Is Numerology Accurate? Everything you need to know (2023)

Numerology is the practice of using a number from the universe’s fundamental elements. In this form, the number allows people to discover their personalities.

It is also easier than understanding astrology, and numerology can give more accurate information about yourself or who you were meant to be.

Many people believe numerology is mere pseudoscience or some sort of superstition. However, they don’t know what numbers are used to saying. This can be your choice to decide which one is the more accurate.

I believe numerology can be termed the universal language of numbers. It is a way of communication through the pure language of only single-digit numbers.

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How does numerology work?


The idea behind numerology is that your birth date and birth number influence the cosmos and your life. According to experts, no coincidence exists in this universe.

Numerology readings say that your birth date and your name affect your personality. There are great depths that numerology readings can provide.

Consequently, accurate numerology can also often offer unexpected insights into someone. This may even provide interesting insights into people’s life track numbers and future.

Numerology Systems

The numerology readings consist of three main systems. Each system has its own basic principles and basic elements.

Pythagorean Numerology

Numerology Systems

Pythagoras a great mathematician and the inventor of the Pythagorean system, invented this numerology method. Although whether or not Pythagoras practiced numerology is still unknown.

Pythagorean numerology is dependent on three variables:

  • Birth Date
  • The full name, which includes the middle name
  • A greek Symbol that is attached to the number assigned

All these variables can help you determine your life path and destiny and can also help in predicting fate. These predictions are freakishly accurate; you can even check the numerology chart to know more.

Pythagorean Numbers consist of master numbers as well:

1 = a, j, s
2 = b, k, t
3= c, l, u
4 = d, m, v
5 = e, n, w
6 = f, o, x
7 = g, p, y
8 = h, q, z
9 = i, r

Kabbalah Numerology

Kabbalah Numerology

This numerology reading is dependent on the Hebrew alphabet. The Kabbalists later fit their knowledge into Greek and Roman Alphabets.

Even Tarot readings are compared to this numerology reading method.
It is done because both numerology and tarot cards have a figure of 22. Twenty-two letters and twenty-two tarot cards.

The interpretation of the numerical values and kabbalah numerology numbers:

A = 6
B = 12
C = 18
D = 24
E = 30
F = 36
G = 42
H = 48
I = 54
J = 60
K = 66
L = 72
M = 78
N = 84
O = 90
P = 96
Q = 102
R = 108
S = 114
T = 120
U = 126
V = 132
W = 138
X = 144
Y = 150
Z = 156

Chaldean Numerology

Chaldean Numerology

Chaldean numerology is also believed to have originated from Astrology. This is because they both run along the same lines. They are also thought to have unique vibrations.

Chaldean Numerology states that a single digit is the personality number. Double-digit is said to reveal hidden personality traits and strengths and weaknesses.

It is missing the number 9. This is because they hold it very sacred in Chaldean numerology. It is compared to infinity. All the other letters have this interpretation:

1 = a, q, y, i, j
2 = b, r, k
3 = g, c, l, s
4 = d, m, t
5 = e, h, n, x
6 = u, v, w
7 = o, z
8 = f, p

Numerology Number Interpretations

A numerology reading entails a great deal of math. Different numbers and combinations of numbers can convey different meanings in these calculations, which can go into several layers of depth.

Even a simple reading based on your core numbers might provide much information.

In the same way that numbers are endless, a person’s numerology chart can be read from various angles as an ongoing effort.

This is an excellent introduction for novices and those who wish to go deeper into the subject.

They explain how, starting with your name and date of birth, your free numerology chart will inform you about yourself and help you find direction in your life and well-being by combining your life path number, birthday number, and other factors.

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Your Soul Urge Number

Your Soul Urge Number

Your Soul Desire number is often called your soul’s number in numerology. It can signify a reflection of self and your true self. For example, your heart numbers will indicate if you want the power to be there.

You might have that need to feel loved or appreciated, or you might need to change that whole direction of life to find true happiness. The calculation is similar to others using your full birth name.

