Bitwine Review In 2023: Most Reliable?

Bitwine Review In 2023: Online bitwine review platforms give con merchants a huge opportunity to take advantage of your vulnerabilities and steal more than just money while there are genuine online psychics who care.

If you are bored with your current life and want a new direction, you might consider consulting a psychic. Have a hard time coping with loneliness?

It may be tempting to contact a psychic medium as a way to soothe your grief if you have recently lost a loved one without saying goodbye.

Visiting BitWine’s website gives you a sense of nostalgia. In the nineties, the internet was like a trip back in time.

Of course, the charm or datedness of BitWine depends on your tastes. BitWine does, however, have some unique features.

Look at this psychic reading site to find out what makes it stand out and why it might be just what you’re looking for.

Bitwine Review Think before spending your money

Bitwine psychic review Reading Types


BitWine is unique in that it offers more than just the usual psychic reading topics.

Furthermore, it provides readers with unique reading topics. Listed below are a few you may not have heard of:

Psychiatry in clinical practice

Parapsychology refers to extrasensory perception – meaning that a psychic can connect with channels beyond the five senses. This category includes levitation and psychokinesis.

BitWine has hundreds of psychics who specialize in this area.


A paranormal study is an occultism. In this belief, supernatural forces control the world, such as:

  • The science of alchemy
  • The study of astrology,
  • The power of nature and magic. 

Most people cannot consciously detect or comprehend these forces, even though they can feel them. However, you can explore them in greater depth with BitWine.

New Thought Age

Religion and spirituality are woven together with elements of occultism.   

New age encompasses various beliefs and spiritualities, so you’re likely to find a wide variety of new age psychics. 

Others use energy perception to perform online psychic love readings, while some use spirit guides. This topic is of interest to hundreds of BitWine readers.

Is Bitwine Psychics Online Network the Best Psychic Network?

Is Bitwine Psychics Online Network the Best Psychic Network

A top psychic network powered by Bitwine is Online Psychic Network. They claim to assemble the best psychics across various interests and modalities, and their psychics are ethical and accurate.

When you can’t wait to find out what these guys are all about, try a free reading with a trusted psychic network such as Keen.

How To Get An Expert Reading You Can Trust

  • Identify a psychic who catches your attention.
  • Easy and quick registration.
  • Free first 3 minutes!
  • Chat or call your psychic advisor for answers.

Do Bitwine psychics have the best skills? We investigated the site, psychic readers, and client experience to determine whether Online Psychic Network is:

  • trustworthy
  • reliable, 
  • and reputable. 

Our goal is for Online Psychic Network to provide a quality reading experience and take good care of their clients.

On the surface, Bitwine Psychics Network’s website offers a lot. Unfortunately, this site has an unflattering design with many flashing content.

Therefore, it provides all the information you need before your psychic session. There are a lot of links linking to various information pieces, perhaps too many for our tastes.

This psychic reading site is easy to navigate despite not being as attractive as others. All the psychics’ write-ups are fairly comprehensive, although some are lower quality. 

For example, some of the psychic’s readings contain typographical errors, and others are brief to get a sense of their psychic ability.

You can sample a psychic on Bitwine Psychics’ Online Network for 3 minutes to decide whether you like them. This promotes credibility.

We’re still unsure whether Bitwine Psychics’ Network is a good choice for you based on what we see. The reason is as follows.

What is the reliability of Online Psychic networks?

Bitwine Psychic is an online psychic network that we recommend checking out, but it’s unclear whether you should consider it suspicious.   

Thus, we recommend proceeding with caution. Nevertheless, the employment terms appeal to us even though the website is rather minimalistic.

There is more of an independent contractor relationship between the psychics and their employers. As a result, they are given greater autonomy in their work.

Here, the psychic readers are given freedom so that you can expect accurate psychic readings. However, rogue psychics can still sneak anywhere, so be extremely cautious. Our reasoning for this is as follows:

The Platform

There is no unnecessary noise, distractions, or diversions on Bitwine Psychics’ platform. However, the interface is still not our favorite!

  Anyone can participate in psychic readings via telephone or chat.   Therefore, the most likely method of communicating with your advisor is via telephone or Skype.

However, this doesn’t raise any questions about security since you must register first with a username and password.

Many psychics and clients conduct all payments via PayPal, not through the Online Psychic Network.

In the unlikely event that a dispute over payment arises, PayPal will handle it with the client using their specialized processes, not through Online Psychic Network.

It is unlikely that PayPal will compromise your payment details. You must still complete many steps if you don’t have a PayPal account.

The payment process with Keen Psychics is simple and hassle-free.

It’s about the information.

It’s pretty transparent how getting free readings on Bitwine Psychics Network works, although the “authorized credit” system could confuse customers.

You can search psychics based on their specialties by clicking on them, assuming you know what you’re looking for.

By the time you reach the website, you probably are already familiar with the terms used and have successfully navigated the menus of readers.

