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There have been many historical instances where psychics have predicted events before they happened. Events that nobody could’ve thought of, and yet a psychic predicted them, and they later turned out to be true.

Such instances only bring more trust in psychics and their divine powers. Some of these predictions that I have listed will blow your mind as they were dated centuries before the events actually happened.

Then there are psychics that are still present today that make the right predictions. From President’s election to their demise, there is not that the psychics hadn’t already foreseen.

When I plunged into researching the search for real psychics, I was shocked by the revelations. Even though psychics have been present since the first settlements, they had hidden from the world.

It is now that the psychics are not hunted but sought for their extraordinary and divine gifts that reveal things that humanity might go through. And believe me, if we had heard and believed them sooner, we might have been better off with Covid.

Most Accurate Psychic Predictions


Coronavirus of 2020

Many psychics had predicted the outbreak of a deadly disease in 2020. I was also very surprised when the predictions started coming true. Every psychic reader wanted to make a name for themselves.

Even the best psychics were arguing over who first predicted this epidemic. I have managed to find a name that was the first to mention this outbreak clearly and in detail, along with the date.

One of them is the well-known Sylvia Browne. She was one of the best mediums and psychics who regularly appeared on TV and radio. She has also authored some of the best books.

In her book titled “End of Days,” she gave the most accurate description of the Corona Virus.

It said, “In around 2020, a severe pneumonia-like illness will spread throughout the globe, attacking the lungs and bronchial tubes and resisting all known treatments.”

This was one of the most accurate psychic readings about the pandemic that we all faced.

The Fire of Notre Dame in 2019

It was Nicolas Anjula that first predicted the fires of Notre Dame. A tragic event that engulfed some of the finest works of art in the history of mankind. He has been one of the most famous psychics since then.

He had also predicted the earthquake in Southern China that resulted in the loss of 13 lives. Nicolas also specializes in Tarot card reading and has provided many reliable psychic predictions throughout the year 2019.

In another event, he also predicted the Cab protests in London that brought the city to a standstill.

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Psychic Prediction on Donald Trump’s Impeachment

Craig Hamilton had become quite a sensation in the psychic industry when his prediction about the impeachment of the American President came to light. Not only had he predicted that it would happen but also the outcome of the process.

He had said that the process would empower Trump, which is what happened. The US Senate overturned the impeachment process and also acquitted Trump of the charge.

The 9/11 Attacks on the Twin Towers

The predictions and coincidences of this tragic event were remarkable. A set of psychic twins, Linda and Terry Jamison, had made the prediction in 1999.

They had said that they saw an imminent attack on Federal Government rather than some federal buildings. Then they also included the building New York Trade Centre and the World Trade Centre.

While they assumed the event to take place in 2002, the attacks took place in 2001 instead. Still, they were the only ones that had predicted this. Their psychic website has more such proven predictions.

The Sinking Of Titanic

The Titanic was one of the most tragic boat accidents in the history of mankind. Someone also predicted this event, but it has many turns. William Thomas Stead was one of the most experienced psychics in 1900.

In 1886 he wrote a book about how a ship would sink from the lack of lifeboats. Another piece of work followed this in 1890, wherein he wrote of how a ship sinks when it hits an iceberg in the Atlantic.

This next part is almost unbelievable. In 1912 when the tragedy befell the ship, William was on board and did not survive.

The Assassination of John F Kennedy

Jeane Dixon got very famous when the prediction of a president being shot turned to be true just 4 years after she had made it. The details of her interview were very shockingly accurate too.

She had said that a democrat would win the elections in 1960 and then die in office or be assassinated. Come 1960 all the events unfolded just as she had predicted.

Jeane then went on to be a guide to multiple First Lady and also predicted the unsuccessful attempt of Pope John Paul.

Chicago Blizzard of 1967

The blizzard of 1967 was undoubtedly one of the most severe disasters that brought an entire city to its knees. Even though natural disasters are the most difficult to predict, Irene Huges predicted the blizzard with even the date correct.

Irene also made many political predictions in the 1960s that all came true. Starting with the election of Robert Kennedy and his assassination, which was a sad fate that he shared just like his brother.

The bombing of Oklahoma City in 1995

Another tragic event that shook the nation and resulted in the loss of over 160 lives was predicted just 90 minutes ago by Tana Foy. When he had this vision, he was on air for a local psychics show in North Carolina.

The destruction at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma followed, which left 680 people injured. The assailant for these terrorist bombings was soon caught.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki Bombings

When discussing predictions throughout history, we cannot leave the most tragic and deadly event. This result is still very visible even after more than 50 years.

The atomic bombing was predicted by none other than Nostradamus himself. He is still believed to be one of the planet’s most accurate and real psychics.

The exact description that he had made said, “Within two cities, ‘there will be scourges the like of which was never seen.” This was none other than the two cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Nostradamus has been proven right time and again, and every time that he has been right, the world has seen destruction. Among other things, he had also predicted London’s great fires and even Napolean’s rise.

Kasamba- 3 Minutes of Free Psychic Readings on Every Psychic

Who better to trust than a platform that has been in the market for the last 20 years? It is safe to call them one of the best online psychic reading platforms. They also have been the best online psychics.

