Astrology Planet Meanings- Everything you need to know (2023)

You might think Astrology is a humongous topic, and there is so much that you need to know about it. But in actuality, there are only some things that are relevant to astrology planets readings.

Planets and the solar system play a big role in our lives. We might not agree to or believe it, but civilizations have seen changes happen throughout history. And like many things, this, too, started with a big bang.

There are many types of Astrology as each civilization made an interpretation according to their beliefs. The various kinds are Incan astrology, Roman astrology, Chinese astrology, Vedic astrology, and many more.

But here in the Western world, we believe in Tropical astrology. This is my favorite kind as well because of its belief system. Tropical astrology says that we are only under the influence of the planets and still have our fate in our hands.

This is the best possible understanding of any fundamental system. I always ask people to focus on themselves because, at the end of the day, only you bring a change.

If you have been to an astrologer, you might know how they only talk in technical terms, and it might get confusing at times. At the end of this blog, I promise you’ll be as fluent as modern astrologers.

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Astrology Explained: What do the terms Mean


Zodiac Sign

Astrology Explained What do the terms Mean

There are twelve signs, each of which is assigned by date and remains the same throughout your lifetime. Each Zodiac sign represents the constellation arrangement and has a ruling planet that gives basic attributes.

The attributes can be describing a person’s nature, emotional balance, and how they might be in real life. The zodiac sign is the traversing of planets through the 12 constellations.

Sun Sign

Sun Sign

The position of the zodiac at the time of your birth tells you your sun sign. This is where the planet rules your signs majorly unlike the stars in zodiac signs.

The Sun signs throw light at our personality and can be indicating of the same. Now you know what to answer when anyone asks you about your sign. Correct them and ask which one is it that they want to know.

The Sun Sign or the Zodiac Sign are both interconnected and now you should be able to tell the difference.

Birth Chart

Birth Chart

It shows the exact position of the zodiac and the planets at the time of your birth. The place of birth is also very essential for your birth chart as it can reveal the positions of the planet and their impact on you.

It is also called the natal chart. Every person on earth has a distinct and unique birth chart. The birth charts can be prepared at any point in time in life. As the fixed stars and planets of that date and time can be brought up at any time.

Rising Sign/Changing Sign

The rising sign is assigned to us during our birth time and it is the most ruling sign that stays with us. This does not change even once during our lifetime and is used to see what basic personality traits will stay in us.

Changing signs can be referred to as the horoscope equivalent of our zodiac signs. The changing only means which signs are affecting us at the moment. It might change every 3 hours, 7 years, or 30 years, depending on the planet.

Remember rising signs never change. They stick with us as soon as we are born. And unless we change the time, place, or planet earth, it will remain the same.

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Astrology Planets- What do Planets Rule and their Meaning

Every individual has their personal planets from the solar system and it affects them in one way or another. These celestial bodies have everything from revealing their personality traits to the temper and nature of their affection.

We’ll begin with the planets closest to the sun, covering all the modern planets (the dwarf planet as well). I have also listed the inner planets in astrology, social planets, personal planets, and other outer planets.

Apart from the planets in astrology, we also have the sun and moon. This is because the birth charts are greatly affected by them. And also because in ancient times, they considered them to be the same as planets.

They have various meanings in astrology and the natal chart. Even in the modern era, they are



Named after the Roman god that serves as a messenger to all the gods. Mercury is the first planet and closest to the sun and rules communication. It also reflects our intellect and perception of things in the world.

The planet is also the fastest and completes an orbit in 88 days. This means that it spends the astrology time equivalent of almost 7.33 days in each zodiac.

You can see this planet each evening with your naked eye as it follows the sun from the eastern horizon. This is much before the moon comes up.

The main domicile of this planet is Gemini and Virgo, which is exalted in Virgo. This planet is also known for its ability to complement the expression of a person.

Whether it is in your professional life or with your sibling. All actions of communications are ruled by mercury. The emotional connection is said to be unemotional or the lack of displaying of emotions.

Mercury also helps understand difficult situations, sort communication gaps, and, best of all, travel plans. If Mercury is about to visit your zodiac sign then it might mean delaying travel plans.

Lastly, Mercury is the ruler of the third house. It is also regarded as an opportunistic and clever planet. The Chinese on the other hand, associate mercury with elegance.



