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Have you also felt the presence of someone that influenced a decision, and it gave an even better outcome than you imagined?

Many times in my life, I’ve had this calling.

Once I was about to leave my flat in a hurry for work. I didn’t know the elevator was under maintenance. I was about to get on the elevator when I felt a strange pull. It was like someone had stopped me.

Before I could get on the elevator, the door stopped, and the elevator crashed into the shaft. It was then that I realized guardian angels exist. And my life was just saved by one.

Most people are not even aware of the presence of these light beings. This is because spirit guides come in more than one form. The Pagans were the first on the planet to discover this.

They used to connect with nature and the earth and believed in the concept of soul guides. You must be wondering how many types of spirit guides there are. I’ve enlisted all of them for you.

What is a Spirit Guide?


Spirit Guides are all sorts of beings that connect and assist humans through everything, especially tough times. These spirits are from the spirit world, and there are numerous ways to contact them.

Not Everyone has a strong connection with their spirit guides. You might feel drawn and even feel connected to your

Once you connect with them, you will always have their guidance and constant support. Their wisdom and sense will give you the strength to make even the toughest decisions in life.

Types of Spirit Guides:

  • Archangels ( Highest and lesser archangels)
  • Ascended Masters
  • Angels
  • Goddesses
  • Spirit Guides
  • Guardian Angels
  • Spirit Animals
  • Nature Spirits
  • Ancestors
  • The Three Special guides( Shamans, Wisdom Women, and Sacred elders)

Archangels ( Highest and lesser archangels)

Archangels ( Highest and lesser archangels)

These are god’s own angels and represent certain characteristics of god. The Archangels supported god during Lucifer’s rebellion. Once the rebellion was over, they became the god’s council and could now overlook many things.

They all have different sets of power that allow them to reign in their areas. There are seven higher archangels and eleven lesser archangels.

There also have been two falling out among the Archangels, Lucifer and Samael.

The Seven Higher Archangels:

  • Archangel Michael is god’s favorite child and is the leader and will guide you to others if you ask him
  • Archangel Gabriel brings you Faith and is a messenger that helps you perceive the messages
  • Archangel Raphael provides healing, and it helps you when you need Mind Healing, Body Healing, and Spiritual Healing.
  • Archangel Uriel uses the guiding light to redirect wisdom when you need to make tough or important decisions.
  • Archangel Jophiel helps you recognize the beauty within yourself and also brings hope when you think all is lost
  • Archangel Camael helps you see the love in others and also teaches you charity to showcase the love for others.
  • Archangel Zadkiel will help you hold your ground when you are right and also help you in forgiving others.

The Eleven Lesser Archangels are:

  • Archangel Azrael guides you with Generosity
  • Archangel Cassiel guides you with temperance
  • Archangel Raguel guides you with friendship and companionship
  • Archangel Remiel has the strength of compassion and guides you with it
  • Archangel Selaphiel holds your honor and helps in seeking truth
  • Archangel Jegudiel guides you when you seek Courage, Diligence, and Hard-Working
  • Archangel Barachiel helps guide you through your fortune
  • Archangel Phanuel seeks judgment for you
  • Archangel Ariel provides you and your family protection and love
  • Archangel Anael guides you with humility and gives you strength
  • Archangel Sariel is the Command of God and guides you through Morality, Chastity, and Leadership
  • The archangels are not supposed to meddle among humans if Michael or god forbids them.
  • Yet they still take human form to roam the earth. You should always be on the lookout for them. For they are also spirit guides that assist us and provide us guidance.

Ascended Masters

Ascended Masters

According to modern mystics, the ascended master is top tier among spiritual beings. The thing that amazes me the most is that they were once human beings too, just like you and me.

They mastered life’s lessons and rose to the spiritual plane. All of this is through self-learning and personal growth that ascends them to the afterlife.

These highly evolved beings continue to provide guidance even after reaching the spirit world. And it is very easy to connect with them.

