Keen Psychics Review (2023) — A Top Choice for all Users

Numerous reasons lead people to investigate psychic matters or Keen psychics. For example:

  • Tarot practitioners seek comfort
  • Guidance, and
  • Enlightenment through their practice.

Yet we don’t all have access to psychics. However, it’s hard to find a psychic who truly understands us. He/She may be one who can read our minds. can assist with that. The company provides online psychic reading services worldwide. Since 1999, they have served 35 million customers.

Furthermore, a variety of psychics are available to meet your needs.

Do you have questions? Here is a review of Keen’s services. This will help you decide whether to try it.

Who is Keen?


Keen Psychics Review (2022)

Users can browse through multiple choices of spiritual advisors on Keen. It’s a social media website or dating app for psychic readings.

As they come from different backgrounds, every advisor offers their advice style.

As a result, there are no two identical psychics on Keen, just as there are no two people exactly alike in real life.

This psychic service website is available to anyone in the world. They communicate primarily through written messages and primarily in English.

An advisor on Keen’s extensive list could speak your primary language. Many also offer spoken psychic readings, although most exchanges are typewritten.

We strive to make psychic readers accessible to everyone through Online psychic reading is a great comfort, especially for those living in remote areas.

At Keen, top-rated psychics provide a variety of psychic readings. Furthermore, Keen offers a free trial period of three minutes. How to Use

To use Keen’s online psychic reading services, you must first become a registered user. Tracking your interactions with your psychic will be possible through this.

Your email address and birthdate are required. Most people already know that a person’s birthdate is important in certain predictions.

The next page features over 1700 psychics. A filtering option includes “best available,” price ranges, and client ratings.

Changing your preferences is always possible. So we ask you about your:

  • current mood
  • the kind of advice you want,
  • and if you want a particular type of guide to match you with the right psychic.

The psychic advisors at Keen can provide you with a psychic reading. You can reach out to a psychic anytime. And, if one of them happens to be unavailable, you can shoot them a message to schedule a future time.

The convenience of callbacks and appointments improves the convenience for both parties. A profile of each advisor is also available on the website.

You can filter psychics in the Keen app based on your price range per minute. Usually, psychic readings cost around $1.99 to $9.99 per minute once Keen has given out three free minutes.

Your Keen profile needs to be set up with your payment information to pay for these services.

The main features

  • Psychic readings of a wide variety. Tarot cards and spiritual readings are among the types of psychic readings available, as well as love and relationships. 
  • Special offers. For the first three minutes, Keen is free, and for the first ten minutes, it is $1.99
  • Psychic Availability and Experience. Numerous psychics with years of experience offer various types of psychic readings.
  • Mobile App. Get psychic readings anywhere with Keen’s mobile app. Learn how to use the mobile app to get a psychic reading right away since it is different from the desktop version.
  • Communication methods. A psychic can be contacted via phone, online chat, or email, or you can sometimes send an email. 

Keen: Reasons to Use

Keen’s services can be beneficial for you depending on many factors. You should, however, try them for the following reasons:

  • The prices are reasonable.

Moreover, Keen is available every week, 24 hours a day. 

Keen is available when you need a spiritual guide during an existential crisis. You can consult an offline psychic if you’re not in a hurry. Simply request a callback from Keen.

  • Choose from over 1700 psychics. 

You can find an advisor that fits your needs from the wide range of available advisors. With Keen’s filters, you can narrow down those 1700+ people to find someone who truly understands what you’re looking for.

Keen’s psychics are also knowledgeable in clairvoyance, cleansing, psychic readings, numerology, etc.

  • Trials available. 

Readings from psychics aren’t for everyone. You might have trouble adjusting to an online reading even if you’re a seasoned believer.

Keen offers new users three minutes of free psychic readings. They offer a similar deal to most of their readers.

  • Prices vary.

Keen rates are based on minutes. 

By adjusting their filters, psychics can be filtered to find psychics within their budget range. Appointments start at $1.99 and can cost over $9.99.

  • Judgment is less prevalent. 

We do not offer video calls at this time. It may seem unfortunate, but clients are less insecure due to their lack of appearance.

People feel less judged than when they get psychic readings in person, where they worry about being boxed in with one look.

  • Experience of over 20 years.

