8 Best Love Psychics in 2023 – Get Accurate Relationship Readings

Are you having doubts about your love life? Do you think it is time for you to find out the issues that are circling your relationship? Choose the best love psychic reading platform that will suit your needs and also provide authentic and accurate predictions.

Love psychics are the most popular in the psychic industry. In fact, there are various psychic reading techniques that a professional psychic reader uses for love reading.

I have listed websites with tarot card readers that can give you insights into not only your current love life but also your future partners. These websites only have experienced psychic services that will help you in every manner.

I usually make my choice by going through the very detailed psychic profiles on various psychic reading sites. I am also very interested in knowing the modes in which a site offers reading.

Even though the phone and chat readings are the most popular ones, my personal favorite is video readings. The psychic reading session, when taken through video readings, hits completely differently.

We get to experience the warmth and connection of local and international psychics from the comfort of our own house. I recommend you to check out the various websites for video readings and get one today!

8 Best Love Psychics in 2023


  • Kasamba: 3 Minutes Free on Every Love Psychic Readings
  • Keen: First 3 Minutes Free on any love psychics
  • California Psychics: $20 worth of Free Credit with the best love psychics
  • Mystic Sense: 5 Minutes of Free Love psychic readings online
  • Oranum: Free Live Psychic Reading and Tarot Readings + $9.99 Credit
  • Psychic Source: 3 Minutes Free + $0.66 per Minute
  • Ask Now: Best Free love psychic reading + 5 free minutes with Elite/Master
  • Psychic Oz: One free question + $0.99 on love psychics

Here are some of the most reliable online psychic reading sites!

Kasamba- 3 Minutes Free on Every Love Psychic Readings

Who better to trust than a platform that has been in the market for the last 20 years? It is safe to call them one of the best online psychic reading platforms for love and relationship psychic reading.

Kasamba has provided online psychic reading to more than 3 million people, and features their readers with their pricing and ratings mentioned on the website.

3 minutes of free trial is valid on all of their online psychic readers so that the client is well satisfied before paying their fees. It is one of the best sites for free love psychic reading services.

The Online Psychic reading that they provide are

Aura Readings
Crystal Readings
Pet Psychics
Psychic Medium
Tarot Readings
Remote Viewing
Rune Casting

How Safe is Kasamba?

They have 200+ online psychic reading advisors, all listed and rated in detail on the website.
Kasamba has a fair Customer policy that never reveals your data to any other clairvoyant, the call and chat are both encrypted so no third person can ever know what was discussed between the psychic reader and the client.

They also do not share your personal information like address and credit card details with the advisors.
To be even safer, never share information with the psychic reader that is irrelevant to the reading, and never share your passwords and payment details.

Pricing on Kasamba:

Their prices start at 1.99$ per minute to up to 30$ for their highest-rated and psychic experts. The low rates make them a very affordable psychic reading website.
But they also incentivize their new users by giving up to 70% discounts on their first psychic reading online, so what are you waiting for? Head over to Kasamba to get your love and relationship session now.

Why should you choose Kasamba?

I recommend Kasamba for providing the best online psychics and for their years of proven online psychic reading services. The online psychics at Kasamba have to prove their years of expertise before being listed in the category of the best online psychics.

Even after this, they provide free online psychics readings for 3 minutes to all their new customers. They provide psychic readings in two manners:

  • Phone Readings
  • Chat Readings

Both their readings are equally accurate, and it all depends on how you would like to get a reading.

Get a free love reading on Kasamba today!

Keen- First 3 Minutes Free on any Love psychics

Keen has provided phone psychics and chats since 1990 by a special psychic reading hotline. It is also one of the best online psychic reading sites.

The company boasts an excellent clientele of 14 million with over 42 million chats about all kinds of online psychics.
Keen Psychics also has one of the most user-friendly websites that show since when the Psychic has been an advisor.

It also shows how many online psychics readings they have done and how much they are rated on a scale of 1-5 stars which shows the exact number of reviews as well.

Keen psychics also give you a free 3 minutes with their psychic readers, after which the charges are deducted straight from the card depending on the length of the session.

This way, you don’t have to fuss over refilling your credits or points like other websites. Keen Psychics has a handpicked list of 90+ Psychic readers because the founder believes that everyone has a psychic ability.

But only those that have tapped into them should be practicing them and hence they have chosen the best readers out there.

