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What Are Tarot Cards?

Before learning how to read tarot cards, you must start with the basics.

In tarot readings, there are 78 unique tarot cards. Each with unique imagery and meaning. The whole deck of cards is further divided into two categories:

  • Major Arcana
  • Minor Arcana

The Major Arcana tarot deck consists of 22 cards from 0 to 21 that tells “the fool’s journey.”

However, the Minor Arcana is made up of all four elements that are fire, air, water, and earth which represent wands, swords, cups, and pentacles, respectively – and counts upward from ace to 10 and then through four court cards (page, knight, queen, and king).

The Major Arcana represents significant life-changing events, and Minor Arcana represents people, feelings, and day-to-day life events.

The tarot card interpretation can be used to answer multiple questions by those who have learned and connected with their deck; therefore, they are called tarot card readers.

All 78 Tarot Card Meanings

Here are all the cards and their meaning:

(0) The Fool

It is the first card in Major Arcana, representing new beginnings and possibilities ahead, and a new journey is about to begin.

(1) The Magician


When the magician card appears in a spread, it points to the talent, capabilities, and resources to create a new future, taking confident action forward.

(2) The High Priestess


The High Priestess is a card of mystery and stillness, with secrets coming to light. The card signifies the message to tap into one’s full potential rather than holding back, especially when there is a need to transform something.

(3) The Empress


The Empress tarot card means divine femininity, receiving, creation, pregnancy, nurtured and cared for, and a new opportunity is afoot.

(4) The Emperor


The Emperor tarot card shows a robust structure showing security, ambition, divine masculinity, stability, authority figure or stepping into a position of authority yourself, promotion.

(5) The Hierophant


The Hierophant tarot card shows spiritual wisdom, religious beliefs, conformity, tradition, and convention. It can also represent marriage in an arranged setup or a teacher/counselor who may help in learning/education.

(6) The Lovers


The lovers card depicts a naked man and woman standing beneath the angel; as the name suggests, it shows relationships and choices. If it appeared in a spread, it might indicate some decision about an existing relationship.

(7) The Chariot


The Chariot tarot card is a good card showing movement ahead, positive and forward momentum, to step into the future and letting go of the past. Also, it signifies determination, fame, tapping into confidence, and feeling self-assured.

(8) Strength


The strength tarot card means to triumph over a challenging situation. It can also reflect strength, courage, persuasion, compassion, and influence. But, as the figure depicts, it shows a woman gently stroking a lion on its forehead and jaw, showing power and influence.

(9) The Hermit


The Hermit tarot card means that you are in a phase of introspection. You may be drawing your attention inwards to look for some answers within. You may need a period of self-reflection away from the current demands.

(10) Wheel Of Fortune


The upright meaning of the Wheel Of Fortune card signifies good luck, life cycles, destiny, a turning point, maybe a drastic change, karma, and good luck coming your way. However, the reversed card depicts bad luck, resistance to change, and breaking cycles.

(11)  Justice


The Justice card means that the fairest decision will be made, and the equilibrium will be restored to a chaotic situation. It also signifies fairness, legal matters, signed contracts, law, and order.

(12) The Hanged Man


The hanged man tarot card means wisdom, discernment, trials, sacrifice, intuition, prophecy, change of perspective, and the ultimate test of surrender. It also shows looking at things from a new perspective.

(13) Death


Unlikely, the death card in the tarot represents a physical death. Rather it implies an end, possibly, of a relationship or interest. That means you will have an increased sense of self-awareness.

(14) Temperance


The temperance tarot card shows balance, patience, and moderation in your life. It can also depict that you should take the middle road avoiding the extremes, which maintains a sense of calm.

(15) The Devil


The devil card shows that obligation, addictions, and patterned thoughts and behaviors must be controlled. This card also represents being seduced by the material world and the physical pleasures of the surroundings.

(16) The Tower


The tower tarot card represents sudden change, destruction, breaking old patterns and belief systems. It also means you might observe unforeseen changes suddenly.

(17) The Star


The star tarot card shows that you will likely find yourself inspired. The card also depicts bringing new hope and faith. It also suggests that the universe truly blesses you at this time.

(18) The Moon


The moon tarot card represents confusion and deception; everything is not as it seems. It also shows insecurity, dishonesty, and following things blindly. It can also mean that there might be a misunderstanding or a truth you cannot admit to yourself.

(19) The Sun


The sun is a colorful card representing positive outcomes, good fortune, happy outcomes, joy, and harmony. It represents the universe coming together and agreeing with your path. It can also mean marriage, achievement, and enlightenment.

(20) Judgment


The judgment card depicts resurrection, facing a situation head-on, and dealing with karma or past situations, and it can also mean renewal and sorting out complex cases.

(21) The World


The world tarot card represents an end to a cycle of life, a pause in life before the following significant process begins with the fool. It can also mean travel, starting a new chapter, and showing endless possibilities.

