Top 10 Tarot Card for Success in Your Life – Check it now

Going for a tarot card reading and don’t know what to expect? I have picked the best tarot cards that you need to look out for in your next tarot reading. Whether it is financial success or success in a particular task, I have covered everything.

Tarot Readers always explain to you what the tarot deck holds for you. But what if I told you, you read tarot cards too? All you need to do is read until the end and find out what the future holds for you.

Before we begin, you must know what Tarot cards are generally used in the tarot readings. There are two categories, 22 major arcana cards and 56 minor arcana tarot cards. The Major Arcana cards are for the more permanent changes in life.

Whereas the Minor Arcana cards are for substantially lesser significant events in life. The change of career changes, the arrival of a new loved one, and personal growth is all covered in the major arcana.

For more accuracy in the future in tarot readings, I always suggest going with the major card deck.

tarot cards for success and meanings


These 10 cards are the hot picks of the tarot card deck, and you should jump with joy if even one of them comes up in the reading. They represent success, fortune, power, and all such things that one might dream of.

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The Sun

The Sun

I believe the Sun is the best card to ever turn up in a tarot reading. Just like the sun comes up and spreads rather than radiates positivity, life, and hope, similarly, this card represents all such good things.

When this card turns up, you can rest and be sure of the good fortune coming to you. The dark times have come to an end, and the journey will get easier from now on.

It also means that the success will last for a while and has come for a certain period of time.

The Emperor

The Emperor

It is the best tarot card to see in a tarot reading session if you’re struggling with your career or finances. The emperor is a strong indicator of success in both career and financial matters.

Just like an Emperor takes control of all his matters. Similarly, it is your time to make all the important decisions. You will then show the world that no rewards are too big for the taking.

Four Of Wands

Four Of Wands

The Four of Wands card represents happiness and a ceremonial celebration of your work as you have come this far. All your efforts have been paid, and this victory deserves a ceremony just as it shows on the card.

But the four wands also indicate that there is so much more to come. There are also Six wands and Ten wands. All of these cards belong to the wand’s suit and signify a positive outcome.

The Kings

There are four kings among the Tarot cards. When it comes up, any of the kings is a good omen. Each of these kings carries a different energy and ability to help us in the course and our journey to success.

The King of Cups represents a person with leadership abilities and the fact that they can last while being compassionate about others. It is also a symbol of success as well as fame.

The King of cups

The King of Pentacles is another great card to have if you’re looking for success in your career. The cards of pentacles shows that there will be a great deal of accumulation of money and better finances.

The King of pentacles

The King of Swords means that you must use your intellectual sense to achieve what you desire, and hard work will lead to a positive outcome. Do remember, the swords mean challenge. The swords also mean you have the ability to overcome those challenges.

The King of Sword

The King of Wands puts emphasis on your potential to be able to influence others. Whenever this card is drawn in a tarot reading session, it means there is personal growth but only after being able to influence others.

The King of Wand

All the kings are a sign and symbol of power and success. But the idea of including kings is that they also represent leadership qualities. They also represent an abundance of wealth and confidence.

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The World

The World

The World Card does not represent success like the other tarot cards. The focus of this card is the completion of a task and the celebration of the achievement.

The world card radiates positive energy and reflects all the hard work you’ve put in. World card also means that the world is now at your feet, and it is finally time to rest and enjoy this success.

Ten of Cups

Ten of Cups

If your focus isn’t money or wealth but Family and relationships, then ten of cups is the right choice in cards for you. The hand-holding kids in the card signify harmony and balance in life.

The ten of cups is the best-rated card for success in relationships and achieving love. You might as well discover emotional good luck and lessons beyond power and money.

Nine of Pentacles

Nine of Pentacles

The Nine of Pentacles is a must-have card if you’re looking for abundance in wealth. This card is also said to be more beneficial for women. But I believe anyone who has put in the right efforts will discover success.

This is another card in the pentacles suite. The pentacles are a great indicator of money and better business.

Ten of Pentacles

Ten of Pentacles

The Ten of Pentacles is an indicator of all our materialistic desires, such as success in our career, success in business, or more money in our lives.

Pentacles suggest that the outcome of our efforts will be finally paid off and the completion of this course will ensure success in the end.

Six of Wands

Six of Wands

The six of wands is another card from the wand suite among the tarot cards. The meaning of this card is that you have finally ascended to a position of success.

It also means that you will now be seen as a role model, and people will look up to you in their course of journey and success. Success can be exemplary and can be anything from more money to better business.

The Chariot

The Chariot

This tarot card means that you’re on the correct path to success. You can also discover in this course that using your intuition can be very rewarding. Nothing can stop you if you are determined to make it count.

The meaning of this card is also sometimes perceived as there might be difficulties on the way, but not even the tower can take you off course if you are focused and determined enough.

Word of Advice

Tarot cards are an excellent solution to finding out what the future has in store for you. If you’re looking for success in a particular aspect of life. Ask for the cards and the energy from the universe, and the tarot will guide you through it.

Tarot Cards and Tarot readings are only accurate if you, too, are working towards the goal and have things planned out. It isn’t magic or the stars that guarantee you success without you having to put any energy into the cause.


Q: What are the best tarot cards for my career?

A: If you want to ace your career, then the best cards to pull out from a tarot deck are usually The Emperor, King of Pentacles, and the ten of pentacles.

These cards guarantee a successful career, and any biddy tarot reader will tell you that there is a lot of fortune and fame if you draw these cards.

Q: What are the best tarot cards to pull?

A: The best tarot cards to pull in any card readings usually depend on what you are looking for among the tarot cards.

If you are looking for success in your career, you need either The Emperor, King of Pentacles, or the Ten of pentacles. Each of these cards guarantees a booming and successful career.

If you want more success in family matters, the best card to pull is Ten of cups. It tells you that there is a brighter time ahead in your family and your love life.

If your primary focus is financial well-being or leadership qualities, then any of the kings will do the trick. All the kings ensure that you have a very bright outlook and strong qualities to handle things that will come your way.

Q: What are the most positive tarot cards?

A: The most positive cards are The Sun, The ten of cups, and the Six of Wands. All these cards have a radiance of positivity that only comes with the best of the news. These cards are a sure-shot ticket toward happiness.

The Chariot and World are another set of postie cards. They symbolize that you are on the right path and will have all the success and glory you desire. Just don’t quit now, and soon everyone will look at you.

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