How to stop missing someone – Best tips and ways (2023)

I know how difficult and dark the times get when a loved one goes away. Even if it is for a week’s retreat or the summer job. As humans, we cannot stop missing what we feel attached to. And I don’t think we should.

But we should also take care of ourselves. So how do we deal with our own feelings? Because I also know that the negative emotions of missing someone can get too overwhelming.

In this blog, I have covered every aspect of how to stop missing someone:

  • If they are an ex-partner.
  • If they have passed on.
  • If they are away and can’t talk.
  • If you are in a long-distance relationship.

I always give my friends and family the same advice I’m about to give you. Doing something is better than doing nothing. And with the will to read what you can do, you have already taken the first step.

It gets easier from now on.

If they are an ex-partner


If they are an ex-partner
Depressed husband suffering after divorce separation thinking of his former partner

When you part with a person that you were romantically involved with, it is similar to losing a chunk of your heart. It is completely alright not knowing what to do in such times.

I have been where you are right now. You must have done everything in your power to make the relationship work, yet the relationship ended. And now it is important that you don’t assign blame to anyone.

The pain seems unending and every moment that you sit idle all you can do is miss them. But this is how a break up is. It is a slow healing process that you cannot avoid. But there are things you can do to make it easier.

I know you must have thought of getting back together as well. But sadly you already know how this is gonna work out again. Unless someone is ready to change something you’ll be the only person getting hurt.

So it is time that you took some steps and made it your priority and responsibility to make yourself feel better. These steps will help you out:


Who said grieving is to be reserved only when someone dies. You can also do it when a relationship dies. In fact, one of the most important parts of any process where you attempt to stop missing someone is grieving.

People always advise you to not cry. But I’ll tell you to cry your heart out. And when you do make sure that you only do it once. In that, you let your heart go and release all that you’ve been holding back.

This can be incredibly difficult but believe me when you are done with it, you’ll be grateful. Not only that you will be more open to other relationships and other people in your life.

It is very important that you manage your feelings before you think you have dealt with the grieving process.

Giving yourself time

Giving yourself time

You cannot expect to deal and be done with your feelings overnight. Such things take time and you should be ready to give yourself that time. You can try deactivating your social media accounts.

Try and spend time with your family members. Nothing in the world can give toy the support that you get from our family members. Spending time with them will realize how much more the world still has to offer to you.

Confide in a family member if you can’t tell everyone about it. It is important that you seek out the emotional support that you need. There are more than just these few ways to do it.

Getting rid of reminders

Getting rid of reminders

Personal items of the ex-partners are the worst possible things to surround yourself with. They might have positive memories attached to them. But what you fail to realize is that these are the same things that hold you back.

Such things never do you any good and only remind you of what was there and what could’ve been. I suggest dealing with them as soon as you are ready. I’m not asking you to put away the memories.

They are always going to stay. What I want you to do is remove the items from your reach. Put them in a bag, their hoodies, their scrunchies, their t-shirts, and everything that once belonged to them.

Once you have done that you will have successfully removed the constant reminders. This way things will start falling at the back of your mind giving you more space to process your thoughts.

Changing your routine

Changing your routine

You cannot expect to keep doing the same things and expect different results. This is not an episode of looney tunes. You need to make concrete changes to see actual differences.

It starts with the smallest of things. Like, stop going to the coffee shop that you used to go to only with them. Once you start doing that you will definitely experience new joys in life.

This will prompt you to make new friends, explore new things. All of these will give you new experiences and help in stop missing that person. In time you might as well find something better and more fun to do.

If you were in a toxic relationship then there were definitely many things that you were not allowed to do. Now is your time to go ahead and cross that entire list off. It’s a very big world and once you step out all things will start appearing small.

Discovering and improving yourself

Discovering and improving yourself

In the entire process of being busy and doing new things, don’t forget to spend time with yourself. Self-care is as important as any other points I have listed here.

You can start small and do things like meditation and then go on to exploring a new sport. Unless you are open to change nothing in the world will change.

