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    About Me

    Emily Newman

    I am Emily Newman. I am a psychic reader, spiritual healer, counselor, and astrologer with 10 years of experience. This blend of my abilities and skills provides me a perspective to listen and guide you, understand the messages, and take pride in sharing these messages with you in a lovely and straightforward way, ultimately helping you move your life forward.

    About Me

    Michelle Shivers

    Hi! I’m Michelle Shivers, a Licensed Family and Marriage Therapist with 8+ years of experience in dealing with the interpersonal problems of thousands of families, couples, and individuals.I believe most of our happiness and life moments revolve around our relationships, families, and people we love the most. And, if our relationship is not well and good or toxic, it starts haunting us.

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    I have been facing lots of issues in my life. I was looking for the best psychic reading website where I could find a solution to my problem! Due to this site, I have found peace in my life!

    -Rita Brown

    Happy Happy happy! I love her writing style. Whatever the topic is, she is just genius and shares honest reviews about all the psychic and tarot card reading sites!

    -Mia Fridge

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