is the one who implements their advice.

Instead of going to a free psychic reading like Kasamba, Keen, or Psychic Source, I recommend investing in a reader willing to share the burden for what they’re telling you.

In most cases, when you join these platforms for the first time, you will receive a free psychic reading as a welcome offer.

Conclusion – The free psychic reading

Tarot readings were considered something exotic and rare in the past. However, nowadays, Tarot accurate readings and any free spiritual psychic love reading can be easily accessed online.

Fortune Tellers no longer ply their trade in dark alleys on the wrong side of town. Instead, you only need a laptop or smartphone and stable internet access.

Although you can search for a psychic near me online and be immediately connected, how can you tell if they are genuine or not?

Some of the online psychic reading platforms mentioned in this article are over a generation old, such as Kasamba and Psychic Source.

They have not only received millions of positive reviews from customers, but they have also helped normalize phone psychic readings as providing an extraordinary opportunity for personal development and healing.

Our team is confident that at least one of the above best psychic reading websites will be able to address your concerns. In addition, they offer introductory rates or free psychic love readings, so what can you lose?

In addition, Kasamba lets you free psychic chat for three minutes with every new psychic advisor you speak to, allowing you to find the psychic you connect with first.

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