There are various online psychics on Keen that provide numerous psychic readings:

  • Psychic Readings
  • Love & Relationships
  • Life Questions
  • Tarot card Reading
  • Spiritual Readings
  • Psychic Mediums
  • Dream Analysis
  • Feng Shui
  • Financial Outlook
  • Numerology
  • Other Psychic Advice
  • Otherworld Connections
  • Pet Psychics
  • Psychics
  • Psíquicos
  • Angel Readings
  • Aura Cleansing
  • Cartomancy Readings
  • Chakra Cleansing

Keen psychics are thoroughly tested and give only the most accurate psychic reading. Their services, like tarot readings and psychic mediums, are only carried out by master psychics.

Even still, the rating system that Keen Psychics has evaluates every single of their readers, so there’s no space for anyone being scammed by fake online psychics, as the bad apples get the least of the rating.

Why should you choose Keen?

Keen has some of the best certified online psychics, and they provide one of the best psychic readings online. Their phone psychic readings and chat readings are world-renowned for their talent.

Keen psychics offers 3 mins of free psychic reading online in which all their online psychics are available.

Their tons of psychic experts are tried and tested. The review speaks for itself. This makes keen psychics one of the best psychic reading websites in the online psychic reading industry.

All of this makes keen psychics one of the best online psychic reading sites for phone and live psychics.

You wouldn’t want to miss out on such great offers, would you? Get a free psychic today at Keen Psychics.

California Psychics: 20$ worth of Free Credit with the best love psychics

California Psychics 20 worth of Free Credit with the best love psychics

California psychics have been providing psychic reading services for the past 2 decades and is undoubtedly one of the best online psychic reading platforms.

They only select a few and then have them tested for everything, including their professionalism. California Psychics has a motto: “The Only Risk is not choosing the guidance you deserve”.

This is because if you’re not satisfied with the psychic reading session, then you can call their customer executives, who will immediately connect you to their other psychic.

This is their 100% satisfaction guarantee.

For them, Privacy is a step further than all other companies, as the credit card shows their name as “TELCASH”. This way, no one, even the families, knows about the psychic services.

They also offer a call-back service if the psychic readers are busy at the moment to ensure the customer only gets what they’ve asked for.

This is on top of the hundreds of options of both Psychic readers and reading available types!

These are a select few

  • Love Psychics
  • Career Advice Psychics
  • Life Path Psychics
  • Money Psychics
  • Pet Psychics
  • Past Life Psychics
  • Deceased Loved Ones
  • Lost Objects Psychics
  • Missing Persons Psychics

Why should you choose California Psychics?

California Psychics provides one of the best psychic readings online. Their rigorous process of choosing the best psychic is visible in their reviews.

They also have phone psychic reading and chat psychics for whichever option suits the best to client.

Get a psychic reading online today at California Psychics.

Mystic Sense- 5 Minutes of Free psychic readings online

Mystic Sense- 5 Minutes of Free psychic readings online

Mystic Sense Features 500+ Expert Psychics with various main specialties and are rated and listed in different categories. Their various categories include highlighted colors in

  • Top Rated- Gold Tab
  • Very Popular- Green Tab
  • Rising talent- Purple Tab
  • Staff Pick- Orange Tab
  • Newly joined- Blue Tab

With a purple background and starry animation, all of this is very appealing and makes it easy and interesting to guide through.

Their 5 minutes-free love and relationship reading policy is like the cherry on the cake! The icing on the cake is a complete refund if the client is unsatisfied.

Their website also lists 17k+ reviews which are all honest paying clients. This in turn, lets you better judge the reader. And helps to acquire trust in the website. Their online psychics have various abilities and specialties:

Their Specialities are-

  • Affairs & Cheating Hearts
  • Breakup & Divorce
  • Finding New Love
  • LGBTQ Relationships
  • Toxic Relationships
  • Soulmates
  • Family Issues
  • Friends & Social life
  • Pet Psychics
  • Career and Money
  • Life Path & Destiny
  • Spirituality & Psychic Ability
  • Lost Objects
  • Clairvoyant
  • Energy Healer
  • Grief Counselor
  • Intuitive/Empath
  • Psychic Medium

All of this, when clubbed with the psychic reader’s abilities, result in the most accurate psychic reading. This makes MysticSense one of the best psychic websites.

Why should you choose MysticSense?

MysticSense offers one of the best introductory offers among the websites that provide psychic reading online. Their 5 mins free love and relationship readings attract me the most.

They also have a tarot reading, psychic mediums, astrology readings, numerology readings, and many more. All of this is done by reliable psychics or gifted psychics.

Even when the psychic reader is delivering some misfortune, they ensure that the client is happy at the end of the psychic reading session. This makes it one of the top psychic reading services.

Get a Love Reading on Mystic Mag today.

