Who cheats more men or women IN 2023? 7 Things you must KNOW

Cheating is pretty common in marriages and relationships in 2023. With the advancement in information technology and the internet, there are more and more opportunities for people to cheat on their partners.

Cheating is getting worse by the day, and statistics show this. But what do the statistics say about what gender cheats more in 2023?

Regarding which gender cheats more in 2023, you have to consider men’s and women’s infidelity statistics. It is also essential to consider the sexual revolution that has occurred over the years. 

Who Cheats More in 2022 Men or Women

What is cheating?


Before diving into who cheats more between men and women, let us first understand what we mean by cheating. It can be defined as an unfaithful action that betrays your partner’s trust.

Most people believe that cheating begins long before any sexual activity takes place. It could be in the form of flirting, kissing, sex, or even sexting someone else.

However, the main categories of cheating are sexual and emotional cheating.

The truth is, when someone cheats on their partner, they are looking for more than just sex. While they definitely want some good sex, most cheat people also look for approval, kindness, security, or just someone to talk to.

In other words, they are looking for someone more supportive than their partner. It is not so much that they want something new but something different.  

In the following sections, we will look closely at cheating statistics 2023- how common cheating is, who cheats more and why. 

Who cheats more, men or women?

Who cheats more, men or women

You might be wondering who cheats more, male or female 2023. Obviously, both men and women cheat. However, Statistics show that men will cheat more than women cheat in 2023.

One study by IFStudies.org found that 20% of married men had cheated on their wives, while only 13% of women cheated on their husbands. 

According to research on who cheats more in 2023, things have not changed much over the last several decades. However, statistics show that in the last 20 years, the infidelity rate of women cheating has increased by 20%, while it has remained steady among men.

This is despite the fact that the number of cheating men remains significantly higher than that of cheating women. 

Generally, men cheat more than women in 2023. This is especially the case with married men who earn less than 70% of the combined family revenue. Research shows that cheating is even more common in married men who require financial support from the government.

There are more incidences of these men getting caught cheating than their counterparts who are financially stable. 

Some key cheating statistics 2023

Cheating is one of the most common causes of concern in many relationships. Whether or not it happens, most couples have an underlying fear that their partner might cheat on them at one point or another. This fear is common among married women. Here are some of the infidelity statistics for 2023.

It is fair to say that men have been considered the greater cheaters since the dawn of time. Before we can look at more of how and why men cheat more than women, let us see statistically who cheats more in 2023.

  • 70% of all married women or men cheated at least once in their marital life.
  • The age group that showed the highest rates of unfaithfulness to their partners is that of men between the ages of 51-59 years.
  • There is no difference in the rate of unfaithful behavior between people with a college education and those who have not attended college
  • About 25% of extramarital sex affairs only last for a week while more than 65% of these sexual behaviors end within six months.
  • 40% of unmarried people and 25% of marriages have at least an incidence of sexual infidelity

What do these statistics tell us about which gender cheats more in 2023

It is obvious from these infidelity statistics that sexual infidelity is more commonplace than we might like to admit. According to these statistics, it is fair to say that sexual behavior is more of the norm than the exception. It is also clear who cheats more from these statistics. 

Reasons why men cheat more than married women

Reasons why men cheat more than married women

According to infidelity statistics 2023, the rate of infidelity among men of all ages is more than that of women of all ages. 

There are many possible reasons why men tend to exhibit unfaithful behavior more than women. For one, men mostly work outside the home and this generally exposes them to more sexual opportunities and gives them easier access to potential partners than women.

Are men cheating the leading cause of divorce in 2023?

Now that we know that men are the ones who are mostly cheating in relationships, it is also unfortunate to note that this is currently the leading cause of divorce in long-term relationships.

There are married couples separating at any stage of their marital life. In fact, this is an emotional connection, and age has nothing to do with it. 

What can professionals tell us about who is more likely to cheat in 2023

Sure, you can tell a lot about who is more likely to cheat in a relationship 2023 based on their profession. According to various studies, the men and women who are not less likely to cheat are traders, entrepreneurs, and medical professionals. 

Career has an impact on cheating and trend data shows that people who are completely dependent on their partners for financial support are more likely to cheat. This means that people who are in low-paying jobs or are not working at all are much more likely to cheat on their partners. 

There is also a connection between intelligence levels and infidelity, especially when it comes to men. You will find that men with high IQ are less likely to cheat.

On the other hand, people who go on business trips are more likely to cheat on their partners. This is the case for both men and women. 

Common reasons for infidelity in 2023

Common reasons for infidelity in 2022

Now that we know who cheats most in a relationship in 2023, it is time to explore some of the most common reasons for sexual infidelity. 

First, even regardless of which gender cheats more, the reasons for the infidelity, forms of this infidelity, and the consequences that result when one is caught vary greatly.