Venus is the Roman goddess of beauty, passion, and sensuality. She could strike down any god with. It is the second in line after mercury in the solar system and orbits the sun in 225 days.

This means that the planet spends 18.75 days in each zodiac sign. It is the second brightest object at night in the sky and can be spotted quite easily.

Sometimes it is also called the twin planet of earth.

Venus has a very luxurious sense of happiness. The best wines, finest baths, and vacations are some things from the guide to Venus’s happiness. It majorly rules Taurus and Libra and is exalted in Pisces.

This makes Libra zodiac signs full of love and compassion. They catch feelings easily and do everything they can to make a relationship work.

Venus also governs the qualities like being generous, being socially present, and comfort and ease. Venusians are very easygoing with others and seek comfort, pleasure, and happiness wherever they go.

Whenever dealing with a partner, check for the Venus signs and make a make accordingly. It can make marriages work, mend relationships or signify the coming of a new partner.



Also known as the red planet and named after the Roman god of war. It has all the qualities that a general of war should have. Aggression, determination, strategist, and action. Such qualities make Mars short-tempered.

The orbit of Mars is around 687 which means that it spends an astrology time of 57.25 days in each zodiac. Mars is known for various other things like confrontation, energy being good in sports, and is one of the classical planets.

It also influences our adrenaline, passion, and standing-up-for-ourselves qualities. The sudden changes that one might feel in their temper is due to the effect of mars.

Mars majorly rules Aries and is exalted in Capricorn. It gives us confidence and helps us make passion-fueled decisions. Mars has been majorly worshipped by the best of Roman heroes.

You should stay aware of your impulsive decisions and keep your anger in check when Mars enters your domain. Although domination, and determination are some of the better qualities that Mars brings with itself.

I recommend keeping your argument in check, do not let things slide under your skin easily. Remember to keep your head in the clear. Mars can get you in a lot of trouble if left unchecked.

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Planet Jupiter, also known as the king of all the planets, represents good luck. It is the largest of all planets and has an orbit period of 11.9 years. This means it spends the astrology time of 361 days on each zodiac sign.

In Greek and Roman mythology, Jupiter is the highest-worshiped planet. It is called Zeus and rules all other gods. Jupiter in astrology symbolizes good luck, abundance, growth, expansion, and optimism.

As a king and ruler of all, Jupiter also governs the various intellectual areas, foreign trades, and the law as well. It also reigns over philosophy, spiritual growth, and higher education.

If you want to excel in any of those areas, just look for Jupiter it will help you go a long way. It rules over Sagittarius and is exalted in Cancer. However, you can seek a professional astrologer if you need any help.

Jupiter also has a hand in your day-to-day life. It boosts your personal power so that you can make the best-informed decisions. This way, only the best things come to you in life.


converted PNM file

Saturn is the sixth planet and the only planet with rings around itself that represents the human mind and its limits. Often this planet is regarded with the growth and hard-working capabilities of a person.

The orbit time of Saturn around the sun is 29.5 years. This means it spends almost 2.5 years of astrology time on each zodiac sign. Saturn is quite different from all other planets, not just because of its appearance.

This planet is very odd in expressing affection and care. It teaches growth through tough love and the karma cycle. This is why I always ask people only to show and do the best possible for others.

This planet rules Capricorn and is exalted in Libra. It is also one of the two social planets, the other being Jupiter. The only goal of Saturn is to make you a better human and a wiser person.

So keep an open mind, and do not be disheartened after a bad breakup or the end of something good. Believe in yourself and know that better things await you in the future.

Examples of entire generations of Romans and Greeks worshipped and believed in Saturn. Their lives turned around after they had their share of lessons and continued to commit to their goals.



Uranus is the seventh planet in line with the sun and is also an amazing planet. I term it amazing because of how it rotates during its revolution around the sun.

This planet revolves sideways, unlike any other planet. The orbit span of this planet is 84 years which means it spends the astrology time of about seven years on each zodiac sign.

Just like how the planet defies the rules of rotation similarly, this planet loves to break the rules in all domains. The major powers that Uranus grants us are innovative nature, rebellion, bringing changes, and imparting genius.

