9 Easy Steps to Master Telekinesis in 2023

There might be a lot of telekinesis training help that people are offering on the internet. But how do you master telekinesis powers? I have the answer to that question. Just follow my step-by-step guide.

The first step in telekinesis training is to believe in one’s telekinetic abilities. Next, you will need a seasoned meditation teacher to help you perform telekinesis.

Finally, you will have to believe in your psychic power to move objects to unlock your ability to do telekinesis. Aspiring telekinesis practitioners need to have a sense of spiritual inquiry and understand their own limits before successfully doing telekinesis.

To help you further, I have added a video tutorial filmed specifically to master this art. Find it at the end of this blog and become an expert yourself.

The step-by-step methods to follow to master the art of telekinesis are as follows:

1) To master Telekinesis, you need to decide on the object that you want to move.


To master Telekinesis you need to decide on the object that you want to move.

You first need to train your subconscious mind to concentrate on the object you want to move. Thus, the first step in telekinesis training is to select a movable object.

Next, you must think of a telekinesis training method to help you become self-empowering. You can choose a theoretical book or watch video tutorials to help you learn telekinesis. It will lead you on a revelatory path. But before you can achieve all of these, you will have to select an object enclosed and separated from the rest of the world.

2) Learn to concentrate on unlocking your psychic powers to master Telekinesis

Learn to concentrate on unlocking your psychic powers to master Telekinesis

The second step to telekinesis training is to unlock your psychic powers. Your psychic ability is what will help you with moving objects. But moving objects comes when you practice telekinesis under a seasoned meditation teacher. One of the telekinesis training methods would be to go to a secular meditation center to teach you to concentrate.

In a secular meditation center, you learn telekinesis by concentration and start practicing telekinesis under the guidance of a teacher. While practicing telekinesis, attention is self-empowering, and you can move objects with your mind.

3) Visualize the personal goals and energy needed to master Telekinesis

Visualize the personal goals and energy to master Telekinesis

An essential part of telekinesis is not just moving matters but self-help. First, it is necessary to understand your personal goals and what you want to achieve through telekinesis.

Self-help will aid in creating the energy required for remote viewing and even the early incidents of out-of-body experience. The incredibly potent methods of meditation and concentration can help you make the same energy necessary for moving matter as for remote viewing.

4) Becoming one with the object

For meditation students and aspiring telekinesis practitioners, watching video tutorials filmed specifically that teach meditation to develop telekinesis. By video tutorials explicitly filmed for a few hours every day and reading the power of intention books, you can learn how to become one with the object you want to move.

The power of intention books is only the beginning as it teaches meditation, but the ability taught has many traditions. Among the many rules, one is to consider the object enclosed and removed from the world.

5) Applying your training manual for meditation

Applying your training manual of meditation

When you plan on applying what you learned from the training manual, you need to get into a comfortable position before starting to concentrate. Telekinesis involves metaphysical applications, and meditation unlocks the abilities. It makes immediately observable once you can focus and meditate.

But it would be best if you cleared your mind of any thought. So the step-by-step method would be to clear your mind and concentrate on the object you want to move. Sean Mcnamara insists that an individual’s unique development is related to the telekinesis method he uses. Know how to open the third eye.

6) Applying the lucid dreaming method

Applying the lucid dreaming method

One of the ways that you know that your telekinesis is working is lucid dreaming. An out-of-body experience often found in lucid dreaming is also energy healing. If you feel tired, energy healing is an incredibly potent method to feel energized. One of the telekinesis methods is the revelatory path to overcome persistent fear.

Sean Mcnamara mentions some of the early incidents of an individual’s unique development. To learn how the mind affects lucid dreaming, he understood that meditation was the long-sought answer to his questions. When eventually applied, only meditation makes immediately observable human performance and mind effects.

7) Continuing with personal development

Continuing with personal development

When you decide to learn telekinesis, you must continue on your path of personal development. Your limits teach telekinesis applications, and then you can develop a training system that can help you overcome these. There are several dogmatic qualities found in vision boards teaching telekinesis.

But your limit teaches you to identify the dogmatic qualities and overcome traditions eventually. Overcoming traditions is eventually necessary to conquer persistent fear that will prevent you from realizing your telekinetic abilities.

When eventually applied, Telekinesis can even help you with self-improvement, understand your own limits, aid in self-preservation, and even help you identify an ability you long sought in yourself.

8) Telekinesis as a continuous process

Telekinesis as a continuous process

Learning telekinesis is only the beginning, and the limits teach that there are avenues to be explored. You can develop a training system beyond a vision board and improve your human performance. You can overcome several dogmatic qualities found in you that you might have incorporated unknowingly.

These qualities can be a hindrance in the path to telekinesis. Telekinesis is a continuous process and something that you need to do for self-preservation. You have to learn to concentrate and meditate. Telekinesis is a constant process, and chances are there that you will get tired.

Thus when you do telekinesis, it is essential that you rest and then get back to it as it is a continuous process.

9) Telekinesis training method with the help of meditation

Telekinesis training method with the help of meditation

Among the spiritual traditions, telekinesis is an ability taught the same way a teacher teaches a student. A Buddhist practitioner will tell you that telekinesis is a spiritual inquiry and involves spiritual growth.

It is like lucid dreaming. A Buddhist practitioner will tell you that spiritual tradition and spiritual growth out of body experience are given more importance.

According to author Sean Mcnamara, telekinesis can have metaphysical applications. You cannot learn these metaphysical applications from a theoretical book or video tutorials, but according to author Sean Mcnamara, it is one of the potent methods of self-improvement.

Final Word of Advice on Telekinesis training

The art of Telekinesis training has been going around for centuries, and there isn’t much development that has happened in the past few years. The only thing that remains common is the persistence you must put in with your efforts.

Sometimes people give up when they are the closest to achieving their powers. Telekinesis is all about the determination you can give to ensure things work. And believe me. It tests you a lot. In fact, watch this video to see how you can master your abilities.


Q: Is telekinesis real?

A: Yes, telekinesis is very real. It has been going around for centuries, and there is documented proof of it. But when you ask the question scientifically, science is yet to discover the correct way to answer this question.

Q: Can I learn Telekinesis?

A: Learning telekinesis is a very simple task. You just have to be willing to dedicate your time and efforts to learn and master this art. But ultimately, it depends on how much dedication you have and your focus as well. With that, you can also achieve this power in a very short duration.

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