Oranum review : Everything you should know before booking

There are psychics on Oranum who aim to provide readings that bring comfort in matters of love, work, home, and family. This Oranum review aims to show if the price you pay is worth the quality you receive.

For new users, Oracle offers free reading of 10 minutes.

However, you must stop the reading before the 10 minutes are up if you want the reading to be free, or you may have to pay for extra minutes.

What is the Oranum system?

Oranum.com is easy to use, and registering is free. In addition, registration does not require a credit card.

Before attaching a payment option, users can look around the site and make sure they can find what they are looking for.

When you link a valid credit card, you’ll get $9.99 in free credits on Oranum. In addition, as soon as your account is activated, you can view the regular free chat sessions conducted by Oranum.

If you do not wish to create an account before viewing live sessions and joining the related chat sessions, you can view them as a guest.

Live sessions are only available to psychics. Observing and conversing with them is therefore comfortable.

You can filter Oranum’s psychics in several ways. As a result, you can select the kind of online psychic adviser you wish to work with. Then, after browsing through the categories, you can read about each psychic in their bio.

Giving feedback

Biographies include all the info you need about the adviser and feedback from those who used them. People can leave reviews, but psychics don’t have to make them public.

It’s a good indication that you should look for another psychic adviser if a psychic adviser doesn’t openly share video feed they’ve gotten from others.

Types of psychic readings on Oranum

Types of psychic readings on Oranum

There will certainly be a psychic reading for whatever you want on Oranum. 

The thirteen main categories of the site are then divided into subcategories.

As a result, your search for the ideal psychic is narrowed down even further. Oranum’s website has several popular categories.

Love and relationships

You can find horoscope interpretations and karmic love readings in this category. Love and relationship readings tend to be among the most popular psychic categories, so there are a lot of professionals available.

A Tarot Card

Subcategories are available within the Tarot card reading category. You can narrow down the types of readings you offer customers. For example, tarot readings vary from standard to something a little more unusual. You may also read rune cards or gypsy cards.

Interpretation of dreams

Look no further for more information on the meaning of your cherished dreams. Instead, consult a spiritual adviser for help interpreting your dreams.


Astrology-related options are plentiful on the website. Vedic, Indian, Western, and karmic horoscopes are also available, as well as Oranum horoscopes.

Reading the palms

It cannot be easy to locate someone online who can perform palm analysis properly. In addition, other psychic platforms cannot offer palm readings online since Oranum provides a video chat with counselors.

Spiritual Guides

A wide idea, spiritual guidance can signify different things to different people. To ensure you get the desired experience, you can read the biographies of spiritual counselors on Oranum.

Energized and ritualized

Unlike many other psychic websites, there are various spiritual healing subcategories on Oranum. The following are excellent choices if you are looking for a healing technique that focuses more on energy than psychics.

Families and home

Homes and families are important to people, so they want to know the future. 

Select a subcategory such as profession, mind, or body to refine your search within the category Home and Family.

All other readings.

If a person cannot locate what they are looking for in the aforementioned categories, psychics additionally provide readings in clairvoyance, Spiritual healing, numerology, and other fields.

Since the site provides so many services, it’s hard not to find the reading that you’re looking for.

Oranum’s application

Oranum’s application

An oranum app and website are available, as well as a psychic app.

Psychics can be browsed through the app using many categories and readings. It is available for free.

The best psychics can also be interacted with through the app. However, to access individual biographies, you’ll have to go to the website.


Compare Oranum’s pricing to other top-rated psychic platforms, and you’ll see it’s quite competitive.

Additionally, you will get an introductory offer of $9.99 in free credit once you sign up and confirm your credit card.

Private sessions can then be purchased using credit packages. You’ll get free additional credits when you buy any of the packages, ranging in price from $27.99 to $97.99.

You can begin chatting with online psychics as soon as you deposit credit into your account. After that, each consultant establishes their price per minute, ranging from $0.39 to $9.99.

Another benefit of this price is that it has an enforced ceiling of $9.99 per minute, so psychics can’t charge too much.

