How to spot fake psychics: [Top 6 Ninja Ways & Expert Advice]

In a forever-advancing world, frauds have set up their business everywhere. These fraud people have infiltrated even the most legitimate businesses.

Similarly, fake psychics have also set up shops. I have run into multiple fake psychics and now tell you how to steer clear of them. Believe me. These fakes are no jokes.

Even if you’re a regular at the online psychic services, you are still vulnerable to fake psychics. I have many friends that have had a such bad experience.

These people practice a technique called cold reading. In here, they will not give a true reading but use body language, job, fear, and other such things to give fake psychic readings.

This article will pave the way for you to save yourself. I also advise trying out physics and doing in-depth research before you spend your money online.

Red flags to look out for in a fake psychic:


After extensive research and choosing low-rated psychics deliberately, I have listed the following pointers. Read until the end to save yourself from a scam psychic artist.

1. They claim to have superior psychic powers yet have low ratings

They claim to have superior psychic powers yet low ratings

A real psychic may have fewer ratings on the website but they still have a good reputation. On the other hand a fake psychic runs with fewer ratings and a bad reputation.

They will showcase diverse psychic abilities yet be unable to perform any. They would also feature reviews that will tell you to stay away from these readers.

Most sites charge money by the minute. Fake psychics will always give you answers in a very vague manner. Thye will try and lengthen the session to rip you off as much as they can.

2. Look out for bad websites

Look out for bad websites

Every day new websites keep popping up. They do not have years of experience and not many customers to prove their expertise. The best sites have proven psychics with decades worth of reviews.

These websites might offer cheaper readings saying they have new psychics. Most of the time, these platforms have the fakest psychics.

3. They have trick orbs or moving tools

They have trick orb or moving tools

Many psychics use the orb, tarot cards, and crystals to prove a psychic reading. They might even use them to tell you about the tool’s connection to the spirit world.

Always remember that the psychic can reach the other side and not the tools. If the cards move by themselves or the orb fluctuates with light, it is a trick.

If you watch closely, you might see the so-called cursed items or curses attached to light or stings. They might even term this black magic.

4. Vague answers are not part of psychic readings

Vague answers

Real psychics are very intuitive and use their own intuition to help you. They wouldn’t ask you questions or manipulate your answers to align with their reading.

Fake psychics and mediums take advantage of vulnerable people. They might even put on an act based on your answers. These services are common traits of good con artists.

Such con men can also sense the feelings of the audience. They further draw conclusions based on very stupid things like the horoscope.

5. They promise future telling and make definitive statements.

definitive statements

Even the best psychics refrain from making definitive statements. This is because the future is ever-changing and depends on a person’s actions.

Only a fake psychic is interested in knowing specific things which can help make their reading accurate. Any insights they say they see in your future is an assumption based on the present.

6. They provide additional services outside the website

They provide additional services outside the website

It is very difficult for a fake psychic to waste much of your time without you reporting them to the website. Hence they lure you out to such private sessions where a refund is not an option.

They might even tell you that something is cursed in your life and will need an extra session to remove the curses. True psychics tell you how to remove such negative energy or do it in the ongoing session.

Real psychics also don’t ask about putting any spells or spells on someone to bring them back. Spells are not the answer to life problems; I advise people around me to stay off them.

Final Word of Advice

There are numerous established sites with hundreds of proven real psychics. These readers create a positive atmosphere and I have written articles on them.

This line of services was created to help humanity clear its doubts. Real psychics still continue to help the concerned party, hear them out, and even heal the person’s energy.


Q: How can you tell if a psychic is real?

A: A real psychic gives a very accurate reading without wasting any time. A real psychic would also never claim to have any power over another person’s energy.

Such psychics would address a person’s problem and search for the answers in the realms of the universe. All of this without showing a sign of being a narcissist.

They also have many positive reviews and ratings even after years of service. The rating should also give you a fair idea of how the reading goes.

Q: How to be a fake psychic

A: I would strongly advise anyone not to cheat people of their money or emotions. I have also explained above how the fun of a moment can scar someone.

If you still have decided to trick your friends. Then I have some tips for you. Start with cold reading and offering to resolve issues unknown to the person.

Ask questions psychics ask in their sessions. For example, the date of birth and place of birth. Then you can act as if you’re tuning into their energy and can feel their burdens.

You can keep this act up until your friend believes you or beats you with a shoe for it. And yes, that happened when I pulled a prank on a friend.

Q: How to tell if a psychic is scamming you?

A: If a psychic asks irrelevant questions, it takes too long to answer and wastes time. It could be a sign of a fake psychic. Many scam artists also write you things you need to change in your life.

These can be very basic things, like jewelry and food. Real Psychics never ask personal questions or make extravagant changes in your lifestyle. If anything, they heal the origin of the problem.

Many fake psychics also ask for additional sessions. They might do this to escape the refund policy of companies. Never agree to anything beyond the coverage of the website.

Q: How can you deal with a fake psychic?

A: Once you have read my guide and are completely sure that you have encountered a fake psychic, stop reading. Do not continue to humor them. Take revenge when you get to rate them.

Ask for a refund immediately, and the website will transfer you to a better psychic. Before you go, write an in-depth review about how the reader tried to con you and call them out.

This will help many other users and help them save their time and effort when coming across the profile. You can further ask for the removal of the person from the websites.

Good websites entertain such complaints and take effective steps immediately. Hence ensuring only the best for their customers. This in turn, makes them more trustworthy.

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