Oranum: Free Love Psychic Readings + $9.99 Credit

Oranum Free Love Psychic Readings + 9.99 Credit

Oranum Psychic reading is the closest thing to a physical psychic reading session, as they allow private video calls. This gives people a sense of belonging and is a feature that many psychic websites miss.

This is especially important if you want clarification on spirituality, relationships, love, and family. Even in the video calls, you can choose not to show yourself if you don’t wish to. This is an unmatched psychic service.

Oranum also provides numerous psychic readings online:

  • Love reading
  • Clairvoyant reading
  • Tarot Reading
  • Astrology Readings
  • Dream Analysis
  • Psychic Mediums
  • Numerology Readings
  • Fortune telling
  • And many many more

All these psychic services are available via video call or phone psychics. Their culturally elegant and in-depth psychic bio helps you make an informed decision.

If that’s not so helpful, then you can jump into the live free sessions of many online love and relationship psychic readers that guide you in the quest for the most suitable psychic.

Why should you choose Oranum?

Oranum is one of the few psychic websites that have the feature of video psychic reading sessions. They also have a network of the best online psychics that give the most accurate readings.

The psychic reading experts on Oranum have years of experience and only provide the best psychic service. The option of psychic readings by phone chat or video makes it one of the best online psychic reading platforms.

Oranum provides new users with a free credit of 9.99$, and you can also free chat with the readers, so what are you waiting for, get a free psychic reading session on Oranum today.

Psychic Source: 3 Minutes Free + $0.66 per Minute

Psychic Source 3 Minutes Free + 0.66 per Minute

Psychic Source has established its dominance in the field for the past 30 years.

They cater to you on a mental, emotional, and spiritual level. All 300+ psychics on the site have been thoroughly checked. It’s almost impossible to spot a fake psychic on their psychic source.

Confused about finding a love Psychic reader that matches your needs? Psychic Source has got you covered. It has a “Find a Psychic Tool” that helps find the best psychic that matches your needs.

You just have to answer a series of questions and voila, Psychic Source presents you with the most favorable options and chooses what suits you the best.

The answers are single-click options that look like these:

  • A relationship with a partner, friend, or family member
  • My job or a co-worker
  • My finances
  • The meaning of life, my spiritual path, or my dreams
  • Someone who’s passed on
  • My pet
  • I need help finding something I lost
  • A general reading is fine

Psychic Source also features tarot card readings among its many options for online psychic readings. Psychic Source has some of the best online psychic advisors that provide confidential chat psychics.

The Introductory offer that offers pricing as low as 0.66$ will hook you right from the beginning and they also offer 3 minutes of free online psychic readings. Even after that, the rates are as low as 1$ per minute.

Why should you choose a Psychic Source?

Psychic Source provides the best psychic reading online with carefully chosen best psychics. Their wide range of services makes them one of the best psychic reading sites. Your love life will be back on track before you know it with them.

This is one of the most versatile sites. Psychic Source also allows video calling, traditional phone readings, and scheduling a psychic. All these options on the same site make the site very user-friendly.

If they’re unavailable or you would like a psychic reading online/phone chat/psychic advice later before an auspicious occasion. This way you never have to make time for a psychic reading or take out time.

You can also cancel the scheduled reading if your plans change or reschedule it for a later date. This option also attracted me a lot when preparing the list of the best websites.

Find a Psychic Expert for accurate psychic readings on Psychic Source now.

Ask Now: Best Free psychic love reading + 5 minutes free with Elite/Master

Ask Now Best Free psychic love reading + 5 minutes free with EliteMaster

With 16 years of online psychic reading service, they’ve earned the trust of many people and will provide you with the best perspective.

And the categorization based on expertise only makes online psychics more accessible.

There are three main categories of psychics, which help you find one according to your budget! The psychic experts are a little more expensive, thanks to their years of experience and practice.

But there are also top-rated psychics that’ll give more than just accurate readings without hurting your pockets.

The categorization:

  • Top Rated ($3.99 – $9.99/min)
  • Elite ($10.00 – $12.99/min)
  • Master ($13/min and up)

You can also refine your search using the multiple filters that are based on reading type, advisor type, prices, and much more! There are also budget packages that range from $30 for 30 minutes to $10 for 15 minutes.

The main pages of Ask now are loaded with the best psychics that you can choose after carefully going through their –

  • Ratings
  • Total number of readings
  • Years of experience
  • Customer reviews
  • Categories
  • Best of all, their zodiac signs

This will all help in finding the most compatible Psychic Reader.

This all comes packed with a bonus of 5 minutes of free psychic readings, much more than the other companies that provide free psychic readings online.