Ace Of Cups


The ace of the cup represents intimacy, issues of love, deeper feelings, and compassion. It can also predict romantic connection, creativity, birth, and a baby girl.

Two Of Cups


The card shows the union of two entities – people, ideas, groups, or talents. It also means soulmates, love, divine partnership, deep friendship, perfect harmony, and a sense of togetherness.

Three Of Cups


The three cups represent groups coming together to focus on a shared emotional goal, celebration, weddings, third-party situations, co-collaboration, and reconciliation of a relationship from the past.

Four Of Cups


The four-cup cards represent lost chances, sorrow, or guilt. It may also mean engrossing in oneself, boredom, lack of excitement, comparison, missing the point, or a great awakening.

Five Of Cups


Grief, sorrow, loss, sadness, emotional pain, disappointment, and suffering over past events.

Six Of Cups


The six cups represent nostalgia, childlike joy, someone returning from your past, reunion, memories, and past life connections.

Seven Of Cups


The seven cups represent a period of clarity after confusion. It can also indicate illusion, deception, needing to choose, and many ideas and inspiration to the point of being overwhelming.

Eight Of Cups


The eight-cup represents leaving a situation behind, walking away from something emotionally draining. It also depicts time to make a change, breakups, and taking a break.

Nine Of Cups


Wishing fulfillment, achieving what you desire, and achieving your goal represents nine cups. It also represents greed, happy partnerships, and satisfaction.

Ten Of Cups


Ten of cups shows long-term relationships, building a home, good marriage, contentment of the heart, and perfection of human love and friendship.

Page Of Cups


The page of the cup card is centered on emotion and opening up those emotions to allow compassion and love for others. It also represents expressing true feelings, affection, sweetness, innocence, romantic messages arriving, and good news afoot.

Knight Of Cups


The upright knight of cups represents change and new excitements, precisely a romantic nature, and depicts a person who brings ideas, opportunities, and offers.

Queen Of Cups


The queen of cups is an emotional or loving woman, prone to deep or overwhelming emotions, deep and intuitive insights arriving, a loving mother, one who is purer of the heart than most.

King Of Cups


The king of cups shows clarity, emotional balance, intuition, maturity, devotion, and a socially celebrated and accepted man.

Ace Of Wands


The keywords for ace of wands are passion, new ventures, success, and good luck. This tarot card signifies success in all aspects. It also shows a bright future, new business or family, and predicts a baby boy or good news.

Two Of Wands


The two of wands represent partnership, letting go of the past to move ahead with a new decision, forward movement, and leaving something behind.

Three Of Wands


The three wands represent opportunity, growth, and expansion, especially for the bigger picture of your future.

Four Of Wands


Four wands represent harmony and positive feelings, hard work with good results. It also depicts marriage, home-building, and a sense of belonging.

Five Of Wands


Five of wands shows competition, argumentative conversations, conflict, and fighting over a shared idea.

Six Of Wands


Six of the wands signify victory, celebration, and completion of something. It also represents being admired by others, accomplishments, a moment of glory, arrogance, and success going to your head.

Seven Of Wands


It is a card that signifies courage, defending your honor, dedication, and defensiveness.

Eight Of Wands


This tarot card signifies to travel, communication, quick changes, vitality, a letter, or emails that change your life.

Nine Of Wands


This tarot card represents pressure and delays. There might be roadblocks in your way, a test of faith and persistence needed for a situation at hand.

Ten Of Wands


If ten of the wands appear in a spread, it signifies burdens, fatigue, stress, hard work, and achievement. It also tells putting down responsibilities and finalizing a complex or tedious project.

Page Of Wands


This tarot card depicts courage, going on a journey, enthusiasm, spiritual teachings, or educational opportunities. It also represents thrill, excitement, and new ideas.

Knight Of Wands


It is a card of power, passion, energy, lust, and adventure that can predict an upcoming trip. This card also represents that you might meet someone who opens your eyes to a new way of living.

Queen Of Wands


This card depicts a helpful and kind woman. It also represents ambition, confidence, lust, and a strong-willed woman.

King Of Wands


This card warns that if you are too proud, suborn, or bullheaded to listen to others can lead you to failure. The card also represents authority, incoming changes, prosperous future ahead; also check: King of Wands: Yes or No.

Ace Of Pentacles


If the ace of pentacles comes in a spread, it represents new opportunities with work or money. It also talks about new income or revenue streams.

Two of Pentacles


The two pentacles represent bringing balance, releasing stress, and showing ups and downs. Also, it shows that you are supported to make a difficult decision.

Three Of Pentacles


This tarot card means building a solid foundation, collaborating, and learning from others.

Four Of Pentacles


The four pentacles depict greed, closed-off-ness, and fear of loss. It also shows that one might be unwilling to share success or financial gain.

Five Of Pentacles


If this card appears in a tarot spread, it depicts poverty, the night of the soul, loss, lack of resources, and comparison to what others have, feeling left out or rejected.

