Tarot Card Meanings for Major Arcana: A Beginners Guide for 2023

If you want to comprehend tarot readings, you must first learn the meanings of the cards. A tarot deck consists of 78 cards, and a major arcana tarot deck consists of 22 cards. Tarot decks consist of various cards having various card meanings. Some of the tarot cards in a major arcana deck and their meanings are as follows:

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The Fool: In a three-card spread


The Fool In a three-card spread

If you read a beginner’s guide to understanding tarot card meanings, you will find that The Fool is represented by the number ‘0’. Such a card signifies the discovery of fresh ideas. If you are using a Rider Waite deck, you will find that The Fool has a dog, and the reading you should give is freedom from baser desires.

This card offers a new perspective on life, and in major arcana cards, you can also provide a reading that means new opportunities to be explored. When you submit a reading, ensure that you check what the tarot card means and then give the reading.

The Queen: Four court cards

The Queen

In the four court cards, The Queen represents leadership qualities. She can also be a person who people look up to in everyday matters. You will sometimes find The Queen holding one pentacle in the tarot deck. One of the meanings is that she represents intuition and life.

In other words, when you do tarot readings and get suits of cards, you must identify the meaning of individual cards before giving the purpose of the entire set. This card also represents emotions like feminity, sensuality, and energy.

Thus, even in four suits, you need to get the card meanings of individual tarot cards before giving the sense of the entire suit.

The Knight of Cups in tarot card

The Knight of Cups in tarot card

When you are reading the tarot, it is crucial to check the position of the card. For example, The Knight in Rider Waite deck and a cups suit represent a bringer of opportunities and new ideas and is a dreamer. He can hold his principles to be meaningful and often goes according to his intuition.

But the same tarot card meanings change to bad luck if the expert draws the card upside down. Hence, while reading tarot cards, it is vital to check the position of the tarot card and not just the symbol.

The pentacles: Represent the earth element.

The pentacles

The 22 major arcana tarot decks and the 56 minor arcana tarot decks can have personal meanings to the tarot card reader. The minor arcana personal tarot card meanings can represent the daily difficulties you face.

The minor arcana does not mean minor influence. You can use this spread of cards for divination and tarot card meanings to understand your present condition and predict your future.

The pentacles can represent the prosperity and realization of a dream. The suit of pentacles, when drawn with swords, represents your thoughts and your beliefs. When you provide a reading, you must consider the swords as a sign from astrology. The group of cups denotes an astrological sign.

The suit of cups and swords are astrological signs representing water and air, respectively. You can compare these to zodiac signs, but you will need to know the person’s birth date whose reading you are providing.

Tarot card meanings

Tarot card meanings

Do you use the tarot reading and compare these to the zodiac signs? Then read tarot cards based on cup cards and suit cards, such as a suit of wands, and then provide the readings. A person born under the sign of Sagittarius or Aries, for example, is represented by the suit of wands in minor arcana cards.

So if you draw a suit of wands in minor arcana cards, check the zodiac signs. Then, you can provide the card meanings and readings.

The tarot cards are not playing cards, and you need to discover the implications of each card when you deliver the readings. Experts often use Tarot readings to develop horoscopes, which are also a part of divination.

If you want to understand the tarot card meanings, one way to do so would be to check the corresponding tarot reference to the astrological symbol. This simplifies divination, and you can use it to help get a better perspective of life.

Understanding tarot card spreads

Understanding tarot card spreads

When you buy tarot cards, you need to understand the several ways of spreading them and their meanings. For example, the Celtic cross is one of the oldest ways of spreading tarot cards. It uses ten to eleven tarot cards from the deck to give an insight into your life.

In addition, you can use it for divination, like whether you will come into money or experience missed opportunities. To discover the hidden meanings of the cards, you will have to understand the different connotations of the tarot. The tarot card meanings can range from giving you an insight into life to helping you find a way to self-empowerment.

The major arcana and life

The major arcana and life

Most tarot practitioners mention that the events in your life are mentioned in the major arcana deck. Terror provides you with the big picture of what occurs in your life and can give you insight into what you can expect.

These are indications of what you can expect from your life and the opportunities you can expect. The objective of a tarot reading is to empower you to take the right decision when the opportunity comes knocking.

Deck decides the meaning.

Tarot is an ancient art, and the meanings were developed centuries ago. But it is still an ongoing process. For example, the golden dawn of tarot was the hermetic order which brought together occult studies and spirituality. This deck of tarot cards uses elemental images, and the tarot card meanings are more profound than the regular deck.

You will have to consider spirituality and even psychic studies to provide an interpretation. Thus, depending on your deck, you will have to give the tarot card meanings.

Just click on this video link, and you will learn everything that I have summarised here.


Q: What do tarot cards symbolize?

A: Tarot cards symbolize many things, but majorly, they represent the upcoming changes. You can read your future and know the problems that surround you. This way, you will always be prepared.

Q: What is the strongest Tarot Card?

A: Every card has its own specialties regarding Tarot reading. And I believe all the positive cards are strong. You just need to see what comes up your alley!

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