Psychics on the Bitwine Network do not handle payments in a particularly transparent manner.

Their website provides a general overview of what to expect. The structure, however, is not described in great detail. They allow their employees to work however they want, and we think that’s what makes them successful.

The Psychics

Despite stating that it hires psychics with proven track records, Bitwine Psychics does not provide information about how they screen their psychics for hire. 

You can find out more about this at either Purple Garden or Purple Ocean, their partner sites.

Currently, the site lists over 3,000 psychics, all of whom seem highly qualified. We urge you, however, to choose which is right for you; proceed with caution at all times.

In other words, their psychic advisors get a better deal than other psychic sites. In addition, the labor practices at Bitwine Psychics seem fairer than those of other sites, perhaps due to the many advisors they promote.

Psychics’ listings vary widely in terms of quality and quantity of information.

We know that psychics are vetted centrally, even if they don’t always give the most accurate impression of their abilities. For example, purple Garden or Purple Ocean are sister sites of Bitwine.

Client comments are often accompanied by star ratings for each psychic to help you choose a good tarot reader. In addition, there are some very detailed comments and some quite brief. 

Accordingly, the value of reading positive reviews may vary with the most recent reviews.

Therefore, when choosing a psychic expert from this provider, you have a healthy backup. In spite of this, it would be helpful if you exercised great caution.

Service to customers

At the bottom of the site, you will find a link that will take you to Customer Service. Unfortunately, Online Psychic Network offers no satisfaction guarantee, unlike other reputable psychic websites.

In case of questions or concerns, you can reach out to them. 

The lack of a satisfaction guarantee could still be due to many reasons…

Alternatively, you can call Customer Service or fill out a web form. Customer Service does not have hours listed, but instructions are left for leaving a message at their toll-free number.

You can contact us, report abuse in the free readings or forums, or suggest an idea using the Contact Us web form. Their proactive approach to improving their service is evident despite any potential shortcomings.

Pricing Structure at Bitwine Psychics

Bitwine Psychics Network does not have a central pricing structure. However, psychic advisors generally charge between $1 and $5 per minute and set their rates.

Every psychic network offers free initial reading of three minutes. Some advisors then offer “$10 deals” or “$20 deals.”

Psychics and clients pay each other through PayPal. This reading lasts until the decent client is satisfied or the credit expires. The client is responsible for authorizing the maximum amount they are willing to pay. 

It pays the reader’s service fee and takes a limit (“credits”) from the client’s authorization. Paying with a method other than PayPal is not an option.

Clients using credit cards are instructed to set up a PayPal account before using credit cards. As an online payment method, PayPal seems fine, even if it is slightly annoying.

It is recommended that you pay by the minute through Bitwine Psychics Network, though some advisors may request that you pay in one lump sum. 

Clients should only work with long-standing advisors with whom they have a strong relationship, Bitwine recommends.

Are Bitwine Psychics available for readings?

Are Bitwine Psychics available for readings

Yes, Bitwine offers a wide variety of relationship readings. Here are some options:

  • A tarot reading
  • Readings based on astrology
  • Readings related to parapsychology (which is a broad category)
  • Spiritualist medium readings
  • Healing with Reiki
  • Healing readings of other kinds
  • Readings based on “New Age” beliefs (which feature angels and spirit guides)
  • Coaching in spirituality

Psychics who specialize in “The Occult” are listed in Bitwine’s Psychic Network as a catch-all. 

However, we think it’s rather vague…

A specific Love Guidance reading is available and appears to be popular. A psychic advisor can also guide you through prayer or meditation.

There seem to be a lot of choices on this site when it comes to reading categories. Therefore, Tarot, Reiki, or another specific type of reading is assumed.

The following categories can help you find a good psychic advisor:

  • The spiritualist movement
  • Occultism,
  • The New Age.

It is, however, only possible if you have a rough idea of what you want from the beginning. It’s a long, exhausting process otherwise!

Purple Garden: A Hidden Gem Or A Fake Astrology Platform?

Purple Garden A Hidden Gem Or A Fake Astrology Platform

A good online psychic reader can be found at Purple Garden. Purple Garden’s mobile app and website are easy to use, so browsing psychics is a pleasant experience. Customers highly recommend the psychics at Purple Garden. 

A high-rated psychic reader with transparent pricing is available on Purple Garden’s website and mobile application. When you select a psychic, you can choose from video calls, voice calls, or chat sessions to receive a reading.

According to the company’s website, these readers at Purple Garden are screened to ensure accurate and honest readings.

However, in its terms of use, the company clarifies that its psychic service is only for entertainment. Therefore, there is no guarantee that the psychic readers using Purple Garden’s platform are competent psychic readers.

Purple Garden is confident that you will receive the best reading and results.

How Do I Choose a Psychic on Bitwine Psychic Network?

