6 Best Psychics Readings Online In December 2021

6 Best Psychics Readings Online In December 2021


Everything that you‘ve been looking for has been answered. Try our top picks for the best free psychic reading websites.

  • Choose a Psychic
  • Decide How to Connect
  • Get Answers

Our #Top Choice

Kasamba is a globally acclaimed website that is trusted by millions. Some of the best psychics on the planet are available on their website. They have been providing honest accurate readings for more than 2 decades now.

  • A handpicked collection of 250+ 5 Star Psychics
  • 3 Minutes free on every psychic
  • Wide variety of Psychic Services
  • Rates as low as $1.99 a minute




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Exclusive Choice

Keen has been providing psychic reading on call since early 1990. They have very rigorous checking methods for all their psychics and a very user-friendly website.

  • 1000+ 5 star Psychics
  • First 3 Minutes Free
  • Best Known for Love Life Readings
  • 8 Categories of Psychic Services and Amazing Testimonials




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California Psychics is a gem in the Psychic Reading Industry. They have the best psychic selection methods and a dedicated customer service team is always available to help you.

  • Free $20 Credit
  • 12+ Categories of Psychic Servies
  • Free Daily Horoscopes on Mail
  • Rates as low as just $1




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Popular Readers


Master Enigma


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Marla Lovelane


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416 (2)



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Best Psychic Reading Per Subject

  • Love
  • Spiritual

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  • Chat
  • Tarot
  • Call
  • Love

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  • Life Question
  • Career

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Everything you need to know about the Best Psychic Reading Websites

Psychics are but the messengers that bring the answers from the astral plane and deliver them to us. There is endless potential inside of us that all our guides can look at, but we fail to recognize.

Psychics help us unlock those fears, set ourselves free, and set us out to achieve everything that is destined for us. They share their divine gifts and are no less than a miracle worker according to me.

Be it Mediums, Tarot card readers, fortune tellers, or even Clairvoyants, they have unlocked the secrets of the universe and now share the knowledge with us.

Their tools like Tarot cards, crystal balls, and even crystals in processes like reiki healing help them better in fetching the perfect answers that you will ever need for everything.

How to make the most of a Psychic Reading?

To seek the best help, you should know the perfect question to ask. You cannot ask a psychic when you will get a promotion or find your soulmate but how and where.

I have a simple rule that will make sure you have the best answers and satisfactory reading. Make sure the questions are focused on you and not on anything else.

Ask questions that are open-ended but converge around your problems. This was the psychic will also have space to answer you while better understanding your point of view!

These questions will get you a great start:-

  • How can I find my Soulmate?
  • What should I do to make my partner understand me?
  • Is there something I can do to attract more money?
  • Should I make the switch in my career now?
  • Is this the right time to make a big financial investment?
  • Are there negative energies surrounding my family?
  • How can I be successful in my life?

You have to understand that challenges will always follow you but it is the changes that you make to better yourself that will define you. The guidance from psychics will come straight from the spiritual realm and put your mind and body at peace.

That is how your soul will attain higher spiritual levels and be at peace itself.

How to Choose a Psychic Reader:

There is a sea of psychic readers to choose from and all of them are experts in their various methods and specializations.

I believe the correct approach is research. Research about the ratings, reviews, and trustworthiness of a psychic. All the sites that I have listed here provide a 100% money-back guarantee.

If you think that a particular psychic is not right for you and you wish to have your money refunded, just contact customer care. They are very swift and will set you up with another psychic in no time!

After you are done choosing a psychic, your next goal should be choosing a category in which you want answers. Even though all sites house psychics with expertise in various areas, these are the sites you should look for if you want a psychic reading on:

Trust the Process- Good Things are coming!

Finding a psychic that you click and connect with on a different level is not a day’s task. But once you find such an advisor you will learn how it feels to have a happy soul.

I won’t tell you it’s an easy process, because it involves trying and testing psychics and seeing the vibe that you like the most. It is truly blissful to find a psychic that calls to your spirituality.

You will discover ways to be happier, more successful, and less worried about even the smallest aspects of life. You just need to follow a psychic and their life-changing advice.

In doing so you might discover psychic abilities of your own!