How do the Psychics on Oranum work?

Psychics are available on Oranum.com 24/7 in all time zones. A green dot appears next to the word ‘Live’ next to the thumbnail of online psychics.

A brief description, language, and area of expertise of each psychic are included below the image. In addition to English, some psychics speak one or more continental languages.

Oranum’s front page allows members to scroll up and down and filter results by popularity and topic.

Using the purple search menu on the left, you can filter psychic results by areas of expertise, like astrology and dream interpretation. The site features an additional pull-down search bar above the thumbnail table.

Needed answers to Those Hard-To-Answer Questions

Needed answers to Those Hard-To-Answer Questions

Many people feel happiness and bliss when they are in love. But meanwhile, they may also be experiencing pain and uncertainty.

You doubtless wonder a lot about whether you are in a relationship or hankering after a love connection. Do they love me back? Is our relationship meant to be?

Psychics ask these questions all the time. However, the psychics at Oranum are especially good at answering questions related to love, finances, and funerals.

My current relationship became clearer as I obtained more insight and clarity from each of their readings.

Interpretation of an Oranum dream

Throughout human history, people have been fascinated by the thoughts and images that cross their minds while they sleep. How do dreams affect your life, and what significance might they have for you?

The answer can be found through a process known as dream interpretation, during which dreams are assigned meaning.

There are hundreds of live psychics on hand at Oranum who can help you interpret your dreams with psychics.

Divination Methods of Oranum Psychics

Many readings are based on astrology, which predicts human affairs by observing celestial positions.

Psychics can predict your relationships and career prospects based on the position of the sun, moon, earth, and stars when you were born.

Astrological psychic readings are a good way to look into the future. Gaining new perspectives could give you opportunities in your personal and professional lives.

The astrology psychics at Oranum are always ready to provide entertaining and insightful readings.

Other readers at Oranum specialize in numerology, divination, tarot cards, and palm reading. Each category is subdivided.

Numerology covers specific areas such as birthdate analysis, date picking, and karmic numbers.

Evaluating the joining process

By providing their username, password, and email address, anyone can join Oranum for free.

It’s always a general idea to store your username and password in an oranum-safe place and pick secure but easy-to-remember alphanumeric combinations.

You can view the biographies of each psych reader if you are a basic member.

This information can help you get to know the psychic before you start video chatting with them. Get a good reading from this psychic if you upgrade to a premium membership.

Additionally, Oranum offers customer service chat. If you have inquiries about your membership, credits, or billing, you can contact customer care using the Get Credits box.

10 minutes of free buy credits

There is a free ten-minute chat with any psychic reader at Oranum.com. Additionally, buyers will receive 9.99 in free credits simply for signing up, according to Oranum evaluations.

Oranum offers new users the choice of hundreds of psychics and 10-minute personal readings.

If consumers want extra reading time per minute after the free credits run out, they can purchase more credits.

Video chats are used to conduct the readings.

Best Oranum psychics offers video chats as well. Your favorite psychic can be voted for, and you can write an Oranum review.

In Oranum’s site’s awards section, which is based on public votes, you can view the top live psychics. If you are new to the site, starting with a top psychic might be better.

Top five Oranum psychics

The top five Oranum psychics are:

Alycia Rose

Alycia Rose, the best-rated psychic on the site, has been on it for almost eight years. It is apparent from her bio page that her clients value her honesty.

According to her bio page, she charges $5.99 per minute with a Monday discount. Rosé is a Reiki healer, dreams interpreter, and clairvoyant.


Sensei takes second place in the psychic rankings. This is based on over 229 reviews. A clairvoyant and angel reader, according to his website, he receives inquiries on a variety of topics, including money, love, horoscopes, and life in general.


The Mediterranean psychic Nourevoyance has over 218 reviews and is rated 5 stars. In addition, his bio page includes many client testimonials demonstrating his readings’ accuracy.

In addition, potential clients can get a sense of his personality through his photographs.


Pull tarot cards, and love readings are two of Tgtarot’s specialties. In addition, users can view a wealth of free information and films on his website before scheduling a private consultation.

