Guide to Palm Reading- Everything you need to Know!

Palm reading is believed to be originated in southern Asia somewhere around 2500 years ago. The Chinese picked it and spread it all the way to Egypt, Persia, and Greece.

It is also referred to as chiromancy, chirology, or palmistry, is the art of telling one’s future by reading the line of the palms. Not only do some cultures read the line, but also the crests and shapes of the palms.

Palm reading, unlike other forms of psychic reading, doesn’t require special abilities. I like to define it as the body’s communication language. The line grows darker when there’s some sickness in the body.

This way, you don’t have to be a professional unless you want to know the future. The future is also within the lines of the palm. You just need to look carefully to understand it.

Many people also believe that the concept of palm reading is nothing but physiognomy. Physiognomy is a branch of science that deals with studying outer appearance.

It relates behavioral traits to the physical appearance of a person. This way, you can predict the changes before they are going to happen. And call this fortune-telling as well.

But I believe these lines have more to do than just tell about the emotional aspects of a person. Just like fingerprints are a unique identity, similarly is the line that runs throughout the palms. They have more to tell than we understand.

Find a palm reader and know what your lines tell you today.

Hand Shapes and their elemental types:


Hand Shapes and their elemental types

Even though there are billions of hands on this planet, they all majorly fall into four categories of hand shape. These four categories are the planet’s elements and tell you what kind of a person you are.

Each element represents a distinct quality and is easily identifiable. Just read the descriptions and match your hand type. Hand shapes are an equally important feature of palm reading.

The Four Elements of Hand:

Earth Hand

People with Earth hands have heavy, rugged hands with fingers and palms being solid, full of flesh, and firm. This is along with a tough square palm and short but stout fingers.

They do not have a lot of ambitions and are very down-to-earth people. Such feature makes them excellent counsel to people in leadership positions. They are also very trustworthy and display extreme loyalty if it ever comes to that.

This still doesn’t sum up all their traits. Earth hand is very devoted to working and will complete whatever work is assigned to them. And will even put aside their emotions until their work is complete.

Fire Hand

The fire hands feature fingers shorter than the palm. Their palms are closer to a square shape than rectangular palms. Such hands feature people with extroverted personalities, as they are very confident about themselves, optimistic, and energetic.

These people make excellent leaders and lay a path for others to follow. Their desire to achieve things sets them apart from all other people. They are also passionate about the things that they have at hand.

Such a surge of emotions and diligence make them short-tempered and less empathetic towards others. They are also very bold in nature and only rely on their own selves when it comes to it.

Air Hand

You can spot air hands from their bony structure, long fingers, and square palms. Their knuckles are also protruding in nature. People with air hands are very intelligent and have a good way of showcasing themselves.

They might appear to be uninterested sometimes because their mind is constantly collecting and analyzing things. They are also creatively curious and somewhat sarcastic.

Water Hand

You can tell someone has a water hand if the person has long hands that are somewhat clammy. Their palms are a lot different and can be oval as well. Overall you might see a cone shape and flexibility in their hands.

People with water hands are very receptive to nature. This comes from their emotional caring and nurturing abilities that set them apart from all other hand types. Just like water loves to flow, so do these elemental beings.

They love helping others and being them, but it can cause them many problems. If this wasn’t all, they are also very flexible and adapt to others while being attuned to themselves.

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Five Different Palm Lines and what do they say about you:

Five Different Palm Lines and what do they say about you

Now that we know your hand type let’s find out what these lines tell about you. Etched in your palm is your future, and you just need the right guidance and vision to see it.

Everything about the line speaks volumes, be it length, how dark it is, or even the curvature. This is the most literary understanding and almost completely depends on how you perceive the lines.

Even though many different lines are present on the hand, palm reading only focuses on the major lines. This needs to be done on the dominant hand. Even if you see only four major lines, do not panic. Check your non-dominant hand.

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Heart Line:

The heart line is often called the love line of a person. The first line runs horizontally on the palms just below the fingers. Heart line tells us about all romantic relationships, friendships, and even sexuality.

The length here signifies how expressive a person is or will be in their love affair. If the heart line is very long and goes all the way to the index finger, then a happy and long love life is predicted.

If the heart line is short and is somewhere between the middle finger and ring finger, then there are two cases. That the person thinks more about themselves or will easily fall in love with people.

A curved heartline might suggest an inclination or attraction toward various things. You can also understand the intensity of a person’s emotions by checking how deep the heart line runs.

If the heart line has a cut or a cross mark, that means that the person might have been betrayed or will be betrayed by someone they trust. If the line forks, then that signifies cheating or splitting.