 The fact that Keen has survived since 1999 shows that it was doing something right. The company has amassed a large clientele and network over its 20 years of existence.

Millions of people have been served by the company over the years, which is likely to continue.

  • We guarantee customer satisfaction.                          

Customers are our top priority. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed by the company, which offers a money-back guarantee. We will refund clients $25 if they are unhappy with their psychic reading.

Keen’s disadvantages

There is no perfect person, and Keen does have some areas to improve. These are the most noteworthy:

  • Keen does not offer video readings. 

Keen’s overall performance is favorable, but certain aspects seem lacking, most notably the lack of video calls.

Some users prefer not to have face-to-face readings, but video conferencing is a good option. In addition, it builds trust between the psychic and client, among other things.

  •  Popular or experienced psychics charge more. 

The majority of famous psychics with listings on Keen have higher fees. As a result, people with excellent ratings will also charge more.

However, some of the best psychics offer their services at an affordable price, so quality doesn’t always come at a high price.

  • Two minutes isn’t enough to establish rapport. 

Keen offers free three-minute trial memberships to all its users, but this isn’t long enough for most people to establish any connection.

When you write down the questions and spout them out quickly, you will not fit the entire session into three minutes…unless you have them written down and are quick to answer them.

Users can experience the service this way is very clever, and it is likely to entice them to stick around for more than three minutes.

Keen Reading Types (Specialties and Methods)

Keen Reading Types (Specialties and Methods)

Considering Keen’s wide-ranging psychic selection, it shouldn’t be surprising that their expertise and skills vary greatly.

You can choose from a variety of topics, some of which are specialized. Here are some of the specialties and skills Keen psychics are capable of handling:

  • Astrological readings

Astrology readings form the basis of your personality and are a classic of psychic readings. Psychics generally use birth charts to determine a person’s predispositions.

Furthermore, birth charts can predict how planetary movements will affect someone in the future.

For example, newbies hear about Mercury in retrograde, which is why they hear phrases like “Mercury is in retrograde.”

Psychics aren’t limited to one astrology niche. This platform features Chinese, Mayan, Vedic, and Western astrology experts.

Besides daily horoscopes, keen offers a number of articles on the subject. Go to the Horoscope tab for more information about your horoscope.

  • Career and Employment Information

This is an ongoing concern for most adults – whether our jobs and professions are right for us. Psychics can provide you with that little push you need to take that leap of faith.

Would you like to get a new job or keep your current one?

  • Ask a psychic. 
  • Over the years, Keen’s advisors have helped many people with this dilemma. See their Keen profiles for more information.
  • Career Overview

Similar to this, many people wonder what their life’s purpose is. Unfortunately, many of us get caught up in an existential crisis when we ask this question. A good advisor can help.

Some psychics can predict our future. Other team members use tools from their trades to plan our route.

It might seem like humans have a predetermined fate depending on the psychic you choose or that we can choose to live however we want.

How a person thinks greatly impacts their perspective, which is why it is important to find the right advisor.

Relationships and Love

The majority of psychics can offer insight into your love life. However, specialists in this field are better equipped to read details on soul mates, future partners, relationship problems, divorces, etc.

They would also be able to draw connections between your love life and relationships and much larger aspects of your life.

Readings with psychics

The general psychic readings on Keen may be the most popular service, especially with new users. In addition, general psychic readings are ideal for those not sure what type of psychic reading they need or want.

Readings of this type provide you with just enough insight to identify your needs. However, you are unlikely to get more specific psychic readings (i.e., predictions regarding your financial future, life path, and love life).

Still, you can get a sense of direction from a general psychic reading.

A psychic will try to “read” you by focusing on your energy. During the consultation, the consultant will ask how you are doing and what you would like to accomplish.

Typically, the readings will advise you on setting your goals on track.

Tarot Readings

Tarot Readings

Some psychic readers use tarot cards to channel their abilities. The 78 images on these cards will help a psychic arrive at the answer you’re seeking.

It is better to consult a psychic specializing in the topic of concern, even though most tarot readers can offer insight on general topics.

Trips of a lifetime

Dreams are fascinating for even non-believers. Specialists in dream interpretation can interpret seemingly random symbols found in dreams.

