Were You Reincarnated; Who You Were in a Past Life? (2023)

Do you know about Reincarnation? Reincarnation is not as complex as it sounds. The immortal soul continues to pass through a reincarnation cycle, and you can have more than one past life. If you want to recall your past lives, you do not have to be a psychic. For example, Jainism attributes supreme importance to Karma and purity of thoughts to freedom from reincarnation. Thus, reincarnation is incorporated in most of our religious beliefs and our own personal Karma. Reincarnation forms the central and fundamental part of many religions.

Reincarnation-Its beliefs and one’s personal destiny


You do not have to be enlightened if you want to learn about your reincarnation and multiple lives. However, you must first understand and accept that the soul transmigrates to appreciate your future incarnations and your previous incarnation.

When the soul transmigrates, it is called reincarnation. American Christians believed in reincarnation and accepted reincarnation as a path to their own salvation.

If you believe that your personal destiny is intertwined with reincarnation, you must think that your soul transmigrates. When your soul transmigrates, it leaves worn-out bodies and takes on new bodies. But it retains some of the memories that direct moral behavior.

Therefore the sins committed in previous lives can result in bad Karma. You need to seek forgiveness even for sins committed in previous lives so that you do not take up different reincarnations in subsequent births. Your destiny and your own predicament can depend on the reincarnation belief that you have.

Reincarnation and the physical form

Know about Reincarnation and the physical form

If you believe in reincarnation and want to do a past life recall, you must first understand that the human soul is like the bridge between the previous life and the present life. Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism say that your acts in a previous life will leave their mark on your soul.

The life forms that you will be born into in your next birth will be decided by your Karma. Reincarnation into the animal and vegetable world indicates bad Karma and violent deeds, while compassion, faith, and pure thinking in the previous lives. A human birth necessitates good Karma.

Rebirth necessarily implies that you have done good deeds in your past lives.

Reincarnation and previous existences

Know about Reincarnation and about previous existences

Reincarnation and professed reincarnation can be in the form of repetitive dreams form where a subject appears repetitively. In classic medieval canon, you can consider this as a conclusive indication of reincarnation and recalling past lives. In reincarnation beliefs, if human souls had any unfinished business, it would appear as repetitive dreams in subsequent births. If you have similar dreams and believe in such gnostic beliefs, you can consider this an indication of reincarnation. The other gnostic beliefs also eaches reincarnation through the repetition of dreams. If you have a recurring dream that teaches reincarnation or strengthens your reincarnation beliefs, then you can consider that you had a past life.

Christian metempsychosis: Reincarnation through memories

Christian metempsychosis

Certain religious faiths speak of memories being out of place, especially in young children. The souls bound by the deeds done by the physical body are destined to go to heaven or hell. But the five sense organs can sense things that even modern science cannot understand. Children can realize dangers; they speak of hell beings and reincarnation beliefs without fully understanding the Christian doctrine. To them, Karma is something direct. They often appreciate reincarnation through memories that they have of their past lives. Philosophical traditions do not dictate their thoughts. If you can access your memories and feel that your soul has discarded the bodies in previous births like worn-out garments and taken this new body and new life, then you can be sure of your reincarnation.

Reincarnation and the human spirit

Know about Reincarnation and the human spirit

When you think of philosophical concepts and the human spirit, you will find that major religions try to bring these notions together into a new mystical articulation. For example, there are four corresponding realms of living beings in the Jain faith, and depending upon your Karma, your soul will take a new body in the subsequent reincarnation. In the true sense, your Karma, your vows lead to a new body in the latest reincarnation. Thus, you can understand the states of existence by gaining access to your human spirit.

Although the major Christian denominations reject the different forms of reincarnation, followers of certain Christian sects believe in reincarnation. The followers of the gnostic traditions are believers in reincarnations of different forms. They, too, believe in past lives and reincarnation. Specific Jewish mystical texts also speak of the soul cycle, which is also an indication of reincarnation.

Know about Reincarnation and religious beliefs

Unlike Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism, mainstream Judaism and Christianity do not accept reincarnation. These religions reject karma forms and believe that Karma has any role in what you will be born as. But reincarnation is a matter of personal faith and belief. If you want to understand whether you have been born again, you need to create a connection with your soul. Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism teach that good Karma, and humble character result in reincarnation as a human soul. You cannot be born with the same body, but you can be born human. In the modern era, this can seem impossible, but you can learn about reincarnation and your past life by understanding your inner self.

Reincarnation indications

If you have a sense of precognition, which is you have a sense of what will happen in the future, then chances are there that you have undergone reincarnation. This is because you had an experience that achieved maturation in the present birth in the past life. It sounds impossible, but it can happen, and it is like soul energy running through you. It is similar to a feeling of deja vu. But with an indication of what will happen in the future.

Similarly, if you have a strong sense of empathy, you can directly feel what others are going through. Again, this is something that you learned in your past lives. These are all indications of your reincarnation.

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