In fact, they’re usually the first ones that people connect with when they seek out a spirit guide. Throughout the history of mankind, there have been many enlightened spirits that have ascended.

Some of the Ascended Masters:


Gautam Buddha lived a great life wherein he was both a king and then an ascetic. He guides people with mostly understanding and inner peace and grants wisdom.

Sanat Kumara

Also, Sometimes called Regent of the Human. He provides protection, clearing of the mind, and work that involves healing and cleansing.


Jesus Christ is known vastly for his rebirth and as the founder of Christianity. He is a master of forgiveness and also provides divine guidance.


Said to be the next great Buddha, Maitreya guides with compassion in matters of joy and peace.


Merlin guides us through mystical energy like alchemy, psychic abilities, and the use of crystals.

Saint Germain

Saint Germain is believed to have mastered the secrets of eternal life and guides us when we seek protection and inspiration.

Koot Hoomi

Koot Hoomi had already ascended and gained the title of a Mahatma. He has various areas of expertise and guides us mainly through centering our attention and devotion and also providing relaxation.


Moses or Hebrew Moshe was a lawgiver and leader who provided guidance to many people during his time. He now guides with clear communication and other leadership qualities.

The Holy Padre Pio

The Holy Padre Pio, or Saint Pius of Pietrelcina, is a master guide for spiritual growth, forgiveness, and clairvoyance.

Seraphis Bey

Seraphis Bey is a Master high priest that guides those seeking ascension, personal and peace of the world and also helps in overcoming addiction.


Angels are heavenly beings that can come to us when we have specific expectations or some that have a specific task.

Like when in a hospital, a strong angel will provide us with consolidation and look after us. Similarly, angels stay with us our entire lives and were assigned to us at birth.

Archangels are on top among the angels. There are also angels that come to us in the routine of daily life to relay messages from the Archangels.

Angels are among those spirit guides that show us the right direction. They can also give us clear messages through another person or come to us in dreams.


Goddesses are admired and are present in all cultures throughout the globe. There is nothing that falls out of the coverage of these divinities. They were wise women from their cultures and continue to help even today.

Even though they come from diverse cultures, you can always call upon them as a spirit guide who will help you, irrespective of your religion or practice. Just look at the problem and call out to them

The various Goddesses you can seek help and guidance of:

  • Iðunn is the Norse goddess of youth, spring, and new life
  • Lady Portia, one of the Lords of Karma and balances of judgment and mercy
  • Kali, the Hindu goddess of creation and destruction of problem
  • Abundant, Roman Goddess of guidance and helps in financial affairs
  • Mary, the godmother of Jesus Christ, guides us with parenting and also gives us nurturing and care.
  • Quan Yin is the Chinese Goddess that provides unconditional love and mercy
  • Gaia is the Greek goddess and mother of the earth
  • Uzume is the Japanese goddess of dawn and helps you in overcoming difficulties
Spirit Guides/Guardian Angels

A spirit guide or guardian angel is from the spiritual realm. They stick with us and help and advise us through everything.

These angelic beings are assigned to us when we are born.

The Guardian Angels have a very specific job to overlook that no harm ever befalls us. And in case that still does happen, protect us from it. I have shared a few examples from my own life.

A spirit guide may come and go, and we might have many at one time. They all might have different roles and situations to help us in.

We only need to communicate with them and use our intuitive powers to establish contact with them.

Spirit Animals

Spirit Animals are spirit guides that communicate with us in the form of animals. They can be literal animals or just a picture of one on your laptop that just pops up out of the blue.

These Animal Spirits carry may mean that there is a big change rounding up. You should be on the lookout for the changes and the animal family that shows them to you.

Nature Spirit

A spirit guide can inhabit anything that follows the Nature Law. A spirit guide may communicate with us through rivers, mountains, and even the weather.

You might sense when coming in contact with such energy. Even animal guides are part of the nature spirit.

