How to open your third eye Quickly? – 8 Simple Steps that WORKS

Have you ever wished to develop your Sixth Sense or Intuition?

It is worth the effort.

One of the most effective ways is by opening the third eye, or the “Ajna Chakra.”

However, having the ability to do it is in no way easy. But neither is it impossible.

To do it, you need consistent effort, practice, and dedication.

I have provided some efficient and step-by-step processes that would enable you to open your third eye actively. But before we set to do the same, let us understand what exactly is the “Third Eye.” or the Pineal gland.

To help you more, I have added a Video Link. Use this sound along with the steps mentioned below, and you will see great results in no time! I know this because I use this sound myself, and it really opens the third eye.

What is the Third Eye?


What is the Third Eye

Also known as the “Ajna Chakra,” the Christ center and, more commonly known as the Third Eye, is the first chakra located at the point between our eyebrows. The third eye chakra (pineal gland) is the entryway to the ultimate states of divine consciousness and a clear path. It is also called the spiritual eye.

The Relevance of Chakras

The Relevance of Chakras

The literal meaning of the term “Chakra” is spinning wheel. As per views in Yoga, the human body has seven chakras. Putting it in, these mean the energy of the chakra system centers of our body.

To a large extent, they determine the well-being of our life, our whole body, and how we perceive reality. The third eye chakra is the Sixth Chakra in the human body amongst the other chakras. As already mentioned earlier, the location of this energy center is at the point between the eyebrows.

It is through this center that we perceive reality. The ancient saints of India believe that by concentrating intensely or through third-eye meditation, we can develop wisdom and intuition. Plus, it can deepen our spiritual connection with the divine. The third eye chakra, in other words, is linked to the Pineal gland. This gives you full power.

Why try to open the Third Eye?

Why try to open the Third Eye

Before you embark on the process of opening the third eye linked to the Pineal gland, you must realize the tremendous benefits that are associated with it. The third eye-opening of the third eye chakra could bring about an enhancement in the following:

  • The clarity for opening your third eye.
  • Concentration.
  • Intuition.
  • Spiritual Perception for opening your third eye.
  • Universal Connection.
  • Imagination for opening your third eye.

So, once you can open the third eye, you will gain insights into all of the above third eye awakening. On the other hand, if the third eye chakra is blocked, it could draw negative energy.

This might lead to confusion, uncertainty, pessimism, lack of purpose, and even insomnia. Thus, trying to open your third eye is well worth the effort. Let us see how to go about with it in your life.

Pay attention here as it relates to the third eye:

Step 1: Locating your Third Eye Chakra

The process must begin with you sensing the exact location of the third eye chakra. The third eye opening is located at the center between the eyebrows.

Step 2: Find an ideal location for Meditation.

The involvement of the third eye for the third eye chakra is located in the Pineal gland, which is a spiritual practice. It is because of this that you need a serene location that is ideal for meditation practice.

By sitting in a calm place, you’ll find it easy to turn off the senses and concentrate on interiorizing your mind. It is an essential step for the entire process, which leads to spiritual awakening.

Step 3: Sit in the Right Posture

Opening the third eye (Pineal gland) for the third eye chakra is a spiritual process. It requires patience, as you are supposed to sit motionless over long periods. For this, one of the fundamentals of any successful yogic practice for the body is sitting in the correct posture.

It would help if you sat in a posture with your spine straight. Both your body and mind must be perfectly relaxed.

Imagine yourself in complete darkness in the world. Since all the chakras are located in the spine, and a lot of spiritual activity happens, it should be straight. At the same time, you must be comfortable to ensure that you can sit comfortably in the same position over long periods for mental clarity.

This opens up your creative side and focus. It also prevents third-eye chakra blockage and opens your third eye or the pituitary gland. Avoid sitting in a child’s pose, though.

Step 4: Have a meditation object that would aid your Meditation

Particular objects like incense sticks and candles serve as an aid to Meditation. Therefore, you can take the help of these objects to aid your meditation process. So, practice meditation sincerely to open your third eye.

Walking meditation is also useful. Having a mind-body connection is necessary here, which are the energy centers. It will trigger your physical sensations and focus, and you will feel free.

Step 5: Lift your gaze to the Third Eye and Breath Control

The Yogic practices of life lay a lot of emphasis on breath control or what is known as “Pranayam.” Consciousness follows where ever the breath goes. Thus, you need to employ breathing or Pranayam techniques for the third eye chakra to help you slow down breathing.

It also enables you to have a calm mind. In the process, you can concentrate better. You must also close your eyes and lift your gaze to the third eye, the pineal and pituitary glands, or the third eye, which is the point between the eyebrows.

In the process, you can concentrate on the third eye fully. Crystal healing, purple violet tourmaline is useful to balance the third eye chakra.

Step 6: Use Matras and chant them mentally

Mindful meditation and chanting Mantras mentally are the most powerful ways to gain control of the fluctuating mind and improve focus. This is a useful method to open your third eye. So, try to choose an appropriate Mantra that you find suitable.

Now, repeatedly chant the same mentally in your mind in life. This is another vital step to interiorize your mind and focus on your third eye chakra. Breathe deeply to help yourself in sound healing. This method is practiced by people around the world in their daily life. Those who provide medical advice will suggest the same.

Step 7: Interiorize your mind and concentrate fully on the Third Eye.

Now that you realize your mind is entirely calm, you must concentrate fully on your third eye chakra. Stay completely relaxed both in terms of the physical body and mind to obtain energy. It will help if you let go of all worldly thoughts and worries.

And concentrate your mind fully on the third eye while mentally repeatedly chanting the Mantra of your choice to practice mindfulness. Opening the third eye is not a cakewalk. You need a high level of focus and patience to stay in the same posture and maintain your focus until you achieve your goal.

It is essential that you need not force things up and stay concentrated but relax physical health at the same time. This also aids in energy flow and inner guidance to open your third eye. Each morning, when your dreams are still fresh in your mind, practice documenting pieces of your dreams with a dream journal.

Step 8: Feel the peace & Notice the Third Eye gradually opening-up

The last and final step involves feeling incredible peace, energy, and joy within. You will become all the more aware of your actual self. In this step, you will also feel great love for fellow beings. It is in this final stage that you will finally behold the opening of the third eye chakra. It brings your mind to higher consciousness. It will trigger the flickering flame inside.

Final Word Of Advice on opening your Third Eye

In conclusion, I hope you have a fair idea about the third eye chakra and internal energy. I also feel that the steps mentioned herein will help you develop the power to open your third eye or the third eye chakra and reap the unlimited benefits of the process.

To ensure that this happens, you must be patient, as it will not happen overnight. It requires regular and dedicated practice. But if you stick to the task of controlling your psychic abilities and energy in life, it will work wonders (it has happened for people around the world).

To aid the process, you need to eat foods healthily, such as purple foods, whole grains, purple cabbage, goji berries, and raw cacao. Practice drinking water a lot, have herbal teas, stay physically fit through exercising and practice Yoga and breathing techniques. Most importantly, aim for consistency.

You need to be consistent in your efforts for the best results.


Q: How do you truly open your third eye?

A: There are multiple ways in which you can open your third eye. But the way that works perfectly is listed above. Also, use the video link to work wonders. It will really help you focus on following the steps and will give you satisfactory results for sure!

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