Are Psychics Real? Hear it from the experts( With Proof)

When I say psychics, what is the first image that pops into your head? Is it of a lady from the older parts of Europe? One with her hands on a glass orb that is filled with some sort of white gas and can see visions in it.

When I did a survey on around 100 people from various domains, almost 35% of people had this for a psychic image. So is this the real psychic phenomenon, is this what people who can see our future look like?

My answer is yes, but not today. Maybe in the 1900 or even before. But real psychics with actual psychic abilities have moved ahead of this. They are regular normal people that dress just like you and me.

But why should you believe me? Because the number of hours that I have spent on this subject is rather something I like to brag about. I have tried the best of the psychics on various sites and researched them even outside.

I won’t ask you to believe just my opinion but the opinion of not just a thousand but millions of paying customers around the globe. If you are still confused, hang back until the end of this article and become an expert yourself.

Proof that people with Psychic Abilities exist


Proof that people with Psychic Abilities exist

Throughout history, there have been various proofs of psychic abilities. But some verified by the American Government itself attracts me the most.

There are also cases that are apparently inexplicable. Things like telepathy, predictions, and even spiritual guidance. These things have been going on since around 3000 BC.

I have listed some of the most known and endorsed psychic claims. Below is the list that will help you believe or reaffirm your faith in them.

Project Start Gate- The Psychic Powers and Psychic Ability Of US Military

Yep, you read that right. The Central Intelligence Agency approved of this project which was set out to test the professed abilities of a psychic for military advantages.

Throughout the project, it was believed that many real-life crises were averted thanks to psychic powers. They were able to identify information hidden from normal people and which was very difficult to come across.

The project ran for over 23 years after which it was terminated. The word that passed was, the data is too vague to be analyzed. But there were stories of how many high-ranking generals believed otherwise.

There were many predictions and many psychics that were on the list of the project went on to establish successful careers for themselves. Research shows that reality differs from why the project was shut down.

Psychic Phenomena of Remote Viewing during Mahabharata

Psychic Phenomena of Remote Viewing during Mahabharata

The whole experience of Star Gate wasn’t the first of the psychic claims in military warfare. The Hindu mythology Mahabharat is believed to have documented the first psychic in the history of mankind.

A person named Sanjay had the psychic ability of remote viewing. It allowed him to narrate what was going on a battlefield miles away from his location. He was able to do so accurately without any tools.

It was said that he had the power in his eyes. Many psychics these days use a crystal ball and even mirrors for the same purpose. It is rather safe to say that is not another case of a fake man trying to con us.

Psychologists and Scientific Studies on Psychic Abilities

There have been many instances where psychologists have tried to find out the truth behind a paranormal experience. Whenever things like this have been put under scientific scrutiny, researchers have come up with answers.

Just like such problems, psychologists have looked at the question psychics are real or not closely. They have evaluated the natural laws and drawn conclusions on concepts like Psychometry.

James or Joseph Rhodes Buchanan is one of the first to experiment with psychometry. William F. Denton carried out experiments to see whether the use of his geological samples was helpful for psychometry.

A psychometrist can listen to the experiential vibrations. Buchanan’s work led to the invention of the term psychometry and said it was the exact science to see the mental fossils of an object.

He enlisted the help of his sister Ann Denton Cridge who placed a package around her forehead and could accurately describe the specimens received from her head using vivid memories.

Types of Psychics

Types of Psychics

Since Psychic reading first began, there have been many advancements in psychic readings. Psychics have started using various tools, and some even use our daily objects to give us answers.

Tarot Reading

The most popular reading tool to be used throughout the world. It uses a deck of Major Arcana and Minor Arcana cards to tell you of the potential difficulties that we might face.

It also tells us about the simple things that we need to take care of. Whether the problems lie with your career, love life, or even family, tarot cards have the solution to it all.

You can also ask the Tarot cards about money and financial problems. In my personal experience, tarot cards are the most successful tools to predict or sense negative energy as well.

Tarot cards also hold the secrets to meeting your soulmate. And best of all, the psychic can even help you grow spiritually. One of the most blissful experiences of life is to be able to connect with your soul.

Once you get in touch with your soul, you can hear nature talk to you, the spirits connect with you, and the world gets closer to you. Buy it isn’t a day’s work to connect with your soul.

It requires dedication, repeated efforts, and perseverance. You can even see glimpses of your past life and everywhere your soul has been once the connection is deep with your soul.

Ask the tarots what they have in store for you now!

Psychic Mediums

I told you there was a way to communicate with people who have crossed over. I’m not talking about only sending your messages but also receiving messages from the other side.

You can receive guidance, apologize for your past grievances and even tell people how you miss them. Whenever you miss your loved ones, remember they’re just a medium away.

Mediums can also help a person when it comes to making peace with a deceased loved one. I understand how difficult grieving can get. But a medium can help you make your life easier once you

Aura Reading

Every living to have an aura surrounding them. The aura can be just like our mental, physical and other factors reflect our well-being. And I don’t mean just the spiritual reflection.

Sometimes, our Aura may become clouded and difficult to read when we are tense. This can also happen when we have the influence of someone’s negative energy.