It is obvious that only the cheater knows what is going on in their mind and underpants when they or think of cheating. However, there are some gender differences in the motivation to cheat between men and women in 2023. 

The common reasons that most people assume the result of infidelity are that the other partner is not happy is unsatisfied or is having some other problems in the relationship. However, in most circumstances, the truth is usually more complicated than that. 

According to a survey conducted recently, the main reason that women reported cheating is that their partners do not pay enough attention to them, and the least important reason was that they were bored in their relationship or were looking for a way to feel sexier.

Many women also raise emotional infidelity reasons as a reason for seeking sex outside of their marriage.

On the other hand, the main reason why men cheat is that they find the person they are cheating on their partner with to be hot and the least important reason was the fact that their partner was no longer paying attention to them. 

Emotional cheating in 2023

Emotional cheating is the case where a man or woman spends intimate time having deep emotional infidelity or personal conversations with someone else other than their partner even if it does not involve physical sex.

Basically, emotional cheating entails cultivating a nonsexual intimacy with someone else in a way that undermines your relationship.

More women than men would be upset to find out that their partners are cheating on them emotionally, even though this form of cheating is more prevalent in women than it is in men. So as far as emotional cheating is concerned, if you are wondering who cheat more 2023, it is the women. 

Emotional cheating is quite common in 2023, especially among women. Unfortunately, sometimes it is hard to separate emotional cheating from the close relationships that one has outside their romantic relationship.

Emotional cheating is usually indicative that something else is not going on well with the relationship and is not usually the only issue in the relationship.

Some of the most common signs of emotional cheating include;

  • Confiding in the other person more than in your partner
  • Not valuing time with your partner in the same way as with that other person
  • Turning to the other person when you fight with your partner
  • Meeting and speaking with the other person more than you do with your partner
  • Treating the other person like a lover with your words and actions

Other factors that influence cheating

Other factors that influence cheating

Besides gender, there are several other demographic factors that influence cheating including;

1. Age

Age is a factor worth consideration since the gap between men and women cheaters greatly varies with age. 

Cheating in both women and men increased during the middle ages. It is also important to note that as far as age is concerned, cheating in both men and women follows the same pattern. Also, as expected, older men and women do not cheat as much as younger people. 

2. Race

Race is another demographic factor that has an influence on how much men and women cheat. You will find that the highest prevalence of cheating happens among black adults. 

3. Education

Over the years, higher education has been associated with low instances of cheating. However, recent research has shown this to be false. Instead, researchers have concluded that there is no relationship between the level of education and the chances of cheating.

4. Religion/beliefs

Faithfulness to one’s beliefs has also been shown to have an impact on cheating behavior. Studies show that people who attend church once or less a year are more likely to betray their partners than people who attend church several times a year. 

5. Family background

Being brought up in a divorced or non-divorced family also has an impact on people’s cheating behavior. People who grow up in intact families are less likely to cheat when compared to people who are brought up in divorced families. 

Do cheaters cheat again

Just as studies on do women or men cheat more 2023, research has been done on those people who actually cheat. Results show that folks who cheat on their partners are very likely to cheat again. Some of the reasons why people often become serial cheaters are as follows:

  • Failure to address the underlying issue caused them to cheat in the first place
  • Lack of guilt or remorse about their actions
  • Thinking that they can cheat again and get away with it
  • Assuming that their partner doesn’t care about them

Can a relationship work after cheating

Mostly, the cheating partner gets caught at some point. What happens after they are caught? Well, this depends on the couple and their specific circumstances.

Some people will decide to work on their relationship after finding out that their partners are cheating on them while some will decide to end the emotional relationship.

How to heal after you find out that your partner is cheating

How to heal after you find out that your partner is cheating

There are many things that you can do to start the healing process and get your life back on track. 

First, you need to separate yourself from the situation and the jealousy that comes along with it. It is also advisable that you seek professional advice, go for therapy, or talk to a friend or family member that you trust about the situation.

The other things that will help you get on track are focusing on the things that you love, doing things in a way that makes your routine feel different, and generally keeping yourself busy with things that make you happy.


In conclusion, now that we understand do men or women cheat more in 2023, it is important to note that cheating is fairly commonplace in 2023. This is even though the people who cheat feel guilty and regret what they do to their partners. Even the biggest cheaters feel remorse.

A study published showed that almost all cheating affairs ended immediately and rarely does one end up with the person that they are cheating on their partner.

Unfortunately, based on cheating studies in 2023, this behavior is not going away any time soon. 

Q: Who are the most unfaithful men or women?

A: Though it isn’t carved in stone, men are more unfaithful than women. They are also leading the unfaithful list in married and non-married relationships.

Q: What percentage of married men cheat?

A: According to my personal studies and research, about 29% of married men cheat on their partners. But it is dependent on many factors. Swipe up and read more about the factors and how you can save yourself from being cheated on.

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