His freebies are few and far between compared to those offered by other psychics.

Mystic Milena

Psychic Milena provides precise answers about her customers’ lives and personal issues through spirit intervention.

You may want to start with a first session since there isn’t much information on her profile.

Consultation is free.

Psychic chat is free for new users. In addition, amazing psychics offer free consultations before paying for a reading. So a newcomer, or someone who isn’t sure what they want, can get a sense of what they’re getting before spending their money.

Services offered include:

Probably the most compelling feature of the platform, and with good reason! Experts on the platform can help you no matter what kind of psychic reading you need.

You should choose the right psychic reading since it is a personal and private experience.

Video readings for a personal connection

The fact that very few websites provide this service is a major plus! You might be able to have much deeper and more meaningful psychic readings if you’re able to see your advisor.

In addition, it allows Oranum to provide visual services such as a palm reading quickly.

Language diversity

Even if English isn’t your first language, you can still obtain a private reading from a psychic who speaks more than one language. We offer Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Japanese filtering options.

A list of the top 100 websites.

View the top 100 psychics on the platform’s Top 100 list and read their biographies. For a list of some of the best online oranum psychics online in the world, click on the “Top 100” button at the top of the page.

Get $9.99 in free credits when you go for oranum psychic login today!

As already mentioned, this is a great first offer, but it’s worth repeating. You can use these credits to choose the ideal psychic for your needs and make the most of your paid session.

Click here for profiles.

If you wish to find a psychic who is a good match for you, it is almost essential that you review the psychic’s biography. You must select a psychic with whom you click since readings are so personal and important.

Reading psychic ratings is very valuable when you find psychics who allow the public to do so. As a result, you can ensure you’re working with a reputable expert who has helped others before

Oranum’s shortcomings

The flaws in Oracle are no different from those in any other psychic website. However, despite their many positive attributes, they could improve in some areas. 

Oranum mobile readings are unavailable, disappointing for those who don’t feel comfortable appearing on camera or can’t participate in live stream sessions.

Secondly, although the platform screens the individual psychics on its site, they do not offer a satisfaction guarantee, so if your experience is unsatisfactory, you will have no recourse.

Is Oranum reliable?

Is Oranum reliable

If you seek spiritual guidance in love, career, family, finances, and other aspects of your life, then Oranum is a reputable psychic source.

Customers can choose between several spiritual advisors. Before committing to a private psychic reading, one can browse through a comprehensive filtering system and test out a live psychic reading.

In addition, video chat lets you see the person you are chatting with, optimizing your sessions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Oranum: What is it?

Oranum, an online psychic network, offers live psychic angel readings. With this service, you may hear and see the psychic via webcam for a more individualized tarot reading.

Is the psychic service oranum legit?

Oranum’s website, which has been in operation for more than 8 years, is made to protect users from fraudulent accounts and phoney California psychics.
Furthermore, their website allows people to test out psychic advisors before purchasing anything.

What kind of customer service does Oranum offer?

The website has a live chat option. Additionally, we provide 24/7 customer service. In order to contact support, go to the Get Credits page and click the Contact Support link.

How do Private Readings work?

You can ask the psychic to do a private chat reading with just you and the psychic. Credits must be purchased first.
After choosing the “get credits” option, enter your credit card information, the package you want to purchase, and then choose “get credits.” Oranum reviews suggest checking out the psychic’s free live page before booking a private session.

Is it safe to take Oranum?

The psychics on Oranum’s website are all tested before they are approved. In addition, they have been in business for 8 years, which adds to their legitimacy.
In addition, clients can browse all psychic profiles before starting a paid live session, allowing them to learn about the psychic’s gifts, experience, and past oranum customer reviews.


It’s free to access live psychics on Oranum, something you won’t find on most other sites if you’re new to online psychic readings. 

You must register to rate different psychics.

Suppose you’re seeking a new psychic reading site and have more experience receiving online psychic readings. In that case, Oranum may be able to satiate your curiosity regarding specialized and specialized reading categories.

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