These psychics interpret the meaning of the images their clients describe.

Dreams sometimes represent repressed memories or unconscious thoughts. The symptoms may also be:

  • a forecast of the future
  • a warning about impending problems,
  • or a signal that an illness is looming.

It may seem unlikely to non-believers, but our bodies can detect problems long before consciously aware of them.

Further reading

Psychics can perform many other readings besides those mentioned here, such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, remote viewing, chakra cleansing, rune psychic reading, feng shui, and more.

Moreover, they can discuss such topics as loss (of a person, a pet, or an item), grief, relationships (divorce, infidelity, etc. ), reincarnation, and LGBTQ+ issues.

It’s not surprising that psychics believe in acceptance and openness, which is why they deal with various topics and skills.

Trustworthiness of Keen

Keen is an online psychic site I can trust to provide high-quality readings. A poor-quality website would not survive that long, and the site will celebrate its 21st anniversary in 2023.

If you’re not happy, you can also request a credit of up to $25 once every 30 days. You must submit your request within 72 hours after the call ends. Again, it is only reputable sites that offer these kinds of policies.

The site appears to at least carefully review each of its psychic applicants, although it doesn’t give much information about its vetting process.

We carefully review a psychic’s resume, prior work experience, and skills during the application process.


PyshicOz received many recommendations from customers who claimed its advisors provide affordable and accurate readings.

This website has many users who appreciate its information, so you can easily find advisors to contact.

Each week, clients choose their favorite psychic and enjoy having advisors specializing in different types of readings. 


How can I tell whether Keen is a scam or not? It’s not one. Phone psychics and spiritual advisors can be found on The psychic platform Keen has a long history of trust in the psychic world.

There are more security features on online psychic reading websites than on most other online psychic sites, so you don’t have to worry about your data being stolen. In addition, there are no third-party ads on Keen’s website, so you won’t get random pop-ups that may install suspicious software.

Selecting the right advisor can be challenging, but it is necessary to have an accurate online psychic reading. As a result, we have compiled a list of factors you can consider to help you make a better decision.

When choosing an online psychic reading site, you should consider the following factors:e:


Visit online psychic reading websites providing online psychic readings for several years if you’re looking for an online psychic.

The platform should also feature gifted and experienced online psychics who have been screened to ensure authentic and accurate readings.


Communication methods vary from person to person. Therefore, we recommend choosing a platform that offers a variety of ways to communicate with advisors.


It’s best to look for an online psychic reading site that offers a free 15-minute trial to familiarize the psychic advisor and their style before you proceed to a full online psychic reading.

In addition, we recommend looking for online psychic reading sites that offer their clients discounts and affordable prices.


Psychic reading as many reviews as possible on a particular psychic advisor or online psychic reading site is a good idea.

Seeing a psychic experience through the eyes of others is a great way to gain insight, but you can also read the advisors’ profiles to help you make your decision.

Best Psychic Readings Online Vs. Offline 

Best Psychic Readings Online Vs. Offline

There are advantages and disadvantages to both convenient phone psychic readings and offline psychic readings. However, the advantages of online readings are greater.

As a result, looking for an online psychic reading service from a reputable platform will ensure you receive a reading from an experienced and genuine reader. 

Most online psychic reading sites offer security features to protect your personal information. Online psychic readers do not require travel or strict schedules either. 

Thus, you can schedule an appointment from the comfort of your home at a convenient time. It is a good idea to compare online psychic readers and learn more about them before booking a psychic reading. 

Furthermore, you can compare prices and choose a psychic reader within your budget. 

Many psychic reading sites offer exclusive introductory specials and a satisfaction guarantee that you can take advantage of if you are not happy with the reading. 

Do Online Psychics Work?

Online psychics are real, just like in-person online psychics. Despite the lack of hard evidence, spirituality, eastern religion, and witchcraft are real.

Although there isn’t as much hard evidence to convince skeptics, if spirituality resonates with you, that’s all that matters.

Spirituality can help you lead a fuller life if you’re willing to let it guide you. Ignore the haters. Live your best life despite cynical naysayers and skeptics.

How accurate are online psychics?

It is highly subjective to judge the accuracy of a psychic. Online psychics typically get asked about love the most, perhaps because it is perhaps the most fickle of all human emotions.