Ancestors from the Spirit World

These are only our ancestors that act as spirit guides and help us. It might be as simple as our own intuitive powers developed by their decisions over the years.

They keep up the spiritual traditions and make sure they assist us in our difficulties and problems. They also teach us to navigate through simple decisions.

How to connect with my spirit guide? Just follow these 5 steps

I have listed these steps that will help you connect with your spirit guides:

1. Call out to your Spirit Guides

Get in a practice of regularly calling out your spirit guides. Ask them for help whenever you feel like it. Let your energy flow positively, and you will feel coming to you.

This isn’t a day or two’s process. You must invest your time regularly and be aware of your spirit guides. The spirit guides might also be impressed by the efforts on day one.

Also, use your inherited intuition powers. They will be your best guide in the quest of connecting with your spirit guides. Our intuition works better than our body and knows which step needs to be taken next.

2. Look out for your spirit guides

Spirit guides are also very regular in sending you messages. Be observant and connect them with it. For example, when a book falls from the shelf, it has something they want you to know.

Whenever spirits guides are around, you will feel a shift in energy. Do not ignore that. You might feel a sudden temperature drop or rise in the temperature. These are also signs.

Meditation is another great way to start communicating with the spirit guides. It puts the mind, body, and soul at ease and is better positioned to connect with the astral plane.

3. Asking for signs and start writing to the spirit guides

Writing is a great way to establish contact. Sometimes the spirit guides are more interested in the efforts rather than the result. That is okay. Humor them.

A spirit guide is very similar to a person on earth. And if you’ve read everything from the top, then you know they are people like you and me who have ascended to the spirit plane.

They might be a little difficult to reach at times. But writing somewhere ensures that they get your messages and they notice you.

I have kept a separate Journal by my bedside for this purpose.

4. Read the signs carefully

When the spirit guides start communicating with you, it won’t be via text or call. This is why you need to be able to perceive the messages clearly. You need to be able to sense every new detail.

For example, spirit guides might send messages through dreams. Or they might visit you during the meditation session. Let your intuition guide you, and listen to it.

They might also send clear relationship advice or career advice. It only depends on the person and how clearly they can interpret the messages.

5. Trust yourself and your guide, and don’t forget to be thankful

Many times, spirit guides might not be answered even after repeated efforts. You might fall into disarray or feel like all is lost. But this is the Eureka point, the miracle about to happen.

At such points, never lose hope and or be frustrated. This only generates negative energy, and you might repel them. Remember, positive energy attracts.

The spirits also have free will and roam around and might be trying to teach you something. Their plan will only amaze you when you finally get in touch with them.

Trust in yourself, too; trust your instincts and soul to establish a relationship with the higher life forms. It only gets you better through difficult days.


Q: How to talk to spirit guides

A: There are multiple ways to talk to your spirit guides. The best, in my opinion, is through dreams and meditation.
You can also write to your spirit guides. They will definitely not write back to you but might drop a book with your answers. They might also lead you to somewhere where you can find the answers.

You can also write to your spirit guides. They will definitely not write back to you but might drop a book with your answers. They might also lead you to somewhere where you can find the answers.

Q: How do I know if I have a spirit guide?

A: Everyone has a spirit guide. We might have multiple at the same time. They come and go when we have difficulties or need them.

To know whether or not you have a spirit guide, you should contact them. Try the steps that I have listed. The spirits will eventually let you know of their presence, which is a blissful experience.

Q: How many spirit guides do we have?

A: We have multiple spirit guides. One that remains with us throughout our life is a guardian angel. They look over us and guide us whenever we need them.

Whenever in doubt, feel the energy and let it sink in. The relationship with our guides is completely dependent on our outlook toward them.

Q: How to connect with spirit guides in meditation

A: Start with calming your mind. Once you have calmed your mind, lookout for things and ask questions. They are always here to guide you whenever you ask for help.

For example, the questions can be related to better spirituality, your relationship, financial problems, and, even just their discovery. When meditating, you have the ability to connect with them on their level.

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