Frequently Asked Questions About Psychic Reading Sites

How do I check a psychic for his trustworthiness?

All the websites that I have listed have been proven for their trustworthiness, transparency, and commitment to the satisfaction of their customers.

The websites like California Psychics and Keen have some of the most difficult hiring processes and choose only 2 out of 100 applications received. This is how you know you are only getting the best of the best physics out there.

Even after the vetting of the psychics the 100% customer satisfaction that promises to even return your money, means that you can trust the website.

After decades of their service and establishing a name in the industry, there is no chance that you will be cheated.

Are Psychic Readings Real?

I know it must be difficult and it is completely normal to feel skeptical about them in the beginning. Once you get familiar with the process and see that there are millions of others around the planet that have tried and tested them. 

The motivation that they give you, is the only step of assurance that you need to take an important decision in your life. This kind of nudge can bring a lot of positivity to your life.

To find out whether you should do something or gain insight into a decision, get in touch with a psychic today.

What do Psychic Readings teach me?

The learning is infinite with a psychic and the readings. For example, if you are looking for a better connection with your soul and spiritual guidance then a psychic will show you the realms of possibilities.

Whether you are looking for Love and Relationship answers (AskNow), guidance on the future and spirituality (Keen), or you need to clear your confusion about some things (Kasamba) or clear life’s perspective (Path Forward) or just be successful In life and other matters (California Psychic).

How much can Psychic Readings cost and are they expensive?

Psychic readings costs are very variable and are completely dependent on a psychic. But the most experienced ones are expensive as they have years of practice and a proven record.

But some sites offer free psychic readings and even after that they are as cheap as a cup of coffee.

These sites have some of the best offers:

  • Kasamba– Free 3 Minutes with Each Psychic + 70% Off for new joiners
  • Keen– First 3 Minutes Free 
  • Psychic Source– First 3 Minutes Free + $1 per minute for up to 30 minutes
  • Asknow– 5 Minutes Elite Free + $1 per minute for 30 Minutes
  • Path Forward– 3 Minutes Free + $0.83 a minute for 30 Minutes

Do psychics have real special powers?

Just like many people have other specialties like being great at baseball, chess, and other talents similarly psychics have their powers.

It is a gift that they grow aware of and is sometimes passed down in the family. There is a possibility that even you might have what it takes to be a psychic.

If you think you have the gift of connecting with the spirit realm then get in touch with a spiritual guide at Keen today!

Are Psychic Reading Confidential?

All the sites that I have listed follow a code of conduct and 100% confidentiality towards their clients. You are legally protected and the readings stay just between you and your choice of advisor.

Is there a difference between Psychic reading and Tarot Card reading?

They both are the same things, if anything I call tarot cards the subsidiary of psychic reading. 

Psychic reading involves the usage of tools as well for telling a person about the future, past, and the difficulties and answers to problems. The tools can be crystals, mirrors, or even tarot cards.

Tarot cards are nothing but tools that are used for a psychic reading. They can tell you about the negative energies or the crisis that you have been having in your life.

If you want to see a Tarot Reader, find one today on Psychic Source.

How accurate are psychic readings?

It all depends on the psychic reader. There are various things you need to consider before you assume the accuracy of a psychic reading.

It depends on your questions as well. Anything about the timeline is very inaccurate because things are always changing and there are just too many variables regarding your future and nothing is fixed.

Once you start with the right questions the readings are 100% accurate. They can give you accurate readings as well as perfect solutions to all your problems.

What are the various ways to contact a Psychic?

There are many ways that you can contact a psychic. Though chat and phone readings are the most popular psychic reading options. I prefer the video psychic reading option as it is the closest to real psychic reading.

The following ways are in which you can connect with psychics:

Are psychic readings safe?

Psychic readings are completely safe. You can contact your spirit and ancestral guides without hurting and disturbing anyone. This is a very safe process and there is no wrongdoing in getting a psychic reading.

The only danger is being scammed by fake psychics. But with sites like Best of Psychic Reading, I have got you covered. All the information is thoroughly researched and verified first hand. 

This is why I only recommend the safest sites that also offer a money-back and 100% satisfaction guarantee like Keen and California Psychics.

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