Head Line:

The Headline is also called the mind line. It tells you everything you need to know about a person’s mind. The intelligence, the mental state, how complex their thinking is, and on top of that, even their curiosities.

The headline is present directly under the heart line and above the lifeline. And is the second prominent line below the fingers that run horizontally. The clarity of the headline indicates the concentration of a person.

Whereas a curved headline indicates richness in creativity. A straight headline reflects more of an intellectual approach to learning rather than creativity. If the line breaks or has parts, it means that the person has difficulty concentrating.

There is also another perception of the breakage of the line or a short headline. It might indicate sensitivity towards others and how there is often a conflict of mind and a change of interests.

Life Line:

The lifeline is the one present adjacent to your thumb. It is the third most prominent line, and if you’re counting from the top along with the fingers, it is the third line towards the wrist.

Before I tell you about lifeline, understand this. A short lifeline does not mean immediate or young death. On the other hand, a long lifeline also does not mean a very long life. It is variable as the hand shows lines based on current situations.

A deep line may, however, signify an enrichment or full life. The lifeline is mostly a curved line. The bigger the curved line, the more vibrant and energetic a person is. You can also see a person’s childhood in their lifeline.

If it is a straight line, that means the person is very courageous. Such a line usually starts and runs parallel to the headline. If the line starts and diverges into many points, that may suggest that there are big changes coming up.

Money Line or Fate Line

Most people cannot locate their money line in their own palms. It is right beside the lifeline and runs up to the middle or index finger. Check your left hand to see if the main lines have engulfed it.

The fate line represents all the fortune and the career changes that one might have. If the fate line is a clear and long line then that means a settlement and not much moving around or changing of jobs.

If the fate line is short, then there might be early retirement. A straight line also signifies fewer difficulties and hence less worry. The straight line should be running from the middle finger to the wrist for this.

Sun Line:

The Sunline, also called Apollo’s line, is associated with the fame and wealth of a person. It can show how the person’s image will be around his lifetime. Usually, present along the fate line and under the pinky or the little finger.

If you do not find the sun line under the little finger, it might be present and running all the way to your index finger. Palm readers can help you identify which line is which. It is one of the smaller lines among the hand lines.

The sun line also tells you about the scandals or bad things that you might be influenced into.

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Mounts and Plain in Palm Reading

Mounts and Plain in Palm Reading

Palm reading is not only about the palm lines. It is also about the other aspects of the palm. The area with the risen parts on the palms is called mounts, and the flats are called plains.

These aspects are associated with Planets. Like in astrology, parents have a huge role in our lives. Similarly, a palm reader tells us about ourselves by reading the map on our palms.

Long palms or short fingers have no influence over the zones of the palms. Any good palm reader can identify and give you an accurate reading. If not, you can go through my palm reading guide and read your own hand.
The various symbols and their meanings:


Located just below the index finger, this is associated with leading abilities and also inspirational qualities. It also represents the ambitions and intelligence of a person.


Located under the middle finger, this is associated with a person’s hard-working capabilities and extraordinary qualities. It also tells us about how a person deals with external circumstances that might disturb the duties.


This is present below the ring finger. This reflects a person’s perception of beauty, wisdom, and happiness. It also tells about the short-tempered nature and how flattering the person is.


Located under the little pinky finger, this shows the ability of a person to think and act decisively. It tells how smart and witty a person is while also telling about their future financial life.

The Different plains of Mars [ Inner Outer and Plain ]

The most prominent part of palm reading is dependent on this. Mars covers a larger portion of our palm. Many people also term this as Mars positive, Mars Negative, and the plains of Mars.

The inner or lower Mars represents our physical strength and showcases our physical achievements. On the other hand, outer Mars tells us about our perseverance.
The plains of Mars are usually flat, and it is used for palm line reading. All the lines like love, deep fate, and marriage lines are found in this area.


Located at the base of the thumb, this is related to a person’s sensual pleasures and passionate and loving nature. It also tells us about the interpersonal relationships of a person. It can also tell us about the family nature of the person.


Located at the edge of the palm, the moon or Luna tells us about the creative nature of a person. It also tells us about the psychic ability of a person and how heartful they are. In other words, how the emotional stability of a person is.

Final Word of Advice

Palm reading can only predict what the future hold for you. You are still in control of your future. Read such a palm reading guide and only invest in sites with good ratings online, like Oranum.

Oranum has one of the best networks of palm readers, providing palm reading for almost a decade. They can help you with your emotional struggles and read palms on a video call or just with a photo of it.

Remember, the line represents only what kind of a person you can be. Just like the hand shape, palm lines change whenever your actions change. Take the right step and ensure wonders for yourself.

Good Luck with your Reading!

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