Facing your deepest fears is also a good way to go. When you develop the habit of facing your fears you will find that it wasn’t you or emotions that held you back but your fears.

Your fears that thought you would hurt again, get your heart broken again. But unless you are ready to stand in the rain and let the droplets wash you over, you cannot find the joy of life that this simple thing has to offer.

The goal is not only to stop missing someone but to rediscover the person you used to be. This might take longer than it did me to type this sentence out, but you shall find this out to be worth it.

Finding New Love and Focusing on the positive aspects

Finding New Love and Focusing on the positive aspects

What if I told you this experience will come useful when you meet your soulmate. This person left which means they definitely were not your soulmate. You have to keep the search going!

Finding your true love and soulmate isn’t a day’s job or that easy. It’s a hit-and-miss game that goes on for a long time if you don’t have the luck. You can get in touch with psychics to find out where your soulmate is.

They will do more than just guide you on your quest. A break up does not mean the end of the world. It means that there’s more and this experience will serve as a guiding light in your search.

Once you re-enter the dating world, you will realize that you aren’t a rookie anymore. You have been cleared to the expert level and now when you meet your partner, you will know what to look for and what to avoid instantly.

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How to stop missing someone If they have passed away

If they have passed away

When a close person dies then the overwhelming emotions can be too much to be just not affected by. I remember how I felt, it was an unmanageable emotion that I never wish upon anyone.

You might also feel guilty later in life if you do not allow yourself to properly deal with this experience. In fact, this is one of the most common wrong coping strategies of all time.

Never enclose yourself and disconnect so much that the death of a close person becomes a deep-seated trauma. In many ways, this is not very different from a breakup.

Grieving and dealing with your own feeling to stop missing them

You should know that grieving is exactly what you need to stop missing someone. To deal with emotions it is very important to accept something that has happened and deal with the feelings.

But when someone passes over, it can be difficult to keep a sense of things. Grieving can be different for everyone, but it is important that you do it. Whatever way works for you is fine.

The basic guideline that you can follow are:

  • Let your friends and family know that you are in the grieving process. It is alright for you to be disconnected from them for a while.
  • Seek out professional help from a licensed psychologist. There are great options available for it.
  • Let yourself feel things but don’t let emotions consume you. You will feel worse later when you find out that you did things under the influence of those emotions.
  • Never fall for substances or addictions. It might be easy to numb the pain but they are never the solution to anything. It’s the same as running away from your problems. We don’t do that.

Dealing with the memories

I know how much fond memories of someone can haunt us after they are gone. It’s this unending missing that keeps coming back like waves ashore.

You have to realize that the only way to evade something is to confront it. And I am not talking about running away here. I am talking about setting them aside and stopping missing someone.

Start with something small. Changing your routine for instance. Change your grocery store, make new memories. Understand that the good memories associated with a person aren’t going anywhere.

Change things in a healthy way. Start going to a park in the morning and the evening. Keep track of the time spent in all these places and make sure to follow and keep up the routine.

Start a new hobby. It can be something that a person deeply wishes to do but was holding back for a long time. This is your time, seize it. In a few months, you shall miss this too.

Talking with people that miss them too

There is nothing better than sharing how you feel with someone. It is all the way better if the person who you are talking to understands and is going through the same problems in their own life.

Make sure that the other person only imparts positive thoughts. Only listen to someone if they have positive and a balanced perspective to share with you.

In my personal experience, the other person should be more understanding of the gravity of the problem. In other words, they should have a clearer vision and be more of an empath.

If this is not the case then I suggest that you approach someone else from your social circle. Someone that understands your pain of missing and is available to cater to your mental health.

Setting up a memory space

One of the most effective ways to stop missing someone is by setting up memory space. It can be in your own house or somewhere that you liked to spend time with them.

Gather up all things that you can find. Good moments that you spent with your loved one, old photos, letters, mementos, and everything that is associated with them.

Pick a place in your house that gives you positive vibes and hopeful thoughts. Decorate that place with these things. When you miss them a lot, spend time here.