Kasamba has provided online psychic reading to more than 3 million people and features their readers with their pricing and ratings mentioned on the website.

3 minutes of free trial is valid on all of their online psychic readers so that the client is well satisfied before paying their fees. It is one of the best sites for free psychic services.

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How Safe is Kasamba?

They have 200+ online psychic reading advisors, all listed and rated in detail on the website. Kasamba has a fair Customer policy that never reveals your data to any other clairvoyant. The call and chat are both encrypted, so no third person can ever know what was discussed between the psychic and the client.

They also do not share your personal information like address and credit card details with the advisors. To be even safer, never share information with the reader that is irrelevant to the reading, and never share your passwords and payment details.

Pricing on Kasamba:

Their prices start at 1.99$ per minute to up to 30$ for their highest-rated and skilled readers.
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Why should you choose Kasamba?

I recommend Kasamba for providing the best online psychics and for their years of proven online psychic reading services. The online psychics at Kasamba have to prove their years of expertise before being listed in the category of the best online psychics.

And on top of this, they provide free psychics readings for 3 minutes to all their new customers.

Even after these online psychics offer, all their psychic advisors provide a satisfactory and good psychic reading service. They provide psychic readings in two manners:

  • Psychic Readings by phone
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Both their readings are equally accurate and it all depends on how you would like to get a reading.

Keen- First 3 Minutes Free on any psychic reading

Keen has provided phone and chat psychics since 1990 by a special psychic reading hotline. It is also one of the best online psychic reading sites.

The company boasts an excellent clientele of 14 million with over 42 million chats about all kinds of online psychics.
Keen Psychic also has one of the most user-friendly websites that show since when the Psychic has been an advisor.

It also shows how many online psychics readings they have done and how much they are rated on a scale of 1-5 stars which shows the exact number of reviews as well.

They also give you a free 3 minutes with their psychic readers, after which the charges are deducted straight from the card depending on the length of the session.

This way, you don’t have to fuss over refilling your credits or points like other websites. Keen has a handpicked list of 90+ Psychic readers because the founder believes that everyone has a psychic ability.

But only those that have tapped into them should be practicing them; hence, they have chosen the best readers out there. This makes them one of the best psychic reading platforms.

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Their psychics are thoroughly tested and give only the most accurate psychic reading. Their services like tarot readings and psychic mediums, are only carried out by master psychics.

Even still, the rating system that Keen Psychics has evaluates every single of their readers so there’s no space for anyone being scammed by fake psychics, as the bad apples get the least of the rating.

Why should you choose Keen?

Keen chooses only the best psychics, and they provide one of the best psychic readings online. Their phone psychics reading and chat psychics are world-renowned for their talent.

Keen also offers 3 mins of free psychic reading online in which all their online psychics are available.
Their tons of psychic services are tried and tested. The review speaks for itself. This makes Keen one of the best psychic reading websites in the industry.

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California Psychics: Accurate Psychic Reading with $20 worth of Free Credit

California psychics has been providing psychic reading services for the past 2 decades and is undoubtedly one of the best online psychic sites.

They only select a few and then have them tested for everything, including their professionalism. California Psychics has a motto: “The Only Risk is not choosing the guidance you deserve”.

If you’re unsatisfied with the reading, you can call their customer executives, who will immediately connect you to their other psychic.

This is their 100% satisfaction guarantee.

For them, Privacy is a step further than all other companies, as the credit card shows their name as “TELCASH”. This way no one, even the families, comes to know about the psychic services.

They also offer a service called call back if the online psychic reader is busy to ensure the customer only gets what they’ve asked for.

This is on top of the hundreds of options of both Psychic readers and reading available types!

These are a select few-

  • Love Psychics
  • Career Advice Psychics
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  • Money Psychics
  • Pet Psychics
  • Past Life Psychics
  • Deceased Loved Ones
  • Lost Objects Psychics
  • Missing Persons Psychics

Why should you choose California Psychics?

It is one of the best websites for psychic readings online. Their rigorous process of choosing the best psychic is visible in their reviews.

They have a variety of psychic reading services and provide a cheap psychic reading service. That rate difference is quite evident when compared to other psychic reading sites.

They also have phone psychic reading and chat psychics for whichever option suits the best to client.

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Final Word of Advice

Even though many psychics have been correct throughout history and their careers, it still does not make them 100% correct. Whenever you seek the guidance of a local psychic or even psychics online, you should be aware of this fact.

The psychic websites that I have listed have some of the best psychic networks and provide accurate readings with both phone calls and video psychic readings.

Make sure your research is complete before you invest your money in a psychic. The research should involve in-depth reviews and ratings of the advisor and their past reading accuracy.

Even after that, refrain from asking about your future and frame your questions so that you can deal with a situation.


Q: Who is the psychic with the most accurate predictions?

A: The Psychic with the most accurate predictions is Nostradamus. He has successfully predicted more than 50 events so far.
He has many prophecies that will send a chill up your spine. And all the events that turned out to be true are not even half of what he’s written in his lifetime.

Written in 1555, his prophecies are still accurate, and many are still to come true. I just hope they don’t all come true!

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