How Do I Choose a Psychic on Bitwine Psychic Network

It can be challenging to navigate psychic listings, as mentioned above. However, you can search for your psychic match by using the search box if you know their name (in which case, scroll through the listings until you find your match).

Towards the bottom is a list of “$10 deals,” and on the right is a list of featured readers. You can also find the orange Top Advisor bar on a psychic’s profile to see who is most popular.

Reading the psychics’ listings as if they were personal advertisements are possible.

There is an inherent claim that each psychic is more knowledgeable, intuitive, and experienced than the other. Therefore, make an informed decision only after doing your research!

Psychics at Bitwine Psychics’ Network speak many languages besides English, making them stand out from other psychic networks. It is possible to book readings in various languages, such as Spanish, Punjabi, and French.

What is the Bitiwne Psychics Network? 

In addition to the fact that Bitwine Psychic Network has over 3000 customers, there is no direct information about who the psychic advisors are.

In its About Us section, Online Psychic Network explains its founding in 2006 without revealing its founders.

It has a toll-free customer service line and links to its sister sites at the bottom of every page. So why aren’t they more prominent?

What is the trustworthiness of BitWine?

Unlike other psychic reading platforms, BitWine works differently. Other platforms, such as Kasamaba and California Psychics, vet and monitor psychics more closely. BitWine does not work this way.

BitWine can be thought of as a psychic directory. It is BitWine’s role to connect you to genuine readers.

All psychic services and funds exchanged between parties are the responsibility of the parties, not the platform. Therefore, they do not offer any satisfaction guarantees or handle refund requests. However, their refund reply can be found here. 

I am not bothered by this policy. However, as I have always said, you should do your research before hiring an advisor. 

Read bad customer psychic reviews without fear. See if their skills match yours by reviewing their profiles. 

You will be significantly less likely to encounter a fraudulent advisor if you do all these things.

You can negotiate prices with your advisor on BitWine, unlike most other psychic reading platforms. If there are any discrepancies between you and your advisor, they must be resolved independently.

You can easily contact their support team if you have questions about the platform. It is not necessary to create an account.

Instead, by sending them a message through the website, you’ll receive their response via email.

BitWine Pricing

Since Bitwine’s pricing model is different from other websites, I spoke with a customer service representative. 

BitWine Inc. does not participate in the business and legal transactions on BitWine. Advisors are neither BitWine employees nor agents.

Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

You can start chatting immediately with a reader you find on BitWine if you are interested in connecting. However, you have three minutes to chat online once you enter a chat.

As a result, you should decide how long you would like to speak and how much you are willing to pay for this time.

You can see their rate on a reader’s profile, but you’ll only proceed with a paid accurate reading if you agree. There is a choice between a per-minute rate and a fixed price.

Upon reaching this agreement, PayPal will prompt you to sign in. PayPal appears to be the only payment method available.

Consequently, BitWine’s pricing explanation aligns with your authorization to charge a maximum amount. 

PayPal will only charge your account for the time consumed at the end of a per-minute conversation.

BitWine does not claim responsibility for transactions between you and your advisor using BitWine. Instead, your right reader can negotiate the price directly with you under this system.

It is common for Psychics on BitWine to charge $0.99 to $3.00 per minute, but you will also find readers charging less than $0.49 or more than $10 per minute.

The unique features

BitWine’s community forum is another unique feature. You can ask your question in the forum and get answers from other users and psychics on the platform.

I find this feature to be handy for two reasons. You can post your question in the forum if you don’t have time to search for the right psychic.

In addition, the forum is great because you can look at what other users have posted, and if their questions are similar to yours, you can get advice from other psychics.


It’s a platform where you see what you get. Therefore, there aren’t any bells and whistles here that other more modern psychic reading sites offer. However, some key features that BitWine offers that other platforms do not.

They stand out from other psychic services because you can choose your reader and negotiate the price. Your next step is to discuss the rate you’re willing to pay for three minutes.

After that, only the deposit amount will be charged. This system makes BitWine a much safer platform than other psychic reading sites that have unlimited credit card charges.

Additionally, BitWine offers a wide selection of psychics and unique reading categories. The range of readers on BitWine is truly amazing. Jessica Rae is my recommendation for you right now.

You can browse BitWine’s psychics whenever you have a few minutes to spare. Discover what you’re looking for, and you may be pleasantly surprised!

How does BitWine screen potential readers?

BitWine offers a structured application compared to many other psychic platforms but does not disclose how it screens and vets psychic candidates.
As far as BitWine’s Code of Conduct goes, it only states that readers must abide by it.

Does BitWine employ psychics?

Psychics on BitWine are independent contractors who work as mediators between users and readers.
Thus, psychics and users cannot exchange contact information or hold sessions outside of the site.

What does BitWine’s user base think?

There isn’t much feedback about BitWine outside the psychic’s profile pages. The BitWine model is a little different in not claiming to screen its readers.
However, it merely provides a place where users and both these readers can connect – so positive and negative reviews of the site are less relevant.

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