Six Of Pentacles


Six of pentacles card means paying off debts, balance, shared wealth, and giving out without expectation of receiving anything in return.

Seven Of Pentacles


It depicts planning, patience, the beginning of something, long-term goals, commitment, and stability. Seven of pentacles also describes investing your time and energy into someone or something. s

Eight Of Pentacles


The eight of pentacles is a card of hard work, apprenticeship, work, or employment is a central focus, learning now for the future.

Nine Of Pentacles


This card signifies independence, finding your niche, entrepreneurship, achievements, prosperity, freedom, and wisdom.

Ten Of Pentacles


The ten pentacles signify generational wealth, large sums of money, unexpected financial windfalls, and financial security.

Page Of Pentacles


The page of pentacles in a tarot card reading depicts good news coming your way, the ability to grow, learn new life lessons, be a young student, and set goals.

Knight Of Pentacles


The knight of pentacles shows reliability, patience, stability, and slow-forward movement in the right direction.

Queen Of Pentacles


It is a card of nurturing and motherly figures. It can also depict a high-paying job or promotion arriving, financial security, and luxury.

King Of Pentacles


The king of pentacles is a good card showing being at the top of your career or industry. It also depicts power, prosperity, discipline, and being in a position to give back to others.

Ace Of Swords


The keywords are breakthrough, clarity, truth, new ideas, new opportunity, and perspective for the ace of the swords tarot card.

Two Of Swords


It generally shows that you might struggle to make painful decisions. It also depicts being at a crossroads.

Three Of Swords


The three swords mainly hint at heartbreak, breakup, despair, pain, rejection, a love triangle, and poor health. If you think logically and prepare for such an experience, you can minimize the impact of this pain.

Four Of Swords


Four swords signify rest, relaxation, and peace. It also represents rest, a much-needed break, vacation, solitude, and temporary peace. Whether from a choice to withdraw or exhaustion, the four swords represent a moment of rest.

Five Of Swords


The five swords represent conflict, disagreement, unnecessary arguments, gossip, jealousy, and there may be a snake in your inner circle. It also shows sadness and loss.

Six Of Swords


In the general context, the six of swords represent progress, moving into calmer waters, moving on, or moving forward. The minor arcana means overcoming hardship, healing, relief, and stability.

Seven Of Swords


The seven swords represent deception, manipulation, lying, dishonesty, theft, enemies, and spying. Either someone is deceiving you, or you are deceiving yourself. Also, it shows cunning behavior or deception to gain an advantage over someone that can make you be found out.

Eight Of Swords


It represents anxiety, fear, depression, nightmares, etc. It signifies all those things which can keep you up at night. However, sometimes this card can also be associated with trauma.

Nine Of Swords


Eight swords represent unnecessary suffering, victimization, anxiety, being caught in the mind, your thoughts may be out of control, and embarrassment.

Ten Of Swords


Ten swords in tarot cards may signify painful endings, deep wounds, betrayal, destruction, and being pinned down by things or situations. For example, it can be your relationship, job, etc., which may come to an abrupt end.

Page Of Swords


The page of swords represents a young person at heart who is chatty, lively, and possesses a sharp mind. However, in a general context, it also represents delayed news, ideas, planning, and inspiration.

Knight Of Swords


A hasty behavior figure, aggressive, rushing to conclusions, and decisions were taken hastily knee-jerk reactions. It also means an influential figure that is full of life as well as energy.

Queen Of Swords


The queen of swords represents a cold figure with a hard outer shell but is extremely sensitive underneath, with divorce, logic, bitterness, and an authoritative figure, to the point.

King Of Swords


The king of swords shows an intelligent figure, seriousness, control of emotions, ability to reason in challenging situations, and inventive, clear thinking is needed for a case.


What do Tarot cards represent?

Each tarot card in a deck represents a different archetypal being or lesson, and each has major and minor arcana cards category, which have their own imagery meaning.

How to read a Tarot card?

Reading a tarot card involves multiple steps. From choosing a deck of cards with symbology to developing a mission statement, transferring your energy to the deck, understanding how the deck works, and studying card combinations are some of the few steps.

What are tarot cards in simple terms?

According to Wikipedia, “tarot card reading is a form of cartomancy whereby practitioners use tarot cards to purportedly gain insight into the past, present, or future. They formulate a question, then draw cards to interpret them for this end.”

What religion do Tarot cards come from?

It is not clear from what religion tarot cards come. People often say that tarot card is mainly driven by Christianity, specifically Catholicism.

On the other hand, some people also relate it to ancient Egyptian religious texts.


Knowing what each card in tarot decks means, you can better understand the messages and advice.

Finally, now you know all the meanings of 78 tarot cards.

However, reading a tarot card is not easy. Therefore, you must practice and know the intuitions that will help you read the tarot cards accurately.

Apart from this, you can also book an appointment with an expert tarot card reader though reading tarot is always a personal process, and each card is up for your own unique interpretation.

Here are some of the most important guides on tarot!

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