There can also be factors like unlying health conditions that might surface when you go to a psychic who practices aura reading. Once they tell you of your problem, you can go to a doctor to get a proper diagnosis.

Cleansing your aura is very important for you as it has many benefits. A person with a clear aura never has any stress, has a better connection with spirituality, and lives longer than most people.

Major Spiritual leaders across the globe have a very vibrant and colorful aura. It is believed to be the root of their powers as well. It is almost like the human energy field that tells us the qualities of a human.

Palm Reading

The most common and profound psychic reading is the art of palm reading. To agree with palm reading, you do not have to believe in psychic abilities. You can just as well do it yourself.

Science terms palm reading as the study of the external features of the body. Such appearances, even on the palm, can show a person’s behavioral patterns.

The lines, unlike tarot cards, have the same meanings. The only difference is that your conclusions will only be based on the physical parameters of the line.

Like the length, how sharply visible a line is, and which direction it runs it in. On the other hand, psychics with good experience can tell you much more. There is much evidence found about accurate psychics on this subject.

Psychics can understand and tell you about the obstructions in your path. Be it money, family, or even your love life. The line and psychics hold the answers to your success in all fields.

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General Psychic Reading

Throughout history, psychics have been omnipresent. Be it in the king’s courts or just in the town square. All cultures worldwide talk about different fortune tellers; some call them wise ones, others shamans.

The proof is engraved in pyramids and written on tablets. Their powers included tea leaf reading and crystal ball viewing. Similarly, we have psychics that are available to us even today.

They specialize in various ways and even have degrees from the best colleges around the globe. Just because they are present in some other part of the planet doesn’t mean that they are fakes.

In this growing world, everyone has brought their business online. Just like other services, we also have psychics on trustworthy websites that we can consult for a reading.

The best websites have been operating for almost three decades now and have millions of paying trustworthy customers. If you have any doubts refer to the website below and read the ratings and reviews of numerous psychics.

How to spot fake Psychics

How to spot fake Psychics

Everything I’ve told you till now is about real psychics with psychic reading abilities. But ill also tell you how you can identify the fake ones. Follow these tips, and no scammer will ever be able to scam you.

Fake psychics have also set up shop online and are more likely to scam you when you least expect it. Even if you believe in psychics, keep these things in mind during your next psychic readings.

Before we get into the specifics, here are some don’ts that I always follow.

  • Stop hoping for accurate psychic readings at a psychic fair. Research indicates it is one of the hot spots of the most popular types of scammers and con artists.
  • Never agree to a dollar reading. Professionals that make a living out of psychic readings do not have the time to spend on such services. Nine out of ten times it is more likely to be a fake.
  • Also, stop seeing and clicking offers that ask you more about credit card information and personal information before even beginning a reading.
  • Never take advice on very big financial risks or advice just because a psychic told you so. Discuss such matters with your financial advisor before you make an investment.
  • The same goes for health issues. A proper diagnosis by your physician is far more trustworthy than just a healing routine.
  • If any site advertises its services as “for entertainment purposes only,” then take your business elsewhere. Some sites do it to protect them from lawsuits of future predictions. Others do it just because they are not confident of their psychics.

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Hot Readings and Cold readings

Research says that many con artists that pretend to be psychics follow one of these techniques. They might start with common questions like birth date and names and then start reading you based on your body language.

Random and vague questions that can somehow trap you are what cold readings are all about. If someone is giving you a reading based on your behavior, body language, and reactions to their question, leave.

On the other hand, if someone can give you insight into your future and past and are really accurate about the past, then this might be from their extensive research on you on social media.

This is an example of hot reading. Such people draw conclusions on your future based on your past and can cheat you of your money. They might even offer you various services to prove their power.

All of this is but evidence that these are fake psychics. Even a real psychic doesn’t promise to predict the future. Psychics only tell you of the things that they can see, or problems that you can avoid.

Fixed timeline predictions

If, anytime during a reading a psychic promises something at a fixed time, then they can be a fake psychic. No real psychics would ever tell you about their power and ability to change something that will happen to you.

If a psychic also gives you evidence of something from your past, it might be from research on you. A psychic performing acts to see things is also likelier to be a fake.

Real psychics never put up a show for the audience. This only happens in tv shows and places like New Orleans. A real psychic only uses his or her ability to help someone.

Final Word of Advice

Millions out there have tried, tested, and paid for real psychic services on the internet. I believe in psychic services because I have been a first-hand recipient, it has made my life a lot better.

The feelings of doubt and skepticism are also normal. Psychics are always very welcoming and listening, ensuring you feel safe before they begin. The belief is only established over the course of time.


Q: Which psychics are real?

A: There are various psychics around the world that are real. But to give you an example of trusted real psychics, choose sites like Keen. Keen has stuck around with promising results for 2 decades now.

They offer various services that have been tried by more than 2 million people around the globe. Try real psychics on Keen today.

Q: How to tell if psychics are real?

A: There are many ways by which you can tell whether a psychic is real or not. First of all, do thorough research on them. Read reviews, and check ratings, and that will give you a clear idea about them.

If you still have doubts after that, read this article and become an expert on psychics yourself.

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