You can only adjust the vowels to reveal your ego or desire. The most exciting part is about the soul craving. The truth is that if the numbers are accurate, then it often reveals the truth to those who only know from that particular book.

Your life path number

Your life path number

In Numerology, your life path number is your greatest number. This provides the basis for the paths we have to live. We can choose your journey now. It should reflect who you are in your personality.

It also describes any opportunities or challenges you might face and any lessons you must learn along the way.
The calculation is done when you multiply the numbers in your full date of birth by another number. Each number has a different meaning based on what they say about your life.

Your Expression Number

Your Expression Number

Also called the destiny number, the expression number is helpful for a deeper understanding of personal goals, realizing abilities, and even heart desires.

Using the Pythagorean table, transform your FULL birth name (including any middle names) into numbers to get your expression numbers. A letter is associated with a single-digit number in this sort of graph.

The whole sum is then reduced to a single-digit integer. The master number applies to your destiny number once more, and the number is not reduced any further.


Astrology has been around for a very long time now. On the one hand, Numerology has only numbers, whereas astrology has only consonants and is more tied to other planets.

Even in the present-day, accurate numerology comes under occult practices. Two numerology readings might differ, but two astrology readings are almost identical.

Which is a more Accurate Reading, Astrology or Numerology

It depends. It depends on factors like who you are getting it from, where you are getting it, and also when. This might sound odd, but numerology relies on the time period and date of birth.

These factors are very essential for an accurate reading; science is yet to very the accuracy of the vibrations and their effect on us. Both of the readings have one fundamental belief, vibrations.

Numerology accuracy depends on the vibration from the numbers, whereas astrology reading depends on the vibration from the planets. For deeper insights, I suggest getting them both.

Factors on which Numerology and astrology are dependent

You should keep many factors in mind while getting a numerology report. Things like human interaction and certain circumstances also matter in astrology.

Any good guide will tell you that the meaning of both readings is essentially the same. But it changes from person to person. The human psyche wants to trust what has worked out for the majority.

Astrology emerges as the clear winner here, as this divinity has been practiced since the dawn of time itself. There are cultures that say that numerology is derived from astrology.

Numerology is also similar to tarot reading on many levels. The example of which I have given above. I believe that the readings depend more on the person who takes them than others.

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Scientific Explanation About Numerology

Vibrations are also known as the energy released by an object or source in science. Light, electricity, and string instruments, for example, can all emit energy patterns that humans detect as vibrations.

Regarding stringed instruments, Pythagoras himself recognized a connection between musical notes and numbers. He asked the question, why wouldn’t the same logic apply to our life if this relationship could be broken down mathematically?

If you’re new to Numerology, you might ask if any numbers seem unusually significant or ‘wrong.’ Recognizing the vibrations of numbers is the same as recognizing their effect on you.

A number with a lot of meaning for you could have a lot of energy waiting to bring positivity to you.

Final Word Of Advice

Remember that the reading and their meanings change from person to person. Only trust websites that have a registered trademark. Also, ensure that you have completed your research before investing your money.

Q: How accurate is Numerology?

A: Numerology Accuracy is dependent on many factors. Where you are getting it done, and from who. Trusted sites like Path Forward only hire the best experts that know what they are doing.

The ratings and reviews show that the site is completely trustworthy. You can also keep a few things in mind when getting numerology. See how much you resonate with the reading.

The heart’s desire number should reveal how you feel about certain things. If you think that the reading doesn’t match you, just get in touch with customer service.

They will transfer you to another better numerologist or refund your money. This is their 100% satisfaction of peace of mind. This ensures that the customers only get what they have asked for.

Path Forward also provides interesting introductory offers, like only $0.83 per minute for the first 30 minutes. This way, you know you are already getting the best service when a trustworthy site gives you all the offers.

On top of this, they also provide 3 minutes free. All such offers guarantee the accuracy of a numerology reading. Even I had a very satisfactory experience.

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