What Is Psychometry? How to read objects(2023)

Not long ago, I came across this old apothecary table, which I knew for sure had a rich history, but I couldn’t figure it out. Then someone told me about psychometry. My life has never been the same since.

Psychics worldwide have used their psychic gifts to read an object’s past. It blew me how this phenomenon could transcend even the human mind and tell me about the previous owners.

What are psychometry and its origin?


A brief history about what is psychometry and its origin

James or Joseph Rhodes Buchanan is one of the first to experiment with psychometry. His theorist ruled that there would be no “soul” in the universe.

William F. Denton conducted experiments to see whether the use of his geological samples was helpful for psychometry.

He enlisted the help of his sister Ann Denton Cridge who placed a package around her forehead and could accurately describe the specimens received from her head using vivid memories. This confirmed the presence of some energies emanating from the object.

German medical doctor and psychic researcher Gustav Pagenstecher discovered psychometric ability in one patient.

A psychometrist can listen to the experiential vibrations. Buchanan’s work led to the invention of the term psychometry and said it was the exact science of seeing the mental fossils of an object. He proved that his theorists were wrong about their ruling.

Psychometry means that the objects have a soul, and it is measurable. With every touch, every user imprints themselves on the object, and then psychics with psychometric abilities can tell them to us.

How does Psychometry work?

Psychometrist uses their psychic ability to read the energy that originates from the object. The psychic can then tell us about the object’s past and present.

The Psychic may also see mental images of the person connected with the object.

This can happen to you, too when you come across something that has been previously owned. The power that shared objects carry can be very overwhelming at times.

This is because the auras emanated by the object are too strong. You should steer clear of objects that have an evil paranormal past.

Does Psychometry require Psychic Abilities or Psychic gifts?

Does Psychometry require Psychic Abilities or Psychic gifts

This Derived form of telepathy art does not require you to have a psychic ability. It only requires the will and sense to understand what something is trying to communicate.

How can I do Psychometry?

How can I do Psychometry

Often you can sense or might have noticed that a certain object radiates energy. You don’t even need an extraordinary vision or have the supposed ability of psychics.

How to do Psychometry a step-by-step guide:

  • You have to park your consciousness and any knowledge you think is irrelevant out of the room. Sometimes even emotions can cause conflict. Hence a peaceful mind is important.
  • Sit in a place that you think best suits the object and gives you better insight. Having your eyes closed might give you better vision.
  • I know the next part might be a little difficult, but with practice, you can master that too. It involves resting and clearing your mind until you attain a trance-like state.
  • Once you do that, try and contact the energies and the person associated with the object. Either keep hold of the object or be in contact with it.
  • Start with asking questions. Ask about the history, the events, and how the object has led itself to you. I usually reserve such questions for the beginning of my reading.
  • At this point, you can start drawing impressions. You might even get an insight into full events or visions about the object. Every impression is very important as it means something.

Get a psychometry reading online:

Get a psychometry reading online

Psychometry reading online might sound absurd. But I have tried them many times, and they work wonders. The best site I found and suggest to my close ones for Psychometry is Kasamba.

They have a reserved, rich collection of psychics that use their derived forms of abilities to read the energy of inanimate things. It might be difficult for you to find them, as they aren’t listed on the regular menu.

Just click here to find your best match for psychometry without any hassle.

You can also search for Psychometry in the search bar on the homepage of Kasmaba. From there, you can choose based on their ratings, price, and years of practice.

The person on the website won’t be able to touch or hold the object, but you can send them the image of the same through email or chat function.

Most online psychics use a crystal ball to read into the image. This gives them better impressions and also lets them measure the intensity of energy emanated.

Final Word Of Advice:

Psychometry is a form of art that deals with the subject of reading inanimate things. It may be regarded as one of the derived forms of scrying.

Psychometry can never tell the future. It can only tell of the past feelings associated with the item. It may vary from person to person and their grasping of the impressions.

Do not hesitate to seek professional advice when you think an object radiates immense energy but cannot read it.

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