So it comes as no surprise when I state that the vast majority of information and psychic insights shared by online psychics during an average online psychic reading session mainly result in emotional healing rather than complex data. 

Although “He loves you, but he doesn’t love himself” may be 100% true, whether or not the couple stays together or splits up can change from week to week.

As a result, if a psychic successfully guides someone through an emotionally challenging situation, the customer’s review will probably mention that the psychic was “on the money” and extremely helpful.

 How Much Do Online Psychic Readings Cost?

How Much Do Online Psychic Readings Cost

Free psychic reading online usually costs anywhere from $1 per minute to $20 or more per minute.

However, first-time customers can often take advantage of discount packages offering much lower rates and free introductory minutes on their first appointment.

It is also important to note that online psychic and chat readings are usually priced the same, while live video readings can be slightly more expensive.

Online psychics and anyone else can’t predict the future, which is a misconception. It is impossible to accurately predict the future with any degree of certainty due to the constant changes in variables, including free will.

That does not mean online psychics cannot foresee the various possibilities and circumstances in a person’s life. Indeed, they can.

Any experienced psychic will tell you that no matter how much you lead a horse to water, you cannot make it drink. The future is uncertain.

How Do You Deal With Types Of Topics During A Psychic Reading?

Online psychic readings provide insight into what is happening in your life and how it can be better managed. It could be your relationship with your family, finances, career, or health.

You can ask about anything as long as it is significant to you. However, you should generally avoid asking for psychic predictions about the direction of the world at large during a psychic reading.

Online psychics, for example, will not answer questions regarding immigration status. This is because the bureaucracy that handles these matters generally sprawls and is disorganized.

Asking about how you might influence another individual’s death is also unwise. Such a question would not be entertained by a reputable psychic because it is bad energy.

Which Is The Best Time To Contact A Psychic?

In practice, you should consult a psychic only after you have exhausted all normal avenues to solve your problem.

However, you mustn’t avoid what could be a necessary growth process of trial and error out of impatience because online psychics are known for providing extraordinary solutions.

In contrast, an Astrologer may advise you not to consult a psychic during Mercury retrograde since communication can be affected. In addition, they might suggest that you avoid free online psychic readings during a void Moon.

Moons are associated with psychic abilities so psychic channels can become blocked or erratic during a void.

Ultimately, reaching out to a psychic is best when it feels right for you. Psychic advice may arrive at the right time for us based on where we are in our lives.


What will a psychic do for an online psychic reading?

How keen online psychics work is similar to how in-person online psychics do. However, those with experience will only notice a change because they will not be talking to someone across the table.
Establishing a connection is the first step in a psychic reading. After a psychic and client have formed a bond, questions can begin.
These questions should be related to the psychic’s area of expertise, so be sure to find someone knowledgeable about your problem.
Each psychic will offer you a different psychic reading method. Some use classic tools like tarot cards and charts to concentrate their energy, while others rely on their innate abilities.
Feel free to share personal information with your psychic, but be cautious of sharing private information (e.g., bank details, address, etc.).

How does Keen differ from other online psychic services?

Keen’s popularity comes from its similarity to IRL psychic appointments. The application even allows users to “fall in line” for available online psychics.
Keen also screens the best psychics applying for their platform as a quality assurance measure. Some users have complained about the quality of some online psychic services, which is not uncommon even at in-person readings.
In addition, some energies do not match, so it would be best to find a partner in tune with your spirit. 

Does Keen offer customer service?

The FAQ section of their website is complemented by a very active, 24/7 customer service department. A form on their online psychic reading platform for customer concerns is located on the Customer Support page. You can reach them by calling 877-533-6435 or 1-800-ASK-KEEN.

Is there a Keen app available for download?

You can, of course. Keen has released an app that largely mirrors its website. In addition to horoscopes, the app allows users to share them via social media.


How can I tell whether Keen is a scam or not? It’s not one. Phone psychics and spiritual advisors can be found on The psychic platform Keen has a long history of trust in the psychic world.

There are more security features on online psychic reading websites than on most other online psychic sites, so you don’t have to worry about your data being stolen. In addition, there are no third-party ads on Keen’s website, so you won’t get random pop-ups that may install suspicious software.

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