Why should you choose AskNow?

Asknow specializes in love readings, relationship advice, love match compatibility reading, and much more. The love readings on AskNow are very famous and have made a special standout for their name.

The site is equally famous for psychic medium reading. You can contact an advisor for guidance to reach a deceased family member.

There’s also an option of free reading by email with every subscription! This can help you pay more attention to details you might have missed during the psychic reading sessions.

Head over to their website and get a psychic reading today.

Psychic Oz: One free question + $0.99 on online psychic readings

Psychic Oz One free question + 0.99 on online psychic readings

I know how expert readers and master psychics do not provide free psychic reading online. And their over-the-top rates only make them inaccessible.

What if I tell you that there’s a way around it? That there are similar gifted tarot readers and psychics that charge very little and still give the most accurate readings.

Psychic Oz is the perfect website for those seeking guidance on online psychic reading with a tight budget! The love readings are very accurate and connect to you on a different level.

They have a collection of just 80+ handpicked, tried, tested, and bested Psychics that cater to all your needs. This is how you know you are only getting the best love readings without doing much hassle.

They still offer a varied lot of options for reading

Readings Subjects:

  • Love & Relationship Psychics
  • Career Forecasts Psychics
  • Life Path Psychics
  • Money Psychics
  • Tarot card readings
  • Pets Psychics
  • Past Life Psychics
  • Deceased Loved One’s Psychics
  • Missing Person Psychics

All customers can browse from the categories of customer favorites, staff picks, and rising stars!

The introductory offer gives 3 minutes of free love and relationship psychic reading with all of their value packages 15 minutes for $14.99 and 10 minutes for $9.99 and the best part, a detailed email reading for only $4.99.

All of this with a 100% money back guarantee!

Why should you choose Psychic Oz?

Psychic Oz has been on my list for a very long time now. Their categorization of Customer Favourites, Staff Picks, and Rising stars gives so many options that only provide the best and most accurate reading.

This saves the long hassle of queuing the psychics and then reading each and every one. If you are in a hurry or only want to pick from the best, this is the website for you.

The numerous services that the site offers are all very easy to guide through. All their services have been tried and tested and they only bring you the best psychics that can get you all the answers that you are looking for

Avail a free psychic reading online before the offer runs out!

Final Word Of Advice

Love Readings are very useful for you if you want insights into any kind of relationship. All questions have an answer. You just need someone to give them to you. Who better than your own spirit guides and fate to tell you that?

Psychic readers can help you find your soulmates and mend your relationship with your partner. Just remember to complete your research about any psychic before investing your money.

All the sites that I have listed provide only the best psychic reading and have been trusted by millions around the globe. This way you know you are only getting the best and most accurate reading.

Good Luck with your Love and Relationship Readings!


Q: When to look for love readings?

A: There is no fixed time or situation to get a love reading. Love readings can be sought anytime you think that you need to find a partner, look for the negative energies that might come in the future.

Usually, I follow this line of questions, they might come in handy:

How do I find my soulmate?
What can I do to make my partner understand me?
Is he/she the one?
Does my future have my current partner?
Is my partner cheating on me?
How to get over an ex?
Does my ex still love me?
Will I get back together with my partner?
Where is my soulmate now?
Am I in a twin-flame relationship?

These questions will help your psychic expert understand you better and fetch you an answer that resonates with your situation. Remember, asking open-ended questions while converging around your problem is key to any good reading.

This way, the psychic knows exactly how they can help you in the best possible way.

Q: How can a love psychic help me?

A: A love psychic can help you in many ways. Sometimes we cannot see what obstacle is preventing us from expressing our feelings. This may happen with your partner as well. A love psychic comes to the rescue in such situations.

Not only do they help you look beyond the problems, but they also help you by bringing answers from the spiritual plane. Our Ancestral and Spiritual guides are always there to help us out in every situation.

But we cannot talk to them or receive their guidance because we haven’t tapped into our psychic abilities. A psychic reader acts as a point of communication in such situations.

Even tarot readers online draw the answers from the astral plane using the same powers. Find out a psychic reader yourself and discover the amazing wonders of life.

Q: How Accurate is a love psychic?

A: It depends on many factors. Where are you getting your reading from, who are you getting it from, and also what have you asked? You can never expect a psychic to tell you the exact time of an event.

There are many variables, and the future is always changing. Any psychic can only see glimpses into the future, not the exact moment it will happen. This way, you might get misguided by asking the wrong question.

Always give space to the psychic advisor for them to present their thoughts and understand you. Try psychic readings by phone and follow all the tips for a highly accurate reading today.

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