Some traditional astrologers believe that all the unconventional ideas throughout history were because of Uranus. Be it wheel, electricity, or even the nuclear harvesting of power.

This planet represents your basic personality traits like free spirits, bad interpersonal relationships, and even a sudden mood shift to break the rules. It is also said to be the ruler of the eleventh house.

Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are all part of the collective planets and our solar system’s outer planets. These planets have a very strong role in raising authority figures and regenerative forces like life and death.

This planet has a ruling in Aquarius and is exalted in Scorpio. Uranus represents such strong astrological signs and I recommend you to keep such people close. You never know what their next invention is.



Neptune is the perfect blend of the sea and sky colors. Named after the Roman god of the sea, it just suits everything perfectly. Unlike other planets in astrology, Neptune is said to impart psychic powers.

It is the eighth planet and the last planet in line after the exit of Pluto from the solar system. Planet Neptune takes 165 years to orbit around the sun which means the astrology time on each sign is 14 years.

The planet imparts creativity and productivity in our life path. This keeps us going every day and helps us deal with problems that we cannot find a way out of. Neptune looks out for us.

But when Neptune is absent, we can get into a lot of trouble. Feeling delusional and unable to connect to things can be some of the things that we might feel.

During such times it is important that we remember our grounding. Things and people that we trust shouldn’t be shaken easily and our self-expression towards them should remain firm.

The astrological sign in which Neptune rules is Pisces and is exalted in Leo.

The so-called awakening or discovery that these signs face is because of Neptune.

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It is the latest inclusion of a dwarf planet and the farthest from the sun is special not only for its title but its power as well. Pluto is said to be drawing powers from the dark side. This is the reason it is called Hades in Greek Mythology.

Hades is from the underworld and has some of the finest wealth in the universe. The dwarf planet orbits the sun in 248 years which means it spends around 20 years on each zodiac sign.

To have pluto crossed is a very dangerous thing to do. This planet imparts power and the transformation of things. But it also causes the destruction of everything that we hold dear.

It also keeps reminding everyone that real change only comes from us, we have to let go of the things from the past. Also, those things have caused us pain or hurt us. This is the only way to grow.

Pluto can make difficult things far too easy for us. It can help us construct complex structures effortlessly and bring the truth to us when there’s no way to find it.

This planet rules Scorpio and is exalted in Virgo. It is considered very auspicious to have Pluto in your birth chart and you should look up an astrologer to find that for you.


The moon is a very important part of any astrology study or finding. Just like the planets affect us so does the moon. In fact, the moon’s gravitational forces cause the waves and winds on our earth.

All the planets in the solar system have their moon. A moon can also be termed as a heavenly body orbiting a planet. But the moon of all planets does not affect us.

Moon represents many things in our life. Starting from the basic habits to things that we do not even know of but go on in the back of our head. You can also hold the moon for that feeling of sadness that you cannot describe but is omnipresent.

The moon sign also means that there is an ability you can adapt to any situation. It is something that the planets do not give us. Moon also gives us the instinct that something is about to go off.

In astrology Moon is exalted in Taurus and rules Cancer. You can also find Moon as Diana or Luna in Roman mythology.



The sun is present in the center of our solar system. All the planets revolve and rotate around it, so no doubt it has a huge impact on our lives. This is the reason there is a separate sun sign in astrology.

If we follow tropical astrology then our sun sign changes every 14 days according to the Hindu Belief system. Although the sun sign changes should be discussed with a professional astrologer.

The sun rules many things but majorly the pride, ego, and the ability to express yourself with others. It is also the provider of life force as we get all life, including heat and light as well.

This star is ruling in Leo and exalted in Aries. This can affect your leadership qualities and creativity as well.

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Q: What does each planet represent in astrology?

A: Each planet has a distinct power of ruling and to say that one planet only represents one thing would be misleading. Scroll up to read about all the planets and powers that they give us.

Q: Jupiter is the planet of what in astrology?

A: Also known as the kings of all planets and associated with Zeus, Jupiter is the planet of abundance and good fortune. It is also known as the planet of leadership abilities and determination.

Q: Which planet is responsible for a job in astrology?

A: The planet Saturn is what gets us through careers. It also implements the karmic cycle and hence helping us get what we deserve at the end.

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