This will not only be a very vibrant place to be but your go-to place whenever you miss them or experience discomfort in your life. Such places can serve as an escape from the world.

You can also do this thing where you can set up memory space in their favorite place. It can be a coffee outlet, a favorite park any place that they felt attached to.

If it’s a park, you can install a bench in their name. Try to raise funds for your noble cause, it will also help you in staying busy. This way you will have helped not only your mental health but also honored a person’s memory.

Spending more time with close friends and family

When you start opening up to your family again after the loss of someone, it really boosts your mental health. You discover a fresh new perspective towards people and life.

You will eventually start prioritizing self-love and stop thinking about all the negative emotions. This way you will know that the pain of missing is all because you stopped connecting with people.

Life has a lot of wonders to offer, every experience is a learning curve necessary for us to cherish what we shall have next. If we stop midway and don’t appreciate what we have and what we have lost then we aren’t on the right path.

Trying Psychic Mediums

If you still wish to speak to someone that has passed on, then you can look up mediums on the best websites on the internet. I have tried them myself and let me assure you they work.

When you feel like something was left to be communicated with your loved one, you can approach them. A medium has the gifts to not only communicate your message but bring you their guidance too.

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Some of the experts have an expertise of over 20 years of experience and offer their services for the price of a coffee cup. Just look over your time limit to not over expend on your credit cards.

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If they are away and can’t talk

Sometimes our partners or friends might have to go for long business trips or if they are serving in the military then it can get very difficult to not talk with them.

During such times when we know that they are going to return but we can’t seem to grasp the fact that the few weeks are a very long time period. The missing can be very overwhelming and can also make us miserable.

You can follow these few tips to make sure you don’t lose your sanity and are not consumed too much with the guilt of missing one person. Start with the easy steps and then advance higher.

Always take problems and their solutions this way. Take one step at a time without troubling yourself or looking at the gravity of the problems too much. Before you know it you’ll be through with the issue.

Starting a new hobby

There is nothing better on the planet than starting a new hobby to stop thinking about something or somebody. Whether it is a new relationship or an old love, a hobby can put them out of your mind real fast.

I suggest starting gardening or something that you haven’t done before. New hobbies are very fruitful when you do something that challenges you or calls out to your mental intelligence.

These things can excite you, keep you busy and at the same time stop you from missing someone. Once you start to stay busy there is no going back from it. You will realize that the only constant in not missing someone is staying busy.

Set up care packages

You can start setting up care packages. In this, you will set dates to little things that you combine at once. They can be little sets of letters that are dated apart by using the calendar.

These are some ideas for it:

Cute letters

In this electronic world, there is nothing better than handwritten letters of love. These words will not only have the feeling and emotions that you want to convey but also the handwritten words.

It is nothing less than a handmade necklace of pearls. You put in your efforts and it turns out into some of the things that people cherish forever. It becomes proof that the time you spent in solace with someone was real and a memento of your time spent with them.

Single date ideas

Start small; start with things like watching rom-coms or movies that you used to watch with the person you are missing. Once you advance from that, start taking yourself out on dates.

The dates include small coffee breaks in the middle of the day or long walks in the park. You can also try going to the movies. All of this might sound challenging and tough, but it gets easier.

You can also cook. Cooking can take so much of your time away that you won’t even realize that the spent time is all inside your tummy now. Just like this, life gets easier with small steps in the right direction.

Chocolates and Comfort Food

You can also pack food that gives you comfort, like Nutella and chocolates. When you combine them with the small letters and the date ideas, they become the ultimate package of feel-good boxes.

They can help you stop missing someone and give your brain what it needs. Lots of good brain chemicals make you experience the fact that you are loved and that there is happiness in the smallest things.

Talk with your family and friends

Call your friends and family in your free time and catch up with them. It becomes a very fun activity and always fun meeting old friends. This is a great activity to do if you miss someone.

You also need to understand there is nothing wrong with talking with someone and spending time with them. The feeling of missing someone might fade away, yet the feelings are something you have cared deeply about.

Your family can also help you provide a fresh perspective and help you when you miss the person that is away. In doing so all your feelings are sorted and are put in the correct order of how they are.

Nothing is better than seeking the help of your family and friends because they know the person you are. They will only provide you with solutions that you can do and apply to you.

They do not judge you or your relationship if you are lonely and miserable and miss someone a lot. Their guidance can bring you back from any darkness and set you free once again.

I never hesitate to take help from my family, and neither should you. They are simply the best angels we are lucky to have in our lives.

If you are in a Long Distance

A long-distance relationship is one of the best things this planet has to offer. The entire experience is blissful and the journey is the best part of this destination.

Two people are so in love that nothing separates them but the physical distance that seems ever-increasing. I have been in a long-distance and I know just the hacks that will keep you going.


Nothing on earth is as important as communicating. Unless you tell a person what you want and how you want it they will never figure it out. Maybe they are trying their best to do something, but it isn’t working out.

They can also be putting their efforts in the wrong direction, and it becomes your responsibility to work things with them. Once you start telling each other how you feel about certain aspects, it becomes easier for both of you.

Also, find little times around the day to make cute little phone calls to them and let them know that you are thinking about them. These gestures go a long way.

Surprising each other with small gifts

Don’t wait for only major occasions to gift each other things. Let the person know you were thinking about them in the smallest things. But a piece of candy when you are out shopping for your groceries shows your partner that you care.

You can also send them food and quirky gifts. These things will make them happy and make your relationship even stronger. It is no less than virtual hugs for your partner.

Organize small virtual dates

You can watch movies or web series together. Spending much time with each other will make up for the fact that you guys aren’t very close. In a while, you might as well stop hating the distance so much.

Eating the same food while watching the same things and being with each other on video calls is another great way to go. You can also keep track of the days until you next see each other.

Then you can reverse count on those dates and mark an X on the calendar as the days go by. This will make the missing easier. Start with emphasizing more on your relationship more than other people.

Once you give yourself the power to own yourself, you will be happier.

Final Word of Advice

Things are always going to be hard in your life but remember this. To appreciate the larger details, you have to go through the smaller moments of tough times.

Once you are through with the difficult time, your life will have a new meaning. It is similar to the polishing of diamonds. An incredibly tough job but the shine and polish that comes later increase the value of the diamond.


Q: How do you stop missing someone?

A: There are numerous ways that I have mentioned to stop the feeling. You can read them and follow whichever situation suits you the best.

Q: How long does it take to stop missing someone?

A: It depends on various things. Like how you manage your feelings and what you do to avoid them feeling. It can be a short duration if you follow the right steps. But if you don’t do that, it can get incredibly tough.

Q: How to stop missing someone who hurt you?

A: If someone hurts you, try and start with the most basic stuff. Like doing things that would heal you. Healing is the most important part of any hurt. Unless you heal from the hurt you can never stop the feeling.

Once you deal with the healing, the next step is very easy. You need to realize that the feeling of missing can be dealt with easily. Just follow the steps that I have listed, and you will get back to your old self in no time.

Q: How to stop missing someone you love?

A: It all begins with small steps. Once you get the proper attention and help you need, it is like a knife through butter. Communicate with them and arrange things that can help you and your feeling of missing your loved one.

Q: How to stop missing someone so much?

A: There is nothing wrong with missing someone a lot. In fact, human emotions can be very tough to deal with at times. But if the feelings are getting too overwhelming and stop you from doing your day-to-day work, you should seek help.

The help can be simple things like talking with your friends and family. Talking with them can give you a fresh perspective; as they know you best, they will have the solutions for you.

You can also seek professional help. There are experts that can get you rid of negative emotions in no time. You can also approach a psychic to know what can be done to make your life easier.

Psychics can bring you answers from the spiritual realm. You can find the best ones on Keen and Kasamba today. Their offer will get you hooked right from the beginning.

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